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UFO sighting mystery found in art, while experts say aliens reaching out

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VENETA, Ore. – Skeptics often point to vast distances in outer space as reason to doubt that UFOs could be regular interstellar visitors to Earth; but ufology experts say there’s now “proof” that alien life is here, and it’s “art” because it’s the one big clue that helps link scientific speculation about UFOs being real.

“No one would have believed in the last years of the nineteenth century that this world was being watched keenly and closely by intelligences greater than man’s, and that we know they’re here,” wrote H.G. Wells of the “Martians” he depicted in “The War of the Worlds.” If a piece of “alien art” – that’s been recently unearthed here at the site of the “Oregon Country Fair” outside of Eugene in the woodsy suburb of Veneta – has true alien roots, say local art experts, than this art is truly “out of this world” and more than a bit scary and violent. In fact, the art piece image that accompanies this story does have some “mystery” associated with the paint that was used to create it. “I’ve never seen, felt, smelled or even tasted paint such as what’s been used to make this art. There’s something almost 3D about parts of it, and there’s a fuzzy haze in its center that I can’t explain,” explained one local artist while breathing an exasperated sign.

Art touches core belief in UFOs and alien life

For those who favor the extraterrestrial hypothesis, than the art that accompanies this report was possibly painted or created by an alien as a “sign” or some “message.”

In fact, there are those who believe that we are being both watched and contacted by aliens.

For instance, this work of art “that may be by Lou” is now being viewed as a “possible expression of alien concern or pain over something,” says Patricia who is investigating how this untitled and unsigned art is causing such a big stink in this usually very liberal community outside Eugene.

The art piece – that features a “being” in trouble, or possibly in pain for giving birth, say local art experts – was left in a wooded area near the site of the recent “Oregon Country Fair” in Veneta, Oregon.

While displaying, sharing and making “art” has always been part of the “Fair” and others like it, going back to Woodstock in 1969, the recent appearance by “Lou” and other self-proclaimed “hybrid aliens,” has locals lifting their eyebrows and “that says something for us who’ve seen it all,” says retro-Hippie Gill, who now has control over this alleged “alien art” image that’s now been taken up to nearby Portland for review by other art experts and those with the scientific opinion that intelligent life exists in the universe and “adopts” different forms of expression.

Signs of the times are “more UFO sightings” and details about alien life

“The Myth and Mystery of UFOs” is the title of a new book by Thomas E. Bullard who is a board member of the Center for UFO Studies and Fund for UFO Research. Bullard is also the author of the popular “UFO Abductions: The Measure of a Mystery and The Sympathetic Ear: Investigators as Variables in UFO Abduction Reports.”

With that in mind, Gill and others said they want to know if this “alien art” piece “may be the ‘clue’ that Bullard and others explain as signs or even specific messages from either more friendly or violent visitors.”

Gill also wonders why would someone go to all the trouble to state “they’re a hybrid,” and then “leave this art that nobody knows anything about.” He also asks why has “there been more UFO sightings in 2011,” and “more discoveries of possible E.T. life.”

While Gill and others are dazed and confused after both viewing and trying to get their heads around this art that was left by “Lou,” Bullard writes in his new book “The Myth and Mystery of UFOs,” that humans have to think differently to “get” the messages that are now being left by possible alien visitors.

For instance, Bullard shows how ongoing grassroots interest in UFOs “stems both from actual personal experiences and from a cultural mythology that defines such encounters as somehow “alien”—and how it views relentless official denial as a part of conspiracy to hide the truth. He also describes how UFOs have catalyzed the evolution of a new but highly fractured belief system that borrows heavily from the human past and mythic themes and which UFO witnesses and researchers use to make sense of such phenomena and our place in the cosmos,” states the University of Kansas website for the book.

Also, Bullard’s book takes in the whole spectrum “of speculations on alien visitations and abductions, magically advanced technologies, governmental conspiracies, varieties of religious salvation, apocalyptic fears, and other paranormal experiences. Along the way, Bullard investigates how UFOs have inspired books, movies, and television series; blurred the boundaries between science, science fiction, and religion; and crowded the Internet with websites and discussion groups. From the patches of this crazy quilt, he posits evidence that a genuine phenomenon seems to exist outside the myth,” states the publisher’s marketing of Bullard’s new book.

How art helps humans understand visitation by alien life

While 70 percent of Americans say they believe in UFOs and life outside Earth, such surveys about beliefs do not answer fundamental questions about “why are they here,” or “what do they want?”

For instance, Bullard points to how “Project Ozma” in the 1960s led to the “Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI).” It’s no pie in the sky that the U.S. government and billions in private funding has paid for SETI over the past 25 plus years, state UFO experts, who add “why would SETI carry on so long and why would people spend billions when there’s no such thing as UFOs or aliens? They must know something?”

Thus, it’s Gill and other artists here in the Eugene area who also wonder if art is the medium that aliens are using to “connect” with humans.

