Parenthood's Dax Shepard makes film "Hit and Run" that mirrors his TV role

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Dax Shepard spent his summer off from “Parenthood” creating a new film persona that’s mirrors his TV role as Crosby Braverman; while his flick “Hit and Run” premiered Wednesday nationwide.

Other than his new film “Hit and Run” containing “a few racial slurs,” Dax Randall Shepard’s new film “Hit and Run” – that premiered nationwide Aug. 22 – may remind TV’s “Parenthood” fans of the dark side of his Crosby Braverman character who’s been involved in an inter-racial romance during Parenthood’s first three seasons. That romance resulted in the marriage of Crosby and Jasmine Trussell in the show’s final episode of season three titled “My Brother’s Wedding.” In turn, Crosby and Jasmine (played by African-American former model Joy Bryant) have a son Jabbar on the show. Thus, a USA Today movie review for Aug. 22 explained that unlike his Parenthood role, the 37-year-old Shepard “stocks his film full of car chases, plus a few racial slurs and romantic interludes with his real-life girlfriend Kristen Bell. Also, fans of the “Crosby and Jasmine” marriage on Parenthood, will note that this new “Hit and Run” film also features Joy Bryant.

Parenthood’s “Crosby” explores his dark side in new film

Shepard wrote, co-directs and stars in “Hit and Run,” portraying a character named “Charlie Bronson,” who is appears to be a sort of “Crosby Braverman unchained,” said one film critic of this turn-about from playing the loving son, brother, father and now inter-racial husband during the past three seasons of “Parenthood.”

In turn, the good news for Crosby fans is Shepard will return for season four of Parenthood when the program’s new season premieres on Tuesday, Sept. 11 at 10/11c on NBC.

At the same time, Shepard admits this new film allows him to break away from the family-friendly “Parenthood” role - in this R-rated movie - that contains “pervasive language, sexual references, graphic nudity, violence and drug content.”

Also, fans of “Parenthood” will enjoy Shepard and Joy Bryant (Crosby’s wife Jasmine on the show) during their scenes together in “Hit and Run” where Bryant plays the girlfriend of Alex, played by Shepard real-life friend Bradley Cooper.

Shepard had a real-life substance abuse problem

Shepard explained in a recent interview how “Hit and Run” is deeply personal for him because the film “borrows heavily from the first year of his and Bell’s relationship. “She’s tiny, and I’m too big. And she has a bit of goody-goody background and, I have a bit of scum-baggy background.”

However, Bell corrected his remark saying: “Not scum-baggy. Just a lot more experimental, maybe,” referencing Shepard’s infamous past drug and alcohol addiction.

Still, Shepard revealed in his interview that he’s already working on a new film that’s “vaguely based on my last week of drinking and doing drugs in Hawaii and all the mischief that ensued,” he says.

Also, the film jump-started Shepard’s interest in directing; thus he also told USA Today that when he returns to Parenthood this fall, he will take on directing duties for the show’s 12th episode.

Crosby plays a pivotal role on Parenthood

Speaking of Parenthood episodes, fans will note that Shepard’s role as Crosby Braverman is so key to the show’s success, that the program’s writers featured him in almost all of last season’s most vexing episodes.

For example, Crosby starred in these classic moments during the recent season three of Parenthood:

-- “Step Right Up” features Shepard playing “Crosby who is unsure how he feels about Jasmine dating;” while also featuring Crosby messing about with his new business venture with brother Adam.”

-- “Nora” features Crosby lying to his brother Adam about the business play he had promised; while Crosby seems okay with his brother cheating on his wife Kristina.

-- “Tales From the Luncheonette” features Crosby and Adam preparing hew new music studio in hopes of impressing their first potential client.

-- “Forced Family Fun” has Crosby fearing Jasmine’s new boyfriend who he thinks may replace him as Jabbar’s dad.

-- “In Between” finds more angst from Crosby as he struggles to come to terms with the idea of another man (a black man) in Jabbar’s life.

-- “Sore Loser” is classic tricky Crosby who gets his brother Adam drunk while celebrating a new client.

-- “Mr. Honesty” finds Crosby and Jasmine reconnecting; while his brother Adam reveals having kisses with the assistant that Crosby wants to keep even while Adam’s wife Kristina is so upset that it endangers her and Adam’s marriage.

-- “Missing” finds Crosby and Jasmine again struggle with their rekindled relationship.

-- “Road Trips” has Crosby’s father Zeek asking his son to “please watch the chair I got for my mother’s birthday,” but Crosby doesn’t pay attention and the chair is ripped-off in a diner parking lot. Zeek raises hell with Crosby for being a weak son.

-- “Politics” finds Crosby and Adam clashing again over business strategy for The Luncheonette.

And, of course, last season’s finale episode of “Parenthood” – titled “My Brother’s Keeper” – features Crosby and Jasmine getting married in TV’s only interracial marriage during 2012, and one of the “rare” inter-racial marriages in American television’s 60 plus year history.

Shepard is also a comedian

Fans of Dax Shepard may recall that he was once “Punk’d” by Ashton Kutcher; while Shepard appeared opposite Dane Cook and Jessica Simpson in the comedy “Employee of the Month.”

Shepard also appeared in the films “Let’s Go to Prison,” “Baby Mama,” and he also starred and wrote the script for “Get ‘Em Wet.”

Moreover, he was in the 2010 film “When in Rome.”

For fun, Shepard said he likes to race motorcycles. He’s been dating actress Kristen Bell since 2007, he told USA Today and more recently he and Bell said they are engaged. However, the couple said they will not marry “until gay marriage becomes legal in California.”

Fans of Shepard can also enjoy him in “Parenthood” – revising his role as the pain in the ass brother Crosby – that returns for season four on September 11.

Image source of the actor and director Dax Shepard who plays Crosby Braverman on the NBC family show “Parenthood;” while in real-life Shepard has just wrote, co-directed and stars in an R-rated film “Hit and Run” that opened nationwide Aug. 22. Photo courtesy Wikipedia


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