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Sofia Vergara a "cancer survivor" while Standing Up to Cancer on TV

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She plays fun-loving Gloria on “Modern Family,” but in real life the 40-year-old Sofia Vergara is a self-proclaimed “cancer survivor,” as she revealed during last night’s “Stand Up to Cancer" TV show.

When “Modern Family” returns to ABC for its fourth season - with its season premiere set for Wednesday, Sept. 26 at 9/8c – all eyes will be on Sofia Vergara who plays Gloria, a 40-year-old mother of teenager Manny (Rico Rodriquez) who is pregnant with her 66-year-old husband Jay’s child. But, in real-life Vergara is one of the highest paid entertainers on television who just happened to reveal during last night’s “Stand Up to Cancer” TV-wide fundraiser that she’s a “cancer survivor.”

Vergara admits she’s a cancer survivor

The American Cancer Society estimates more than 14 million cases of cancer diagnosed each year in America; while Vergara’s Sept. 7 admission that she’s a cancer survivor prompted those in the world of Twitter and texting to use the social networking lines of communication and help this “Stand Up to Cancer” cause that was presented and supported by more than 100 TV stars and other celebrities.

However, it was the surprise announcement from a tearing Vergara that she too survived cancer that got fans to tweeting: "how sad," and "I hope she's okay?"

In the meantime, Vergara asked America to join the fight by sending donations to further research and various ongoing cancer trials.

“I never read that she had cancer, but it’s much different hearing her say it that say on national TV,” tweeted a fan who added: “You’re so brave, Sofia, I love you.”

The Stand Up to Cancer show was featured on all the major TV networks Sept. 7, with a live broadcast from The Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. This annual appeal is said to earn 'tens of millions" for the fight on cancer that today impacts all Americans "who know someone who has cancer," states the American Cancer Society.

Modern Family stars join Vergara to "Stand Up to Cancer"

Those watching the Sept. 7 national “Stand Up to Cancer” TV show noted that Vergara – who co-hosted the show by introducing a cancer survivor -- admitting that she too had survived cancer.

Also, Vergara had help during the show from her Modern Family co-stars Ty Burrell and Eric Stonestreet who manned the telephone donation lines that had live microphones so TV viewers could hear their favorite TV personalities take they pledge to fight cancer.

In turn, both Burrell and Stonestreet were heard talking to regular Americans with Burrell stating “this is my first call from Ohio,” while Stonestreet had to tell one caller “to calm down, please!”

Overall, the Stand Up to Cancer show was about Hollywood stars getting real with their fans on TV in America by revealing the horrifying statistics that “one out of three of us” will likely come down with cancer.

Vergara’s cancer again revealed Sept. 7

Longtime fans of Sofia Vergara say on Twitter that they’ve known for years about her fight with cancer; while the Sept. 7 announcement during the “Stand Up to Cancer” appeal “just reminded fans of Sofia that she’s a fighter,” added a fan commenting online.

In fact, an April 21, 2008 story titled “Sofia Vergara Beats Thyroid Cancer,” on explained how she was “diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2000,” and after following the treatment recommended by her doctors – that consisted of “surgery and iodine radiation” – Vergara “made a full recovery.”

At the same time, Vergara told Parade magazine that she’s faced plenty of issues in her life, including her fight with cancer and the murder of her older brother, Rafael, on the streets of her native Bogota, Columbia, back in 1998.

Vergara, 40, is today one of the highest-earning women on television, states that estimates her earnings last year at “$19 million,” and that’s before her new $5 million per season raise for playing Gloria on ABC’s “Modern Family,” as well as being the new face of “CoverGirl,” her Diet Pepsi commercials and designing a line of clothing for K-Mart. Thus, it’s no wonder that Vergara calls herself “a survivor.”

Image source of Sofia Vergara who stars on ABC’s “Modern Family,” while telling America Sept. 7 during the live TV airing of “Stand Up to Cancer” that she’s a “cancer survivor.” Photo courtesy Wikipedia

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