“For ufologists and in much popular thinking, wherever UFOs are accepted, the answer to the question of alien life is self-evident; alien life does not languish in a far corner of the galaxy but flies over hearth and home on any given night,” writes Bullard.

UFO and alien art featured at Oregon retro hippie fair that’s viewed as far out

“This piece of art is simply titled ‘nothing,’ and it’s by Lou, who states in his bio that’s he’s not quite human; come to think of it, who of us are,” quips Oregon Country Fair art judge Alejandra during a recent event that include “far out art.”

They’re blissfully happy, fully alive and wrapped in a warm bunting of their own feelings. But, are they human or hybrid aliens? This view is no joke to Alejandra and other “Oregon Country Fair” art judges who viewed some “far out art” during the recent 42nd annual “Fair” that began in 1969 and has continued to attract more than 50,000 “visitors” each year to what’s been dubbed as a retro-hippie, Baby Boomer event that welcomes all. At the same time, “a thrill shivered through my senses,” said Fair artist Kent who was part of the grape-vine amongst locals from the Eugene area who were spreading the news about “hybrids.”

Fan fiction comes in many forms; including “far out art”

“We have a lot of fan fiction each year that focuses on life outside our planet,” explains Alejandra whose a University of Oregon trained artist from nearby Eugene. “What I’m referring to is the generic term for the fan culture that surrounds UFOs and aliens. They create images: oil, water color, pencil drawings and morphed photographs that celebrate the UFO experience they’ve had. We’ve seen dozens of examples during the Fair from those either selling or simply displaying this type of fan culture art.”

While there are a lot of misconceptions about UFOs and aliens in “human culture,” adds famed alien abduction author Bullard, “it has to do more with the myth surrounding our understanding of alien life than reality.”

For instance, Bullard notes in his new book about “myth and mysteries” that surround UFOs that “despite robust success in mass, popular, and folk culture, UFOs seldom attract a series glance from scientists, academics, the elite media, or government authorities.” That is until 2011 when many governments started releasing their once top secret UFO files.

Also, the FBI now has a UFO alien website dubbed “the Vault.”

Bullard also noted that despite prominent civilian scientists like astronomers Donald H. Menzel and Carl Sagan “proclaiming that witnesses prove there are UFOs and aliens here on Earth in the guise of hybrids,” there’s nothing that the president of the United States can read right now saying “they’re here and what they want.”

Instead, Bullard explains that “myth” and art forms are being used to help communicate why there’s been so many recent UFO sightings and alien abductions during 2011.

UFOs research reveals hybrid human aliens who want The Change in 2011

While it’s true that the extravagance of UFO claims over the past 60 years far outstrips the supporting evidence, what about hybrid human aliens who live on this Earth, say UFO experts and thousands of once top secret government UFO documents that point to a rash in abductions.

Many believe that there is “proof” that hybrid human-aliens exist on Earth; while these “hybrids” point to something they’ve dubbed as “The Change” happening in 2011 that will create a new morass of UFO confusion in the scientific community.

The hybrids are often quoted in interviews, or from myth created by fans or believers who “channel” thoughts and ideas. In fact, there’s new efforts “to analyze UFO-and-abduction phenomenon’s similarities to ancient myths and legends,” says David M. Jacobs, editor of UFOs and Abductions: Challenging the Borders of Knowledge.”

Jacobs advises all people to “sort out the signal from the noise surrounding this complex and controversial subject.”

In turn, other UFO abduction experts point to good reasons why they believe in UFOs and aliens here on Earth either involved in abductions or as hybrids. The experts outline the difference, for example, between the stimulus (puzzling sightings and encounters) and the stimulated (witnesses, investigators, theorists, skeptics and spiritual seekers) to reveal “a complex and shifting phenomenon that continues to challenge our understanding of reality,” writes Jerome Clark, author of The UFO Encyclopedia.

Moreover, creating a new alien “art form” is something that “Lou” – a self-proclaimed hybrid – says they’ve been doing “for a long, long time.”

And, such an encounter with hybrid is “no big deal” at the Oregon Country Fair where “beings are beings”

Lou has hair that’s silver and white. He’s old but it’s difficult to know how old: 60, 70, 80? He has a hard jaw, tendoned neck, deep chest; wearing no shirt but just a flowered shawl and jeans during the recent “Oregon Country Fair” in the deep and lush woods of Veneta, Oregon, located about 15 miles west of Eugene off Highway 101.

The “Fair” as it’s dubbed by locals over the past 42 years – since the Fair began in 1969 after it grew out of “Grateful Dead” visits each summer – attracts more than 50,000 each year during its three-day festival, July 8-10, and with all those retro-hippie and “Baby Boomer” folk are, says Lou, some hybrids.

In turn, this remarkable man who claims to be a ‘hybrid,’ said “the Country Fair gives us a chance to blend in with no worry.” Lou also agreed to be photographed from behind, per the photo that accompanies this report.

At the same time, fellow “Fair” goers remarked that “he (Lou) looks like his arms have been squeezed from tubes.” Yes, Lou does indeed to be tall and straight, lithe and supple.

