UFO inspired metal boxes still vex experts while someone is taking the boxes away

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FLORENCE, Ore. – There are many theories about strange metal boxes that started appearing along Oregon and West Coast beaches last week; while Feb. 15 brings new but vague answers.

In a world where people see lots of strange things on the Internet every day, something as interesting and unusual as these strange metal boxes has produced both suspicion and an unruly feeling of disorientation in people who can’t figure out what the boxes are, or where they came from. In turn, those who both viewed and touched a grouping of the boxes at a Florence beach Feb. 15 gave the boxes a sort of suspicious sideways squint. The boxes first surfaced as a story on Huliq last week after local UFO fans relating recent sightings at nearby Stonefield Beach. These UFO fans then pointed to “strange metal boxes” that “were revealed” after a recent UFO sightings. They said the boxes appeared “out of the blue,” while other locals simply said the boxes have the makings for yet more UFO lore; with people either believing or not believing. However, the metal boxes by themselves are something that is very real. So real, in fact, that William Hanshumaker, a Ph.D in marine education, and a member of the “Oregon Sea Grant Faculty” at the nearby Hatfield Marine Science Center, in Newport, has been investigating the “boxes” for the past week.

Strange boxes investigated

As of Feb. 15, Doctor Hanshumaker still doesn’t have a clue what the boxes are. Meanwhile, this marine science expert has passed around photos of the boxes – that are reported up and down West Coast beaches – and he said there is no consensus as to “what” the boxes are.

Sure, there’s been speculation that these “strange metal boxes” are possible docking pieces from oyster farms over in Japan -- that broke apart after the March 2011 earthquake and Tsunami that also slammed West Coast beaches, but how could something as huge as these boxes travel almost 5,000 miles across the Pacific from Japan to Oregon coastal beaches?

Moreover, Doctor Hanshumaker noted that “the boxes would have barnacles underneath” if they were floating out in the Pacific.

However, seven boxes were examined at local beaches near Florence on Feb. 15, and they’re clean all around with no barnacles but a sort of “membrane” film that can’t be scraped off that covers each of the remaining boxes.

In turn, locals at nearby Stonefield Beach and Bray’s Point – who first noticed the boxes after a late evening UFO sighting Feb. 5 – “with boxes up and down the beach on the morning of Feb. 6,” said a Bray’s Point local named Errol.

Police not involved in box mystery

Due to a lot of local and even international interest in the nature of these strange boxes, the local Florence Police Department was contacted officially Feb. 15. In turn, a police department spokesperson named Sarah told Huliq in an interview that “we have not received any reports or complaints about these boxes.”

Moreover, Sarah stated that “the beaches,” or the “Oregon coast is considered a state highway, and state police have jurisdiction over what’s on the beach.” In turn, the Oregon, Washington and California state police were also contacted, and each department reported no actions being taken to investigate the boxes.

However, police officials did state that it’s illegal for people to take things from coastal beaches; even while it’s common for locals and visitors to take pieces of driftwood.

Someone is taking the boxes

At the same time, boxes were seen being moved by a number of “white trucks” with heavy chains and upwards of four to six people seen pushing and then loading these strange metal boxes into the white trucks.

One local Florence couple – who stopped to exam one metal box – said in a Feb. 15 Huliq interview that “it sure looks unusual.”

Also, the couple said they were "drawn to the box," and that "it felt warm, like nothing we've ever felt before."

People seeing and touching the boxes

“Feel me, touch me, see me,” seems like something these boxes “might be saying to us,” quipped local UFO “watcher” Errol when taking more than 100 images of a group of these metal boxes near his Bray’s Point beach home Feb. 15. “I want to document this before someone runs off with our three boxes down the beach there,” he added with a vividly inventive mind that seemed both self-confident and worried.

Errol then noted with the demeanor of a very capable head football coach that “what we have here is a failure to communicate. We shared our story about UFO sightings, and nobody ever believes that, and then we told you about these boxes appearing, and everybody seemed interested.”

Lilly Moll’s theory about the boxes

While local UFO watcher Errol has the temperament of an underfed grizzly when it comes to those who view him as nuts for his UFO theories, he points to another Bray’s Point local named Lilly Moll who Errol says “generates awe” when it comes to the telling of the strange metal boxes story.

“Something happened here a lot time ago. It was something that altered my view of who I was on this Earth,” explained Moll while sitting on one of these metal boxes near her beach home at Bray’s Point.

Moll, who has this striking exotic quality that Errol say people are attracted to since “she must be in her nineties, and not weigh more than 80 or 90 pounds but she radiates a kind of beauty that’s can’t be explained, but felt deep inside your heart and mind.”

