Michele Bachmann’s mistakes will cost her shot at White House, say experts

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EUGENE, Ore. – She’s still a front-runner to be Mitt Romney’s vice presidential running mate, but repeated mistakes by Tea Party Rep. Michele Bachmann has painted her a “nut” here in a community of mostly liberal and well-educated voters who say they “know the facts and their American history.”

“She made a mistake,” said Ed Rollins, Bachmann’s former campaign manager and still a senior adviser last week in an interview with MSNBC. “Mrs. Bachmann’s an emotional person who basically has great feeling for people,” Rollins added. “Obviously she’d have been better if she had stayed on the issue.” Those statements from Rollins were included in a Sept. 16 New York Times story that ran in the local Eugene Register-Guard prompting locals at the University of Oregon to remark that “Bachmann’s repeated mistakes will cost her a shot at the White House.” Moreover, this is a town where Elvis is beloved, and with a recent statement from Bachmann "wishing Elvis happy birthday on the anniversary of his death was just too much,” says Eugene local Dana who just rolled his eyes at the mention of this ultra-conservatives name.

Bachmann doesn’t seem to get her facts right over and over, say experts

During the recent Republican presidential debate, Bachmann attacked Texas Gov. Rick Perry “over an order he issued requiring Texas schoolgirls to be vaccinated against a sexually transmitted virus. But then in follow-up interviews, Bachmann suggested the vaccine was linked to ‘mental retardation.’ As experts quickly pointed out, there is no evidence whatsoever linking the vaccine to mental retardation, and Bachmann ended up shifting the focus off Perry and on to her long-running penchant for exaggeration,” reported the New York Times Sept. 16.

In turn, the reaction here in Eugene was “what?”

Also, several college students even dared to say that “Bachmann doesn’t seem right to run for president because she’s just too strange.”

The New York Times also reported that people close to the campaign echoed the views of her former campaign manager Ed Rollins and other Americans who think she’s “way out there.”

“They spoke of their frustration that Bachmann, who entered the race with a reputation for making unsupportable statements on cable television, has not found the discipline to win credibility with major Republican donors and influential referees in the conservative media,” the New York Times report from Sept. 16 added.

In fact, the Wall Street Journal’s editorial page accused Bachmann of “vaccine demagoguery.”

“Elected to Congress in 2006, Michele Bachmann first drew national attention in 2008, when said in a television interview that Barack Obama, then a candidate for president, ‘may have anti-American views.’ Over the past two years, she has expanded her national profile with her biting condemnations of Democrats — and of tax increases, big government, the health care law and government spending — and with frequent sound-bite-packed visits to the universe of cable news. Consistently conservative on social issues, Mrs. Bachmann also founded a Tea Party caucus in Congress,” stated the New York Times.

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Though is sounds like she don't care, What do we do about the cost of this? Taking care of people all over the world is costing us to much now. What do other countries do about this? They don't keep them. This is a major cost because we have to take care of everyone and everything putting us is a huge debt. If people live in a bad country and be here, we need to take over the country and make it better. We can only help so many people. Money runs out and taxes go up. Do we want to pay for things for the worlds problems? If you have the money and think this is the thing to do, sell all you have and prove your thoughts to the rest of us.If it works then others will be behind you. If it dosent work, you have learned a good lesson.

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