Lisa Kudrow ends Web Therapy season 2 by dumping ditzy blonde act

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Now that Lisa Kudrow’s “Web Therapy” is ending its second season - with a final episode featured on Showtime next Monday and Tuesday - Kudrow can take a break as both star and producer.

Given the fact that Lisa Kudrow’s popular Showtime comedy “Web Therapy” is a big hit – with the show recently earning a Primetime Emmy Award in the “Outstanding Special Class-Short-format Live-Action Entertainment Programs” category – Kudrow can finally dump "her ditzy blonde act" that she perfected as massage therapist Phoebe on the legendary TV series “Friends," and in other TV shows and movies. In turn, Kudrow can now “hang out” with the likes of Meryl Streep who guest starred in in recent episodes; while their current connection is both Kudrow and Streep are alumnae of Vassar College and both now serve on the school's board of trustees.

In turn, fans can tune to Showtime on Monday, Aug. 20, to view another mini-Friends reunion with an episode featuring Kudrow and David “Ross” Schwimmer airing at 11 p.m. ET/PT, or tune to “Web Therapy’s” usual Tuesday airing time at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT to also watch this episode 8 of the show’s second season called “Man-Cave Man.

Also, Showtime is offering this episode “on demand” between Aug. 21 and Sept. 25 (check local listings).

Kudrow opens up to People

Sounding more like the therapist Fiona Wallice she plays on “Web Therapy,” Kudrow opened up to People magazine in its recent Aug. 6 edition about what she plans on doing until the next season of Web Therapy.

When asked (as therapists often do) when was the last time she cried, Kudrow told People that it was recently when she watched the film “Terms of Endearment. “I cried when Debra Winger died and Shirley MacLaine was saying how hard it was and how stupid she felt. I was gone. Totally gone.”

As for her last indulgence, Kudrow told People that when “I bake brownies,” she eats them. “I made them for a family dinner and then it was like, ‘Yeah, well, they’re here, so…’ And they were really good.”

Kudrow, who turned 49, at the end of July, was also asked about the last song that made her rock out. In turn, she told People that it was this month when her son Julian, 14, had a song playing and “I can’t remember the specific song, but I know he had to put his hands on me to get me to stop. He was mortified. I’m not allowed to sing or dance.”

Web Therapy relies on Kudrow’s wit

Because the only “set” for Web Therapy episodes is the Skype screen with Kudrow playing therapist Fiona, and those she’s talk with also pictured on line in their home or office, the show is reliant on clever dialogue and good acting.

When asked by People, for example, what she thinks about good acting today – via the last TV show she watched – Kudrow admits to recently viewing “a marathon of ‘Homeland.’ I finally got caught up like the rest of the world who is in love with the show. It’s unbelievable.”

While Kudrow did not discuss when she will return to “Web Therapy” – since Showtime has renewed it for another season – the actress who plays a therapist has been somewhat silent during recent appearances on daytime and evening TV talk shows.

In turn, one TV critic made note of this and said he’s noted how Kudrow as evolved from “her ditzy blonde act,” to a “really good web therapist, if there’s such a thing, and if so she’s it.”

Image source of Web Therapy’s Lisa Kudrow who is now better known as a TV therapist than her alter-ego roles as a ditzy blonde on TV’s “Friends” and other former roles in television and movies. Photo courtesy Wikipedia

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