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The Longinus lance that pierced the side of Christ discovered

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EUGENE, Ore. – The Holy Lance, known variously as the “Longinus lance” and the “Spear of Destiny” – that was alleged to have been the weapon that pierced the side of Christ at the Crucifixion – has been reportedly found and is now hidden at a former Nazi encampment in Antarctica, according to a new book and other investigations now available at the National Archives World War II collection.

The “Spear of Destiny” that was used by a Roman soldier to pierce the side of Christ at the Crucifixion – that’s commemorated each “Good Friday” and “Holy Friday” in Christian and Orthodox churches this coming Friday, April 22 – has been found, states Sidney D. Kirkpatrick in his newly released book “Hitler’s Holy Relics: A True Story of Nazi Plunder and the Race to Recover the Crown Jewels of the Holy Roman Empire,” that’s available here at the University of Oregon library in Eugene and at other libraries and book shops worldwide. The book and other documents relating to the location of the Holy Lance were released this month with jaw-dropping reactions from various religious and historic experts who believed the lance that Adolf Hitler plundered during World War II was lost, but now thought to have been found.

Spear of Destiny may be in safe keeping at the Vatican, but the Pope won’t confirm

According to Kirkpatrick and numerous other investigations into the whereabouts of the “lance that pierced Christ on the cross” – to include Trevor Ravenscroft’s 1972 book “The Spear of Destiny, and Colonel Howard Burchner and Captain Wilhelm Berhard’s 1988 book “Adolf Hitler and the Secrets of the Holy Lance, that details the Nazi plot to steal and safeguard the lance – the author now states that Hitler made duplicates with one now being held in a secret location and three others kept under wraps at the Vatican and by wealthy collectors.

However, it’s now been revealed – and confirmed with newly released photos from the National Archives World War II Photo Collection – that Hitler had the original “Spear of Destiny” in his possession after a special Nazi unit of his stole it from a church in Italy. The Holy Lance then disappeared after Hitler’s death at the end of WW II.

“A central theme of these books and of numerous television documentaries and Hollywood movies is whether or not the U.S. occupation team recovered the actual foot-long, bladed point wielded at the Crucifixion,” states Kirkpatrick in his new book.

“Besides the spear Hitler coveted and obtained, at least three others exist that their owners believe to be from the lance carried by Longinus,” adds Kirpartick. “The Vatican has in its possession a spear point that it steadfastly refuses to permit investigators to examine.”

Numerous spears exist, but what’s the real one?

Also, the author notes that “most historians believe this lance was manufactured during the centuries of the Crusades.

“Other spear points can be easily dated to later centuries, including one in Armenia, which is venerated and presented for viewing once a year in the Cathedral of Echmiadzin, the church of Armenia’s patriarch,” the author writes.

Moreover, students here at the University of Oregon in Eugene and other colleges are receiving more and more "ancient history reports," say librarians "as the digital age uncovers a vast wealth of information that was previously kept in dusty ancient books and records that are now seeing the light of day."

Spear of Destiny said to be real, and sought after for its power

Moreover, the author provides details of Heinrich Himmler keeping “a copy of the Holy Lance on his desk alongside a vial of blood” because Himmler believed the lance “carried special powers,” and because of the object’s “historical importance and central role in Christ’s story.”

“In addition to this, some legends told of Odin, the chief divinity of the Norse pantheon, using a spear to impale himself on a tree to gain enlightenment.”

Himmler, the Reichsfhrer of the SS and a leading member of the Nazi Party, believed – as did his boss Hitler – that the lance posses mystical power, state experts who study the Spear of Destiny. Himmler rose to become one of the most powerful men in Nazi Germany as well as the one of the persons most directly responsible for the Holocaust.

Holy Lance mystery now unfolds with new investigations

According to the Buechner and Bernhard books – and this new book by Kirpatrick – “the Nazis replaced the authentic lance with a facsimile, and then secreted the real lance into hiding in Antarctica.”

Moreover, a detailed and more scholarly investigation about the Spear of Destiny is currently the subject of a detailed study being done by famed historians Volker Schier and Corine Schleif at the Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies.

The “original” Spear of Destiny – that Schier and Schleif have confirmed as “real” – is “not from a lance at all but is a spike from a Roman standard that legionnaires carried into battle,” writes Kirkpatrick.

At the same time, it’s known in that another alleged Holy Lance – embedded with what is believed to be a nail from the Crucifixion – is kept as a treasure in the Cracow Cathedral in Poland.

“As for the lance Hitler appropriated,” Kirkpatrick said it was displayed at the “Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna back in 2003, and it underwent a detailed forensic examination that’s detailed in a Vienna Museum report titled “Die Heilige Lanze in Wien.”

