Sigourney Weaver ends Political Animals miniseries without resorting to Botox

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Sigourney Weaver says she shuns using Botox to save her face; while this 62-year-old actress has already moved on to the New York stage after completing the “Political Animals” miniseries.

While there’s plenty of pressure to get Botox if you’re a Hollywood actress at age 62, "Political Animals" star Sigourney Weaver says she doesn’t “get into character” using Botox. Weaver also told People magazine in a recent Aug. 6 story - as her miniseries for the USA Network ends Sunday, Aug. 19, with a 10/9 c airing of the final episode “Resignation Day" - that Botox is simply not worth it. In turn, the 62-year-old Weaver told People that she’s moving on after completing Political Animals by returning to the stage to star in the New York City play “Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike.” Weaver also confessed to People that, “I’m grateful I don’t have a husband who wants me to look 20 years younger!” The Political Animals star – who portrays Elaine Barrish Hammond, a popular secretary of state and former First Lady in the mold of Hillary Clinton; although Weaver has said in interviews she’s not playing Hillary – admits to People that she tested Botox out using a “face-freezing product” for a film role, but the use of Botox embarrassed her with her real-life family. “Never again,” Weaver told People. “My husband and daughter made so much fun of me. I thought, ‘it’s not worth it to go home and deal with this!’”

As for all the hype that this short-lived six episode miniseries “Political Animals” was a sort of fiction TV show about Secretary of State Clinton, Weaver told People that: “I’m a great admirer of Mrs. Clinton, and it’s been fascinating to read about her. And I’m glad she’s in the news so much because it’s like, ‘Wow! Yeah! My sista!”

However, she adds that the only thing they really have in common is “longevity and toughness” with both Weaver and Clinton in their sixties.

Weaver looking beyond Political Animals

While the six-episode “Political Animals” had the star power and the right timing to capitalize on this being an election year, the show has not really become must watch summer entertainment even while it attempted to develop a sort of “nervy riff on real-life politics,” stated a somewhat ho-hum review for the show in People magazine.

Thus, although TV critics have praised Weaver’s performance, Political Animals has, in fact, received some very poor to lukewarm reviews since this limited TV series first aired July 15 on USA.

For instance, Linda Stasi of the New York Post simply stated: “The actors are great, but the show isn’t.” Also, Tim Goodman with the Hollywood Reporter writes that “what Animals is trying to do is take The West Wing and turn it into Dallas. And if you don’t like Dallas that can be a real letdown.”

Thus, there’s no more talk about “Political Animals” coming from Weaver who taped this last episode “Resignation Day” – that airs Sunday, Aug. 19 at 10/9c on USA – months ago. More recently, Weaver met with People magazine in New York City to discuss what’s it like being a 62-year-old actress in a youth culture where Botox is now commonly used in Hollywood by both young and old.

At the same time, Weaver told People that – unlike other Hollywood stars her age that have turned to the “mask look” of Botox – she admits to being “slightly anal” about protecting her skin, and thus no Botox.

As for regrets, Weaver didn’t mention her former show “Political Animals” by name, but told People that “it’s a great business, and I’ve been very lucky.”

Lucky, indeed, since she’s worked hard at it for nearly 40 years - earning Oscars Golden Globe nominations.

Weaver leaves secretary of state role for new horizons

In addition to returning to the state later this year to star in a New York City play, Weaver is set for a returning role in “Avatar 2” that’s now being featured in a new film trailer.

Avatar is a 2009 science fiction film epic written and directed by Weaver’s close friend James Cameron who’s said in recent interviews that Weaver will return in this second installment of the Avatar saga.

Moreover, Weaver’s 1986 Oscar nomination for “Aliens” is considered as a landmark in the recognition of science fiction, action and horror genres, as well as “a major step,” states her Academy Award nomination, for “challenging the gender role in cinema.”

In turn, Weaver has been nominated for three Academy Awards, two Emmy Awards, six Saturn Awards and Six Golden Globe Awards; winning two in 1988 for “Gorillas in the Mist” and “Working Girl.” And, she’s the first person ever to have won two acting Golden Globe awards in the same year.

Weaver’s acting work on Broadway has also earned her a Drama Desk and Tony Award nomination.

For fans of Weaver's role - as a current secretary of state in the USA miniseries "Political Animals" - tune in Sunday for the final episode in this six-part miniseries; while if you missed this show, it's sure to be released on DVD sometime soon.

Image source of 62-year-old “Political Animals” actress Sigourney Weaver who shuns “getting work done” and has recently condemned using Botox because she doesn’t want to screw-up her face with that “masked look.” Photo courtesy Wikipedia


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