Kennedy assassination now linked to powerful World Brotherhood

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A book titled “The New Hate” claims today’s conspiratorial beliefs about President Barack Obama not being a U.S. citizen is akin to 50 years ago when the “World Brotherhood” may have had a hand in the murder of President John F. Kennedy.

Imagine a world controlled by a group of rich and wealthy people known as the “World Brotherhood” that’s so powerful that they may have plotted to kill President John F. Kennedy. Such is the claim made in the new book “The New Hate” by famed investigative author and investigative reporter Arthur Goldwag. In turn, Goldwag points to parallels between today’s “hate” toward President Obama by the “fear and loathing populist right” and the same hatred toward President Kennedy when he was killed back in 1963. Also, it’s most surprising; say critics, that Goldwag has “finally revealed a connection to the highly secretive World Brotherhood that’s so powerful its name is never, ever mentioned.” Thus, other than the famed French government COMETA report, The “World Brotherhood” has flown under the radar for decades; while Goldwag’s new book links this powerful organization as being tied to President Kennedy’s assassination nearly 50 years ago.

COMETA leaks the ultra-secretive “World Brotherhood”

In turn, COMETA was a high-level French UFO study organization from the late 1990s, composed of high-ranking officers and officials that included members - in what COMETA called - “the secretive World Brotherhood.”

The name “COMETA” in English stands for “Committee for in-depth studies.” The study was carried out over several years, and more recently, in 2012, has produced “independent auditors” at the French government’s “Institute of Advanced Studies for National Defence,” that states “some UFO contacts” have been withheld from the general public due to concerns about “world security.”

Also, the “World Brotherhood” is said to control the world “beyond the United Nations and presidents or world leaders; with Brotherhood members being the most powerful people on Earth."

Thus, the World Brotherhood is so powerful - explains the author who goes by the name John Twelve Hawks - that this “secret shadow organization’s name has been more or less wiped clean from computer search engines or official records.”

The “World Brotherhood” exits, but you will never find anyone who admits to knowing anything about it, added Twelve Hawks who refers to the Brotherhood by a fictional name in his “forth realm trilogy” Traveler series of “fictional books.”

Where’s Obama’s Birth Certificate?

Arthur Goldwag writes on page 5 of his new book “The New Hate: A History of Fear and Loathing on the Populist Right,” that by the time his new book hit the stores, "I’d seen the words ‘Where’ the Birth Certificate?’ printed in ten-foot-tall letters on a billboard beside Interstate 78, not far from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.”

In turn, Goldwag explains the “climate of hatred in the country today” towards President Obama as being the same back nearly 50 years ago when President Kennedy was assassinated.

For instance, Goldwag reports on page 279 of his book how Sam Kashner, author of a Vanity Fair cover story on the making of “The Death of a President,” said: “It’s déjà vu all over again,” when asked about the parallels between Kennedy’s and Obama’s America. “It’s really scary out there. Remember, it was President Kennedy who told his wife… before leaving for Dallas, ‘We’re heading into nut country.’ The nuts are back.”

John Birch Society linked to World Brotherhood

Goldwag then points to a man named John J. McCloy whose mentioned by Revilo P. Oliver who was a member of the elite Council of the John Birch Society, and someone who criticized the Warren Commission for not looking deeper into such people as John J. McCloy, who was a member – at the time of the Kennedy assassination – of the U.S. Council on Foreign Relations, the Ford Foundation and “the World Brotherhood.”

Goldwag goes on to state on page 283 of his new book how the “World Brotherhood” is one of those “mysteriously powerful organizations whose un-American or anti-American activities should have been investigated by Congress long ago.”

Also, Goldwag describes World Brotherhood member McCloy, on pages 283-284 of his book, as “reputed to be the principal author of 'the plan' at the time of the Kennedy assassination in 1963."

Oliver outs World Brotherhood and explains JFK plot

In a nutshell, Goldwag writes on page 282 in his new book “The New Hate,” how Revilo P. Oliver, outdid the highly secretive “World Brotherhood” when “contending that Kennedy’s assassination was a Communist plot that was foiled by providential intervention of J. D. Trippit, the Dallas policeman who stopped (Lee Harvy) Oswald on the street and was murdered for his trouble.

Alas, writes Goldwag, “JFK was ‘sanctified by a bullet;’ he was both a victim of the communists and a Communist himself; his assassination was strictly a fratricidal affair.”

For instance, Goldwag quotes Oliver as stating to the Warren Commission – that investigated the Kennedy murder – that “so long as there are Americans throwing a bucket of cold water on the whole Camelot myth, Kennedy’s memory will be cherished with execration and loathing.”

The scant bit of comfort one can take from his killing, Oliver also wrote, “is the knowledge that the conspiracy as pervasive and powerful as it is, is not infallible.”

In turn, Goldwag writes on page 282 of his new book how Oliver listed three possible motives for Kennedy’s assassination:

-- He was about to “turn American,” and had to be stopped.

-- The assassination was a result of one of the rifts that not infrequently occur within the management of the Communist conspiracy.

-- That the World Brotherhood ordered the hit on the president as part of systematic preparation for a domestic take-over.

While such points of view may sound crazy and a work of fiction, Jackie Kennedy also made some claims herself about who plotted to kill her husband.