While the Vienna Museum concluded “that it was indeed the relic long venerated by Germanic kings. Whether it came from the Roman era in the reign of Tiberius, and whether it could have been at the Crucifixion of Christ, are doubtful,” reports Kirkpatrick.

In turn, Kirkpatrick poses a chilling question about why Hitler wanted the Spear of Destiny.

“The more significant question raised was not whether the lance Hitler brought to Nurnberg was the same that pierced the side of Christ, but how Hitler had appropriated the religious and spiritual icon for the creation of a program that had led to the Holocaust. Driven by greed and lust for power, did Hitler’s Reich, with its Aryan Jesus, completely corrupt the lance’s essential message of redemption?”


Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
The lance offers redemption? Gimmie a break!

Submitted by Frederick Ledbetter (not verified) on
At the end of WWII General Patton's Third Army rested Nuremberg from the Waffen SS. There in a secret room directly under the platform under the pulpit where Der Fuhrer spoke to dem Deutsche Volk at the September Party Rallies the soldiers of the U.S. Third Army found the Spear of Longinus. General Patton; being of superior intelligence than the Stalinist boot licking Eisenhower or the doofus peasant General Bradley, knew exactly what this ancient artifact was and the story and meaning behind the legend of the Spear that pierced the side of Christ. Whoever possesses the Spear of Longinus recieves the power to do good or evil. While the Spear was in General Patton's possession the United States detonated the first plutonium fission fat man Atomic Bomb at the first ground zero at Unholy Trinity Site in Alamagordo, New Mexico. By the time possession of the Spear was given back to the Museum in Vienna Austria the United States had dropped both bombs on Japan and was on the way to developing the Hydrogen Bomb. One wonders why General Patton didn't keep the Spear in his possession so the United States could still have supremacy militarily, economically, and in all the other ways that count with nation states. Maybe the future of the United States would have been secured forever. Now the United States will break up after the hyper-inflation and the Nuclear Civil War where the Federal Bueracracy will try in vain to keep the Union together with nuclear terror which will only hasten the breakup of the Fascist Federal Government and the independence of the 50 Nations. Finally at long last The Republic of Texas will be a free nation again with no taxes of any kind; ever again. Nation States do not have to exist just for the purpose of sucking every penny they can from the general populace. They can exist without any taxation at all. There is just no organized government of any kind. The people live by one law and only one law; Survival of the Fitest. As the rest of the whole universe exists by that law so will the citizens of the Republic of Texas. Survival of the Fitest. Every man for himself and every town it's own city state and every county it's own county state but with no taxation of any kind. Money ceases to be of any value at all since it is shown to be worthless as a unit of value or exchange for goods and services rendered. The barter system will come back full force as it always should have been in the first place. Well you wanted to know what the future is. There it is. A small part of the future, that is.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
What makes you to think that possesing the Spear of Longinus gives power to do good or evil. It does not make sense to me. If few things just coincided with one another it does not mean it's becaome of The Spear of Longinus. Your conclusions don't take into consideration the concept of free will.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
How ignorant one must be, to believe that such a transition to an archaic form of life is even possible at this stage. To regress a nation such as the United States back to a "survival of the fittest" do or die style of living would be nigh impossible, and would quite surely result in numerous millions dying. The population density of the United States is far too high for it to be able to support itself in that type of system. There simply aren't enough natural resources to do so, nor is there enough free space for people to be able to produce their own crops. Texas is no different in comparison to the total sum of the United States, it's a bloated egotistical cesspool, that thinks itself superior to anything not of it's own blood. I do agree that the United States will most certainly tear itself apart, destroyed by it's egotism and decadence, and left to die by we who no longer care to indulge such an ignorant neighbor. Perhaps, as she gasps and draws her final breath, the whole of the United States may come to realize how foolish they were, although "too little too late" is most likely the only offering of solace they will find....

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
You can write anything in a book and claim it to be true but usually in the end it's just to sell books. Why is everything that's found, UFO's, secrets of the Universe, and the Spear of Longinus always hidden away at some secret location that is usually further away or less accessible than Timbuktu? Show me the pictures and the proof and then I will buy your book otherwise just keep it to yourself. I know of a technology that could destroy the world but just because I say I can doesn't mean I can even though "I" know I can. Do you believe me? It will cost you $9.99 for a paperback or $25.99 for the hardcover version to find out but I reserve the right to be as vague as possible so no one else can build it.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Yep. Good one! A lot of people must have the spear, because they sure have no problem doing evil!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
God himself created us all with the power to do good or evil. the spear has nothing to do with that, God started it all and will end it all one day. conspiracy theories make for good tv, but the word of God is truth and WILL be fulfilled without any of our help. read the bible and find out how it all ends, that simple.

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