Modern Family star still recovering from kidney transplant, dating Matt Prokop

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Although she plays teen Haley Dunphy in ABC’s “Modern Family,” Sarah Hyland is actually 21 and now dealing with lots of adult issues; including a recent kidney transplant.

Thanks to her father giving her one of his kidneys, Sarah Hyland – who portrays teenage Haley Dunphy on the ABC comedy “Modern Family” – says she’s recovering from “a lifetime battle with kidney dysplasia.” The kidney was donated by her father James last April after ABC News reported how she suffered with “pain and fatigue.” The 21-year-old actress, “who plays big-eyed teenager Haley Dunphy told ABC's "Good Morning America" back in May that she had the surgery in April; while the latest news from her network is she’s been recovering over the summer so she will be ready to appear in new episodes of Modern Family that begins season 4 on Sept. 26, airing at 9/8c. According to ABC, the kidney woes for Hyland began at age 9 when she was “diagnosed with abnormal kidney development. The condition often left her exhausted or in pain. But as her health grew worse, she began seeking an organ donor. Her father, actor Edward James Hyland, was a match." In turn, Hyland is set to return to Modern Family for it's first new show of the fall season on Sept. 26.

Hyland says she tells her dad, "It's weird - I've got your kidney in me," while ABC also reported how Hyland is currently spending the show's summer hiatus recovering from her surgery.”

Sarah Hyland’s secret struggle masked by comedy

During the past three seasons of Modern Family, Hyland has played the moody-blue teenage daughter of the Dunphy’s played by Ty Burrell, Julie Bowen. In turn, she’s had to deal with the pain and fatigue caused by her kidney dysplasia disease, while having to portray a spunky teen when she was actually in her early twenties.

In turn, Hyland told Seventeen magazine of her “secret struggle” to deal with both her kidney condition and portraying a girl four or five years younger than she actually was in real life; while TV critics note that the “illusion” created by many modern television shows is to showcase older, younger looking actors and actresses who, in turn, play much younger people on TV.

And, Hyland is no teen after telling ABC’s “The View” earlier this year that she’s been living with the “teen looking” actor Matt Prokop for the past three years.

Prokop turned 22 on July 29.

Hyland is still dating Matt Prokop

Fans may remember Matt Prokop from his “teen” role as Jimmie “The Rocket” Zara in “High School Musical 3: Senior Year. Also, he more recently starred on “Medium” as the teen Kyle Covington.

While Hyland told the ladies of The View that she’d like to get married; for now, she’s just hoping that she and Prokop find a project then can work on together as they did when starring in the Disney Channel film “Geek Charming.”

Also, fans of this couple may also recall that Prokop guest starred earlier this year during the season three episode of “Modern Family” titled “Disneyland,” with Prokop playing the teen boyfriend of Hyland when, in fact, both of these young TV stars were both 21 at the time.

Thus, the “comedy” of this Modern Family “Disneyland” episode was Haley’s father worrying about the virginity of his “teen daughter,” when in real life these 20-something “teens” were already living together as sort of husband and wife.

In turn, Hyland told The View that she hopes Prokop will return sometime during the new season 4 of Modern Family as her teenage boyfriend.

Moreover, when Hyland returns for season 4 of “Modern Family,” she will play an 18-year-old who starts college; while TV critics joke that by the time Hyland is ready to graduate from college – after putting in another four years on Modern Family – she will be 25-years-old, but that’s young when you look young like Hyland on TV.

Image source of Sarah Hyland who is currently recovering from kidney transplant surgery after her father donated the kidney. Hyland plays Haley Dunphy on the ABC comedy Modern Family. Photo courtesy Wikipedia

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