Twilight’s Robert Pattinson ‘star’ created by massive X17 marketing machine

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PORTLAND, Ore. – If you want to know the “real” 25-year-old Twilight star Robert Pattinson -- don’t just read the books about the character he plays in the new Twilight Saga film “Breaking Dawn Part 1” – visit the woodsy Portland suburbs, and talk to those who’ve met the Englishman during filming his role as Edward Cullen.

“We put all our troops on Robert Pattinson and he gets bigger every day,” noted the celebrity “branding” service X17 that creates "a buzz" around stars worldwide. As for regular people, they have a different take on who the real Pattinson is as a person who puts his shoes and socks on like everybody else. “What I remember is seeing him (Robert Pattinson) reading a book all by himself in a dinner. After he did his Edward Cullen scenes with Kristen Stewart, they parted ways right after the shoot,” explained local Portland “extra” Amanda Elberse who was featured in "The Twilight Saga New Moon" movie during filming west of Portland back in 2008. Moreover, social scientists say the attraction of Pattinson for teen girls is based on the view that: “The salient fact of an adolescent girl’s existence is her need for a secret emotional life – one that she slips into during her sulks and silences, during her endless hours alone in her room, or even just when she’s gazing out the classroom window." Thus, the Twilight Saga fills that need or void that teen girls feel, and that's why they want Pattinson and movie vampires as their lovers.

Moreover, Pattinson’s two older sisters, Lizzy Pattinson and Victoria Pattinson, said “Robert is seeing someone, and it’s not Kristen Stewart,” during a recent media interview in their native London. The Pattinson sisters also noted how their brother “is a serious actor,” and hopes the Twilight films will “move him forward in his career, in the same way the Harry Potter films helped Robert get the Cullen role in Twilight.”

Creating the “celebrity myth” of Robert Pattinson for Twilight fans

A spokesperson for “X17,” one of the largest paparazzi firms in the world – as explained in the new book “Starstuck: the Business of Celebrity” by Elizabeth Currid-Halkett – Pattinson has become “one of X-17’s biggest success stories.”

Currid-Halkett holds a Ph.D, from Columbia University, and is currently a professor at the University of Southern California. During research for her new book, “Starstruck,” she interviewed members of the X17 marketing machine that helped create the Pattinson celebrity; while Pattinson’s sisters note their brother “is hardly Edward Cullen,” and is a serious British actor who’s “getting filthy rich playing the Twilight role.”

For instance, Britain’s The Sunday Times “Rich List,” put Pattinson on its “list of young millionaires” in the United Kingdom, worth more than $25 million, while Time magazine named Pattinson as “No. 50” in the “Forbes most powerful celebrity in the world” category with Pattinson earning upwards of $50 to $60 million for staring in the Twilight Saga films, while telling friends in London that he’d work for nothing to “get a real role on the British stage.”

After Pattinson had a supporting role in “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” and “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix,” the X-17 paparazzi machine went full force to help create a “celebrity” hallo around Pattinson with his new role as Edward Cullen in the Twilight films.

In turn, Pattinson was named one of the “Sexiest Men Alive” in 2008 and 2009 by People magazine. He was also named “the Sexiest Man Alive” by Glamour in 2009, while Vanity Fair also jumped onboard the X-17 celebrity bandwagon and named Pattinson “the most handsome man in the world.”

Not bad for the London-born actor who says he wants to be taken seriously, and make his living on the stage in Shakespeare plays and “serious film projects.”

X17 celebrity machine “creates a myth” for Twilight fans

Professor Currid-Halkett defines the “celebrity” that prompts Twilight fans to come out for five days just to see Pattinson return as Edward Cullen in Breaking Dawn; while movie critics in both Hollywood and Europe are calling the new Twilight film “one of the worst movies of 2011.”

“Celebrity is our collective fascination with particular people,” writes Professor Currid-Halkett, while also noting it takes many forms for fans who view life through YouTube, the Internet and films such as the Twilight Saga.

In brief, celebrity is “a lie,” that someone wants you to believe so they can sell you something, states the professor.

