This Old House promotes DIY as a sort of Olympics for some viewers

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Those who watch the popular “This Old House” - to help with their DIY tasks - say it's a sort of Summer Olympics because it often involves a marathon of things to do.

Home improvement and remodeling is again on the minds of “This Old House” fans with millions of these do-it-yourself workers getting back to their many tasks around the house after two weeks of watching the Summer Olympics in London. For instance, Craig and his two friends said they got “addicted to that women’s beach volleyball because it always seems to be on TV.” In turn, Craig and friends say they must now continue with a long, long list of summer home repairs at their picturesque lake-front community outside Eugene, Oregon, called Triangle Lake. “I guess I was watching too much beach volleyball for my wife’s liking,” explained Craig with a startled-fawn expression on his face while removing debris from around his house recently.

At the same time, Crag told Huliq during an Aug. 8 interview that “these downed trees, broken branches and piles of other junk have been a thorn in my wife’s craw since last spring. I guess one thing led to another, and then the Olympics, and now I got a long list of honey do’s; meaning ‘honey do this, honey do that.’ It never ends.”

Still, Craig and friends expect to sneak back in front of the TV this weekend under the cloak of watching “This Old House” on PBS, with Craig explaining with a half-shy look: “This Old House is still safe to watch because the wives know it’s not more Olympics or even pre-season Oregon Duck football. It’s about us getting busy on the house again.”

This Old House still providing DIY tips

What Craig says he enjoys about the PBS classis “This Old House” – that airs each Saturday and Sunday afternoons on most PBS stations (check your local TV listings) – is “the detail these guys go through to really do it right.”

In turn, this weekend’s offering of This Old House features tips on solar panel installation and faming walls.

Moreover, the program’s website features all previous aired episodes from this season of “This Old House,” with home remodeling and repair tips on: repairing woods floors, how to fix a clogged sewer, house painting, home window repairs, weather stripping, landscaping for both coastal and homes in the suburbs and the ever-popular kitchen and bathroom remodeling and repair.

Also, the current “This Old House” crew includes pros Norm Abram, Tom Silva, Richard Trethewey, Roger Cook, and host Kevin O'Connor.

This Old House is now part of the American psyche

Because “This Old House” has been dubbed “TV’s original home-improvement show – per it first aired on PBS back in 1979 – it continues to grow into a “sort of reference point for us when we visit our DIY stores to buy tools and supplies for our home repair projects,” adds Craig with a wise-family-friendly look on his face.

In turn, his wife Kelly approaches with a pitcher of lemonade for her “hard-working husband” whose found the time – after Kelly says “he’s been glued to watching the Olympics on TV.”

Also, Kelly has a long, long list of “honey’ do’s” that she and the other local wives have produced to get their spouses moving “before summer is over,” adds Kelly with a sun-whacked face that tends to pout each time Craig finds an excuse for not doing “the repairs he promised.”

Family DIY drama, aside, Craig recalls the eagerness in his father’s eyes when watching “This Old House.”

“I remember we kids would have to make ourselves sparse after dad watched This Old House because he’d always find some yard work or attic cleaning chores for us to do with him. I miss those days,” the homeowner says as sadness broke across his face.

"This Old House" now features more DIY tips

Fans of “This Old House” may notice that this season’s DIY episodes have featured shorter segments so as to “teach trade tricks and answer thorny homeowner questions,” explains the show’s host Norm Abram.

This Old House – that’s now in its 33 year on PBS – has won a record 17 Emmy Awards and received 82 nominations for simply offering common sense and expert advice on home remodeling and repair. While it’s no Summer Olympics, Craig and his friends think DIY should become an Olympic sport just for the fact that men have learned how to do the sprint, the dash and the marathon “simply to avoid all the jobs we have to do around here,” adds the husband with an aw, shucks look on his face.

Image source of Craig (center) and friends “escaping” their wives during a recent break from watching the Summer Olympics; while stating that “the real Olympics” is sorting out all the do-it-yourself projects that have to do around their homes this summer season. Photo by Dave Masko

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