Jackie Kennedy calls JFK murder a conspiracy

Jacqueline Kennedy said in her recently released oral history recordings that then Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson (LBJ) -- along with a group of Texas oil millionaires -- were involved in a plot to kill President John Fitzgerald Kennedy on that fateful Nov. 22 day 49 years ago.

It was 49 years ago that shots rang out in Dallas, Texas, and President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was killed – on Friday, Nov. 22, 1963 – while to this day nobody can accurately say who killed him and why.

The assassination of President Kennedy in Dallas, Texas is seared into the memories of many Americans who remember watching TV footage of shots ringing out as Kennedy was fatally shot while traveling with wife Jacqueline in a motorcade.

Although the anniversary of Kennedy’s death is marked quietly each year – with the national consensus being he was shot by Lee Harvey Oswald “acting alone,” and that Jack Ruby “acted alone” when he killed Oswald before he could stand trial – this year is different because Jackie Kennedy’s recently released oral history that states otherwise. Jackie said her husband’s assassination was part of a “conspiracy” involving LBJ.

At the same time, Arthur Goldwag writes on page 283 of his new book that John Birch Society and World Brotherhood watcher Revilo P. Oliver outing the fact that Jack Ruby’s real named was “Jakob Rubenstein,” while pointing out that American history books report Oswald’s killer as Jack Ruby when, in fact, his real name was Jakob Rubenstein, who had ties to the “Communist conspiracy theory.”

Also, Jackie Kennedy’s accusation – that then Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson and a group of wealthy Texas oilmen (linked to the World Brotherhood) were involved in a plot to kill the president -- is now on public record after the Kennedy family recently released the private recordings of Jackie Kennedy.

The Kennedy assassination revealed

When the late ABC News anchorman Peter Jennings hosted a History channel special that examines the events in Dallas, Texas -- leading up to the Kennedy Assassination back in the early 1990’s -- there was an outcry across America for the government to finally get to the bottom of who “really killed the president and why?”

For instance, Jennings pokes a lot of holes in the 10-month investigation by the Warren Commission that concluded that “the president was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald acting alone.”

In turn, Jackie Kennedy, who died in 1994, states in her oral history recordings – that she made after the assassination – makes it very clear that others were involved; including President Lyndon Johnson.

At the same time, the United States House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) concluded in 1979 that Kennedy was “probably assassinated as a result of conspiracy.”

Yet, most American history textbooks claim Oswald shot the president?

Jackie Kennedy tapes reveal JFK’s obsession with being shot

When listening to Jackie Kennedy’s oral history tapes, she notes also how JFK joked darkly about being assassinated after discussing Abraham Lincoln's legacy with Princeton historian David Donald. Jackie points to JFK asking Donald if Lincoln would have been rated as such a great president if he had not been killed.

Jackie said Donald replied that it was unlikely since Lincoln's reputation would ultimately have suffered while tackling the problem of post-Civil War reconstruction.

The former first lady then said: "And then I remember Jack saying after the Cuban missile crisis, when it all turned [out] so fantastically, he said: 'Well, if anyone's ever going to shoot me, this would be the day they should do it.'"

Jackie Kennedy became first lady at age 31, and lost her second son, Patrick, just before JFK’s murder in 1963. Suffice to say, Jackie was a wounded woman who never really got over his loss, say family and friends.

For instance, a review of Jackie Kennedy’s oral history points to Jackie believing that Oswald was “a patsy,” in her husband’s murder and that Oswald was working for a “sinister group of Texas tycoons.”

Moreover, Jackie believed Oswald was "part of a much larger conspiracy", and that then Vice President Lyndon Johnson, JFK's successor, was involved.

Jackie Kennedy’s oral history was recorded several months after the 1963 assassination of her husband, and has been recently released in 2011 for the first time. Prior to the tapes release, the oral history was “sealed in a vault at the Kennedy Library in Boston.”

In turn, Jackie agreed to the interviews – with the leading historian of the time, Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr. -- on condition that they would not be released until long after her death. The eight hours of recordings are the subject of the book “Jacqueline Kennedy: Historic Conversations on Life with John F Kennedy.”

British have a keen interest in the JFK assassination conspiracy

Each year, the British media points to the very strange fact that the American government has never told its citizenry who actually killed President Kennedy.

For instance, London’s Daily Mail reported Nov. 22 that Jackie Kennedy “became convinced that the then vice president, along with businessmen in the South, had orchestrated the Dallas shooting, with gunman Lee Harvey Oswald – long claimed to have been a lone assassin – merely part of a much larger conspiracy. Texas-born (President) Johnson, who served as the state’s governor and senator, completed (President) Kennedy’s term and went on to be elected president in his own right.”

Sealing of JFK assassination records

It’s known that all of the Warren Commission’s records were sealed at the National Archives in 1964.

In turn, these official government records states how the “unpublished portion of those records were sealed for 75 years (to 2039) under a general National Achieves policy.”

While the 75-year rule no longer exists, supplanted by the Freedom of Information Act of 1966, and the “JFK Records Act of 1992,” there are a percentage of the Warren Commission records that are not scheduled to be released to the public until 2017; some 25 years after the passage of the JFK Records Act that is said to protect the World Brotherhood until then.

Image source of believed World Brotherhood member Lyndon B. Johnson being sworn in as president aboard Air Force One in Dallas on the day JFK was assassinated. Photo courtesy Wikipedia


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