“We work like the AP or Reuters,” said Brandy Navarre, the co-founder of X17. For Pattinson and other “celebrities,” X17 sends its photos to client magazines and TV networks around the world, and if the media outlets are interested, they contact the X17 agency for a price.

“We sell each week to all the major celebrity magazines, such as U.S. Weekly, People, In Touch, Life & Style, OK, etc.),” X17’s Navarre explains. Moreover, for Pattinson – and the push to make him even more famous for teen girls, the X17 machine goes full bore with massive exposure on “particular websites,” such as “large portals like AOL and Yahoo,” where Navarre says “we have large subscription deals.”

In other words, the fan’s exposure to stars such as Pattinson is “controlled by X17 and other celebrity enterprises.

Pattinson doesn’t have to do well in a Twilight film, but just show up

“In November, the second part of the Twilight Saga (New Moon) was released. Despite being panned by critics, on opening day the film brought in an estimated $72.7 million, showing on 8,5000 screens at 4,024 theaters and breaking the previous record held by The Dark Knight,” writes Professor Currid-Halkett in her new book “Starstuck.”

In turn, the professor asserts that “X17 did its job in creating Pattinson celebrity.”

All Pattinson has to do is "act" or "pretend" he likes doing the Twilight films "because that's what fans want, added the professor. They want to believe he's that person when, in fact, Pattinson is nothing like the character he plays. "He's more like a teen girl's father, because he's that serious," said the star's two sisters in a recent London media interview.

Girls attracted to ‘Twilight’ vampires, with Pattinson they key product

Never mind the recent release of “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1” movie, because Pattinson has earned yet more millions and he can move on to star in more serious roles back in London.

Girls enjoy their vampires, say experts, because they are hungry for real romance that younger men don’t get; while thinking “cool” is wearing a baseball cap backward and driving a truck, say experts on teen relationships.

A new poll – to help market the Twilight films – asks teen girls what’s your favorite “Twilight moment featuring Rob, Kristen or Taylor?”

The choices for the poll are:

-- Edward and Bella’s first kiss in ‘Twilight’

-- Jacob’s ab reveal in ‘New Moon’

-- Edward and Jacob’s tent bonding in ‘Eclipse’

-- The infamous ‘leg hitch’ scene in ‘Eclipse’

-- The epic Edward-Bella proposal from ‘Eclipse’

Meanwhile, The Atlantic magazine recently featured a story titled “What Girls Want” that attempts to explain “the complexities of female adolescent desire for vampires.”

“The salient fact of an adolescent girl’s existence is her need for a secret emotional life – one that she slips into during her sulks and silences, during her endless hours alone in her room, or even just when she’s gazing out the classroom window," writes Caitlin Flanagan in The Atlantic.

This means she is a creature designed for reading in a way no boy or man, or even grown woman, could ever be so exactly designed, because she is a creature whose most elemental psychological needs – to be undisturbed while she works out the big questions of her life, to be hidden from view while still in plain sight, to enter profoundly into the emotional lives of others” in the Twilight books and movies,” writes Flanagan in The Atlantic.

Flanagan also authored the book “To Hell With All That,” and “Girl Land,” a book about the emotional life of pubescent girls.

Twilight is about vampires who cast a spell on girls

In The Atlantic, Flanagan reports that “Twilight is the first in a series of four books that are now contenders for the most popular teen-girl novels of all time.”

In turn, Flanagan writes that “Twilight centers on a boy who love a girl so much that he refuses to defile her; and on a girl who loves him so dearly that she is desperate for him to do just that.”

“In short, Edward treats Bella not as Count Dracula treated the objects of his (vampire) desire, but as Mr. Rochester treated Jane Eyre.”

Moreover, Flanagan explains why so many teen girls have read Twilight books and then made their boyfriends take them to Twilight movies.

“A teenage girl’s most elemental psychological needs are met precisely by the act of readings.

And, in turn, Flanagan writes how “the erotic relationship between Bella and Edward is what makes (the Twilight books and films) so riveting to its female readers.”

Image source of Twilight star Robert Pattinson while in London seeking out a serious role on the British stage. Pattinson, 25, is reportedly engaged to a “mature woman in London these days,” reports Pattinson’s two sisters who live in London. Photo courtesy Wikipedia


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