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Realty TV watchers learn to cut work during summer using tips from television

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ROCKAWAY BEACH, Ore. – Baldheaded insurance salesman Brad knows how to not attract attention at this busy Oregon beach when video-taping work reports back to his home office using skills he learned “watching plenty of reality TV.”

Brad likes to joke about his “stunningly bold bald head” that he says “gives me trouble when producing videos from the beach because of the bright reflections off the sand and ocean." In turn, Brad seems skillful with his small video camera that "helps me express myself with confidence.” Also, Brad told Huliq - during a recent June 10 interview at the popular Rockaway Beach - that “I took a lot of notes watching my favorite reality TV shows on how to shoot video that’s handsomely designed and looks authentic.” Brad then points to such TV reality shows as “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” Survivor Redemption Island,” and “The Amazing Race,” as “inspiring” this insurance salesman from Salem, Oregon, to mix business with pleasure. At the same time, he says: “I'm not cutting work so much as doing my work from the beach this summer.” However, he’s shared his reality TV expertise with friends and laments that “they’re now using my tips to literally cut work this summer.”

Brad’s bald head shines on his video presentations

Brad said he started going bald "when I was in my twenties,” and “I cut it all off,” revealing a bright bald head that’s now become the logo for his online video presentations that he uses to update his bosses about how his insurance region business is doing. “I call it ‘Balding Productions’ because, in part, my wife Alice came up with it. It’s basically my own version of TV reality shows with me as the star just doing my work.”

On June 10, for example, Brad was taking a break at Rockaway Beach while “editing his video footage from the previous week.”

For instance, Brad says he likes it when a reality show camera “seems to circle the person talking, and showing them in their environment.”

In turn, Brad shows Huliq a video clip of a customer thinking about buying insurance; while he pivots the camera to reveal the deal he’s closing.

At the same time, Brad points to other video shooting tips he's now using after reading the new book “The Complete Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook” by Joshua Piven, David Borgenicht and Ben H. Winters; that also points to "lessons learned from reality TV watching."

“I checked out this book because it explained how those reality TV shows do it. I got some other video tips from that book that I didn’t understand when watching those realty shows. It’s just like taking a class on shooting good video," he added.

How to video tape from the beach when you should be working

According to this new book that Brad highly recommends, here are tips – from “The Complete Worst-Case Scenario” book, pages 387-388 - on how to shoot video from the beach when your boss thinks you’re working on stuff this summer:

-- “Dress your upper body appropriately. Wear a shirt, buttoned all the way up. Add a necktie, sweater, or blazer over the shirt. Shave or put on some of your wife’s makeup. Remove sunglasses. Remove zinc oxide and suntan lotion from the bridge of your nose.”

-- “Keep your lower body out of the frame. Before linking to a meeting or producing your video, zoom the digital video camera in tightly, so that you can only be seen from your ribcage up.”

-- “Employ propos. Hold a pen. Once every five or ten minutes, tap it thoughtfully against your chin. Clutch papers in your hand and occasionally bring them up into the frame; when they are not in the frame, occasionally rustle them. Pour your pina colada into a coffee cup and periodically sip it (remove the straw).”

-- “Create a background. Take cushions from lounge chairs and prop them up behind you, creating the impression that you are sitting on a sofa. I you have called in sick, scatter a thermometer, hot water bottle, a tissue box, and aspirin containers around the cushions.”

-- “Wear a microphone. Clip a cheap microphone to your collar, as close as possible to your mouth to drown out any stray background noise, such as waves crashing on the beach, or children laughing.”

Overall, Brad says that he never thought that watching a lot of TV reality shows would pay off so he could not only produce his own videos, but do it while “not really working,” but simply having fun in the sun at the beach this summer.

Image source of Brad (foreground with bald head) enjoying a nice summer day out at Rockaway Beach, Oregon, after successfully producing a video he made of himself “working hard.” Photo by Dave Masko

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