Kate Middleton always working out to stay thin, exercise best way to lose weight

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She’s famous for the crash diet that dropped her four sizes so Kate Middleton could fit into her wedding dress last April; now both Middleton and other weight loss experts say exercise is the key to real weight loss.

While there’s been a lot reported about Kate Middleton’s “scary skinny wedding diet" -- prior to her marriage to Prince William and thus becoming Duchess of Cambridge -- there's been few details until now about how Kate stays so thin. According to a new report featured on softpedia.com this past week, none of the reports about Kate living a completely health life is true, with reports out of the Royal Palace that “Kate was either smoking too much or eating too little (if not both) to keep her slender frame and, if possible, even while continuing to lose more weight.” In turn, US Weekly reported how it had spoken recently “to a Palace insider, who claims the Duchess did nothing out of the ordinary to be this thin: she just works out regularly and is ‘very careful’ about what she eats.”

Kate Middleton doesn’t like sweets

“For as long as I’ve known her, she’s never had a trainer,” says Kate Middleton’s aide in a softpedia.com report; while adding that the Duchess does three 40-minute workouts every week. Also, the reported noted that when Kate’s in London, “she goes to the gym, the aide continues. She does rowing, weight training and running in the private gym from Clarence House. However, when she's in Anglesey, Wales, Kate prefers her workouts to take place outside regardless of how bad the weather is.”

“She never works out indoors, regardless of how rough the weather is. She likes to go on hikes, carrying small weights for her arms. She says it kills two birds with one stone. William joins her on weekends,” the insider told softpedia.com in a recent report.

“She hates dieting,” says the insider, adding that her healthy choices include almonds, dried fruit and oatmeal. “Kate’s not much into sweets, but she does love Kettle chips!” the same source shares.

Lose 10 pounds Kate’s way

One of the most popular questions Shape magazine said it asked is "How can I lose 10 pounds?"

In turn, the British media ask the same thing while featuring photos in London newspapers of Kate Middleton and sister Pippa riding bikes or walking instead of riding. The Brits believe that Kate is thin because she’s always on the run; while never eating in public.

Also, both the U.S. and British media advise those who have the usual New Year’s resolutions to lose weight that “all weight loss methods are bogus to some point, and only reducing what you eat while also exercising a lot will help you lose those pounds.”

As for all those smartphone apps that lead you to some sort of weird weight loss website, both the U.S. and British media say those apps are “simply common sense” reminders to do the right thing and don’t eat anything that’s not alive. Eat fruit and veggies and stop the booze, and exercise more is what an app won’t tell you because it’s “trying to sell you something,” said one app critic.

At the same time, shape.com recently advised its readers to do the following to “lose 10 pounds.”

-- Track your exercise and calories. “You have to get accountable,” says Stacey Lei Krauss, star of the popular weight lose DVDs. Krauss says to write down and track “what foods you eat,” and the workouts you do.

Quick tips from the experts to lose weight fast:

-- Stop drinking all soda, especially diet drinks that mess with your brain and body, and simply drink water.

-- Stop all fast food because "think about it, how can they sell it that cheap if it's quality food," say health experts.

-- Stop eating anything with sugar and salt, states the CDC.

-- Shape.com also reminds you to “go for a walk, or run three to four times a week with your walk or run needing to be at least 30 minutes “every day,” if possible.

Overall, both those who advise Kate Middleton and exercise websites such as shape.com, say “it’s all about common sense to eat right and exercise as often as possible."

And the best way how to lose 10 pounds, adds shape.com, is to “be consistent with your healthy choices and workouts! Being fit isn't about being perfect or never eating a donut again. It's about making healthy choices most of the time, day after day. So embrace that healthy lifestyle to lose 10 pounds and keep it off.”

Image source of Kate Middleton riding a bike while doing some dangerous as talking on her cell phone during one of her regular workouts prior to last April wedding to Prince William. Photo courtesy Wikipedia

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