Martha Stewart jumps to PBS for new cooking show that mirrors Julia Child

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When Martha Stewart turns 70 on Aug. 3 she will be just about the same age as Julia Child when she cooked on PBS TV; with Stewart now set to return to this traditional television cooking styled show this fall.

Fans of Martha Stewart know she’s an avid animal lover and a genius at crafts; but it’s her skill at cooking that made her a household name back in 1983 with her bestselling cook book “Martha Stewart’s Quick Cook;” while today she’s returning to her cooking roots with a newly announced return to PBS TV in the fall with a new weekly 30-minute episode series called “Martha Stewart’s Cooking School.” In turn, it was famed PBS TV chef Julia Child who introduced a sort of “cooking school” on television where she, like Stewart, explained why she’s using such and such ingredients in developing recipes for both her books and her TV show the "French Chef." In fact, both the Washington Post and the New York Times reported that the Stewart’s new PBS “Cooking School” TV program is based on her bestseller of the same name.

Stewart returns to TV cooking this fall

While PBS is celebrating how the famed Martha Stewart is coming to PBS this fall season – with The New York Times recently reporting how “roughly 85 percent of the country’s 347 PBS stations have committed to carrying season one of the series" - it's Stewart herself who thinks PBS is the best place on TV to showcase her cooking talent.

Also, the Times reported how “many of the stations will probably incorporate it into their existing cooking blocks of programming on the weekends.”

At the same time, the Times noted how “Martha Stewart, whose daily talk show is being dropped by the Hallmark Channel this summer, is starting a weekly show for PBS this fall” that is also based on “traditional cooking tips.”

This new Stewart TV series - titled “Martha Stewart’s Cooking School” -- will be distributed by PBS stations across the United States, and her company, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, said Stewart in a statement released by PBS; while adding how she believes “that public broadcasting will be a better fit for her brand than daytime cable.

In turn, the Times noted how the cable TV show “The Martha Stewart Show” had “struggled to attract an audience for the last two years. But the move from a five-day-a-week show to a once-a-week series will effectively reduce Ms. Stewart’s footprint on TV.”

Stewart’s cooking school is “old school” cooking

“Cooking School,” inspired by Ms. Stewart’s cookbook of the same name, will be produced in association with WETA, a PBS station in Washington, which had previously been her production partner on the culinary series “Everyday Food,” added the New York Times report.

In a statement, Ms. Stewart called PBS “the perfect home for this series: “This new series combines so many of my passions: teaching and encouraging others,” she said. “We will break down classic recipes for home cooks and inspire them to add their unique twist. I’m excited to get into the kitchen and connect with audiences across the nation.”

At the same time, fans of PBS cooking shows – such as the Emmy award winning “French Chef,” starring the late Julia Child – view this return to PBS for the new “Martha Stewart’s Cooking School,” will return the favor to PBS that is credited with the cooking TV show format that Child perfected on PBS for more than 20 years, with Stewart now stepping into those legendary shoes as a TV cook first.

Image source of Martha Stewart who returns to PBS in the fall with her new TV show “Martha Stewart’s Cooking School.” Photo courtesy Wikipedia


Submitted by TrishEllenC (not verified) on
I look forward to watching Martha's Cooking School on PBS in the fall. I agree with you that she is a skilled cook but more importantly, she's a great teacher who teaches more than just cooking. I recommend that everyone read her blog as well as watch her show on PBS. Too bad so many people left Comcast, the carrier of the Hallmark Channel for one who didn't carry the Hallmark Channel which happened to be ATT U-Verse. Martha lost millions of viewers because ATT couldn't come to a monetary agreement with Hallmark to carry their channel. It kills me the way Hallmark made Martha the scapegoat! Did you not read up on this? Also, for the record, Martha is already 70 and will be 71 in August. I know that because I am one of her FANS!

Submitted by BG in SF (not verified) on
Thanks to Dave for the correction of Martha's age. She is already 70 and fabulous! I look forward to her new book "Living the Good Long Life", to be published in 2013!) Martha started her lifestyle career as a caterer and a homemaker, and elevated each of these disciplines to an art. Then, through her books, she began to share what she learned with others. I'm so excited to see that she will be sharing her cooking expertise with us on this weekly show. I already own her book, " Martha Stewart's Cooking School", and I have found it to be precisely that--a richly photographed, very comprehensive book with easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions of all basic cooking techniques. I'm certain the show will be of a similarly high quality. Can't wait!

Submitted by TrishEllenC (not verified) on
Dave has not corrected Martha's age but I did just to point out that even at 70 she hasn't slowed down in the least and next month when she turns 71, I know I will continue to be amazed at all of her new accomplishments! Go Martha! TrishEllenC

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Hate to see Martha leaving Hallmark - look forward to new series on PBS. I still enjoy her style of show.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Most of television today is either absolute garbage (Here Comes Honey Boo Boo) or infomercials or shopping channels. Martha Stewart is one of the FEW good programs left and I'm sorry Hallmark dropped it. I will be searching the internet to find where Martha will be broadcast and I will be a faithful fan. I hate that I have to pay DIsh Network for all the trash they put out in the air but unfortunately it's the only way I can get access to the one or two good channels. I cannot understand how all these ultra stupid tv shows get on the air.......................

Submitted by Kathy Shook Brown (not verified) on
I totally agree with this statement. I am happy PBS is broadcasting Martha's show ,and will watch,as I have for years.

Submitted by Cookie Green (not verified) on
Was heartbroken to lose Oprah, Cesar (don't get his new cable channel) and now Martha. She has been the matriarch of daytime TV setting high standards for programs that have tried to follow in her footsteps. Will be looking forward to her new show - OK, it is fall here in CT; what time and days will she be on PBS? And what will happen to Joey Cola? ......a loyal fan for many years.

Submitted by TrishEllenC (not verified) on
To Cookie Green, I believe Joey Cola is warming up the audience on the Rachael Ray's show. I caught a glimpse of him as I was channel surfing.

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