Lou and other “hybrids” revealed in new book about the myth and mystery of UFOs

During popular “UFO” discussions at the recent “Oregon Country Fair” – that features over 1,000 craftsmen and arts, along with 35 different stage venues for “social issue and science discussions,” the debate over the whole spectrum of speculations on alien visitations, aliens living amongst us and abductions, seemed to center on a new book “The Myth and Mystery of UFOs,” by Bullard who – as a board member of the Center for UFO Studies and the Fund for UFO Research – doesn’t produce such books for his health. In turn, there’s a lot of people, says the author, who simply believe there’s more to these everyday UFO sightings that just lights in the sky.

“Why are they here,” and “what do they want?” are key human questions that we demand answers to, quips Gill while viewing this possible piece of alien art painted and then left in the deep woods here in Veneta by Lou.

Bullard is also author of the groundbreaking UFO book about “hybrids,” that he claims in “UFO Abductions: The Measure of a Mystery and The Sympathetic Ear: Investigators as Variables in UFO Abduction Reports,” and in his new book about the “myth and mystery of UFOs,” that hybrid research may be the reason for so many abductions.

But, it’s now just Bullard who feel that with the advent of abduction, it introduces “new dangers from UFOs on a personal level,” that leaves no one safe.

While Lou did not seem a danger to other “unusual” people at the recent Oregon Country Fair, Bullard notes that it’s the “hunters” who are the danger and not so much the “results” of their experiments here on Earth. Still, Bullard writes that humans are not safe from alien contact and abduction; “not even at home in bed, as aliens claimed defenseless captives without so much as a please or thank-you. Many abductees compared themselves to guinea pigs.”

The Change expected in 2011 with hybrids revealing themselves

“The aliens promised a transition to come, a time of bliss and peace called ‘The Change’ but undercurrents suggested that the reality would bring not equality and coexistence but a world with the human element replaced by the alien in a subtle takeover of the Earth without firing a shot,” writes Bullard while referencing the other David M. Jacobs “The Threat.”

In turn, Bullard’s claims about “hybrids” and “abductions” and new “fears about alien contact in 2011,” are supported in thousands of once secret documents that are now available at the following websites thanks to various governments freedom of the information act laws.

At the same time, Bullard points to persistent sightings of UFOs that on a day-to-day basis, commands the urgent attention of scientists, scholars and mainstream journalists. Bullard points to the government UFO files for answers that he says “lies in mysterious, frustrating and ever evolving phenomenon that refuses to go away and our collective efforts to understand it.”

Top U.S. UFO organizations that feature alien art subjects and investigations:
-- Fund for UFO Research (FUFOR)
-- Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS)

World organizations that state proof of alien abductions, via testimonies and evidence on their country UFO web sites. These UFO web sites also include numerous examples of UFO and alien art and art forms.

-- Canada (UFO BC)
-- Sweden – Archives for UFO Research
-- UK – British UFO Research (*released in March per 8,500 once top secret UFO documents and tens of thousands of links to other UFO research, including the FBI’s “Vault” online UFO files)
-- Brazil (Revista Brasileira de Ufologia)
-- Italy – Centro Italiano Studi Ufologicihttp:

Also, there’s three top websites for UFO abductions – that some countries report, are “at an all high number.” The International Center for Abduction Research, and Intruders Foundation, and John Mack Institute

According to the vast research about abductions, they are “not deliberately cruel or sadistic, just businesslike and indifferent,” writes Bullard in his new book about the “myth and mystery of UFOs,” that also explains “the human need for myth” so humans can better sort out the concept of non-humans and life outside Earth.

Thus, art is now viewed as “one window” into this UFO and alien myth that the world is trying to better understand. In fact, NASA recently put its “space art” on display in the wake of the space shuttle program ending, and the “human need to try and understand life in space.”


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Interesting story but, i think they might reach out beyond a canvas and ink drawing my grand daughter could do.

Submitted by JuliaV (not verified) on
Your comment that your grandchild could do the same is so typical of people who are ignorant of the field of visual arts, unless your grandchild has at least a BFA.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
May I present a theory on the meaning of the art work? It seems clearly to be illustrating the chakras, and I have read a little about Reiki, which is a healing technique using energy from the earth. In a sense,with reiki, you imagine energy flowing from the earth into your first chakra. You are told to imagine a red chord or stream, emanating from the earth into your first chakra and up through your other chakras. Perhaps it is depicting this energy. Cheers

Submitted by charles (not verified) on
The opening quote from "The War of the Worlds" has been altered with the addition, "and that we know they’re here." Nothing like this appears in the novel's text, nor even in the original Pearson's serial. Has any of the rest of this story also been conveniently embellished?

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dear all the image is a depiction of kundalani raising, the lines drawn from the ground to the pelvice depict the energising of the muladhara chakara from the earth. please google Kundalani raising for more details

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To me this represents menstruation. It's pretty obvious that it's a human female form. I don't understand why anyone would presume it to be of alien origin. This was a terrible article.

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