Kate Middleton and prince set to enjoy California high life

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EUGENE, Ore. – You didn’t think Prince William and new bride Kate Middleton would be slumming during their visit next month to California; in fact, the Royals will be back in their element – via lots of champagne, no visible eating of food and big smiles – when they visit Santa Barbara’s posh Polo & Racquet Club July 8-10.

Prince William and Kate Middleton – who are now titled the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge – are set to visit Santa Barbara during their trip to California in July. However, the Royal Palace is not revealing other details of their plans to party in L.A. during the evening hours with Prince Harry and his sister-in-law’s sister and cousin Pippa Middleton, states a Eugene fan club that’s been following the comings and goings of the Royal couples since the recent wedding of William and Kate. Also, the Santa Barbara Conference & Visitors Bureau announced last week that the Royal couple “will be in California July 8-10” for the July 9 “Foundation Polo Challenge,” with Prince William participating in the posh event for wealthy Californians and movie stars. Also, the Santa Barbara Chamber noted that Kate Middleton will be handing out the trophy for the event with all eyes on what dress and head gear Kate she be wearing.

Santa Barbara is location for “Ronnie’s Ranch” and other VIPs

Former President Ronald Reagan’s ranch – nicknamed “Ronnie’s Ranch” by his billionaire neighbors – is located in the Santa Barbara, as is the who’s who of upper class California society, including lots of movie stars with deep pockets who, say local insiders, “want to party with Kate.”

Moreover, London’s “Daily Mail” newspaper and website reported June 23 that Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton are “on the verge of becoming a couple.”

However, Prince Harry has told British media that he’s “a single man again,” with no plans to start dating his sister-in-law’s sister and distant cousin Pippa Middleton.

Still, the Eugene fan club – that’s tracking the Royal’s visit to California – says there’s numerous entertainment stories and blogs about Prince Harry bringing Pippa along for a party night when he hooks up with his brother Prince William and his sister-in-law who enjoys dancing with both of these prince’s.

“We also know from previous media reports that L.A. and the party scene down in Hollywood are also planning less formal and more fun events for the young Royals,” adds a member of the Eugene club that monitors the comings and goings of William and Kate.

“It will be Kate’s slim looks against the Karashhians’ curves for the thriller in the posh wars of who’s more rich and famous in California these days,” jokes another Eugene Royal fan who says “Kate makes me smile.”

Prince Harry still a wild and crazy guy

Prince Harry is often featured in London newspapers with a pint in his hand, and even fighting with photographers. Even his late mother, Princess Diana dubbed him “King Harry” because of his over-the-top nature.

“I just can’t wait to see Prince Harry down in L.A. with Pippa with his brother and Kate. They will make some entrance to one of those Hollywood parties,” quips one Eugene Royal watcher who also admits that “it’s an escape to read about the rich and famous. Especially if they are Royals and young.”

For instance, there’s almost hourly reports on Prince Harry’s dating life on the Net and during entertainment broadcasts.

“Harry, who has gone through several high-profile splits from girlfriend Chelsy Davy – most recently last month – said he is too busy to go out with anyone at the moment. The 26-year-old took time out from his duties as an Apache attack helicopter pilot to attend the Hard Rock Calling concert at Hyde Park, London, on Friday night, where he chatted happily with guests backstage,” the Daily Mail reported June 23.

California rich and famous putting on the dog for Royals

The Santa Barbara Chamber of Commerce is proud of its posh reputation.

For instance, it notes that “visiting dignitaries are nothing new for the South Coast.”

Santa Barbara wealthy also like to remind American commoners that “Queen Elizabeth II came to Santa Barbara in 1983 as part of her tour of the western United States.”

It was during that visit that the Queen got to hang out with former President Reagan and other California wealthy.

“We are proud to be part of the Royal couple’s travel and wish them every success as they embark on their new life together,” said Kathy Janega-Dykes, president and CEO of the Santa Barbara CVB&FC in a recent news release. “We very much look forward to welcoming them and their guests to our beautiful city and wish them a fabulous visit.”

While others in Santa Barbara also think it’s “absolutely fabulous” that the Royals are visiting this posh region of California, there’s other Royal fans here in Eugene, and down in L.A., who look forward to those “dream team” sightings of the Royals – Prince William and Prince Harry with Kate and Pippa – doing what the Daily Mail reports they’ve done in London over the years; and that’s to party hard in the wee hours of the morning with the beautiful people in Hollywood.

Image source of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge waving to people shortly after their marriage. The Royals will be waving to both rich and common folk in California next month: Wikipedia


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