In turn, Moll reveals in a quite enigmatic, cipher quality that “the boxes are not for us to understand. They’re here for now and maybe gone tomorrow. That’s all.”

Image source of a local Florence, Oregon, couple who examine one of many strange metal boxes that literally popped up along West Coast beaches last week. Photo by Dave Masko


Submitted by Ielandgirl (not verified) on
Did anyone think to open one of these boxes. Maybe, just maybe they are coffins that fell to earth after an alien burial in space. Kindof what coild happen if we "buried" someone at sea in a box and it got washed up on a beach somewhere.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Is it me or does anyone find it odd that Dave Masko with Huliq is the only person covering this story? The local UFO fans surely would have had equipment they were using for their skywatch, or even just a cell phone that would have produced more photos. No photos of white trucks with several men carrying these boxes away? Errol surely would have offered some of the "more than 100 images" that he captured. What about William Hanschumaker? After "researching" the boxes for the past week, surely he would have a lot more information then the boxes should have had barnacles. Either this has hoax written all over it or there is much more opportunity/ explanation to dig much deeper into this Mr. Masko.

Submitted by Sung Manitu Tanka (not verified) on
I posted the brief summary of what they are and what they are for on my facebook page go read it facebook dot com forward slash thegreatwolf enjoy!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
rerally i cant belive someone hasent taken a pice of one or looked inside I know if it was me I would get a cam and analize it close/and get it tested

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
3 stories now, and only a few vauge pictures. There should be hundreds of pictures, including the old woman interviewed sitting on the box. This screams BS/ HOAX. Option 2 - something from Japan. Why? Well, tsunami debris started arriving here a few months ago. If these boxes are all the same, it makes sense they would travel in a similar pattern (thus landing at the same time). And 2) due to possible radiation contamination, TPTB would want to quietly and quickly remove them to avoid panic and contamination. But the complete lagging of at least hundreds of pictures, tells me it is complete BS. A story like this is about pictures, and not little old charismatic ladies. I think it is a complete fake to gain attention.

Submitted by JohKen (not verified) on
Please make this completely retarded idiocy GO AWAY

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
February 14, 2012 - Oregon Beach Metal Boxes? No Evidence. “I sent some assistants this weekend to the beach areas that are supposed to have the ‘unmovable’ metal boxes and there is nothing there.” - William Hanshumaker, Ph.D., Hatfield Marine Science Center, Newport, Oregon Two recent internet “news” stories have been circulated by a Dave Masko claiming 5-foot by 5-foot by nearly 1-foot-high metal boxes that made odd sounds had washed up on southern Oregon beaches such as Stonefield and Bray's Point since the first week of January 2012. The second Masko story referenced William Hanshumaker, Ph.D., who is a Senior Instructor at the Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport, Oregon. On Friday morning, February 10, 2012, I talked with Prof. Hanshumaker about the Masko article. Prof. Hanshumaker said he did not know anything about the metal boxes until Masko called his office around 5 PM on Thursday, February 9, 2012. Prof. Hanshumaker said he would make no comment until he saw the metal boxes for himself. Today, February 14, 2012, Prof. Bill Hanshumaker phoned me to say that assistants he asked to search this past weekend for the alleged metal boxes could find nothing. Further, half a dozen State Police, Coast Guard and police offices I contacted that have jurisdictions along the Oregon beaches do not have any report about metal boxes washed up on beaches to date. KVAL CBS 13 in Eugene, Oregon, east of the beaches, has never had a report of such metal boxes either. I also contacted the NOAA Marine Debris Program and talked with the West Coast Regional Coordinator, Nir Barnea, who is unaware of any metal box debris. Mr. Barnea did confirm that computer models indicate Japan's tsunami debris will start washing up on North American west coast beaches in 2013. NOAA is holding public meetings with some beach communities to answer questions. So far, scientists do not think the Japanese debris will have much radioactivity if and when it washes up on west coast beaches. Anyone who might have hard evidence about metal boxes that authorities can investigate, please email: earthfiles@earthfiles.com. Or call the Western Regional Oregon State Police dispatch office in Oregon at 541-265-5353. Also see: NOAA Marine Debris Program.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Assuming these boxes did exist the way things work is that the government would come and remove the boxes and all 'credible' witnesses such as Dr Hanshumaker would be instructed to deny all knowledge. As soon, as we hear that the credible witness in all of this denies all knowledge we immediately think 'HOAX', as above. It's just the way the cover-up machine works. So all you can do is either believe or not believe, or you could beg Dr Hanshumaker to tell you the truth, but I would imagine he would be fearful of the consequences. Incidently, his email account has been suspened, either because of the volume of emails he's receiving or because someone doesn't want him to talk.


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