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UFO sighting nexus emerges as ET science explains why no first contact yet

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McMINNVILLE, Ore. – Recent lenticular clouds – that have a peculiar shape that reminds locals here in this Oregon UFO hub of “flying saucers” – are often mistaken for UFO sightings, say ufology experts who now have answers as to why there’s been no first contact yet.

McMinnville, Oregon, is a popular with “day trippers” from nearby Portland who know of the famous UFO photographs that were taken on a farm near McMinnville back in 1950. “Because they want to believe so badly, they often mistook those lenticular clouds for UFOs. Not that we don’t have UFOs and aliens around these parts, it’s just something that happens, ‘cause one can just will a first contact,” explains McMinnville local Richard Bryant who volunteers as a “guest host” for “the UFO crowd in town.”

Who are these people in search of UFOs?

“Curiously, the seeming fascination the American public has for UFO sightings is tempered by negative attitudes about the people who experience it. Are people who claim UFO sightings uneducated, rural folks who do not know the difference between a satellite, a cloud or a flying saucer,” asks the authors of “Paranormal America,” that also reports how many UFO sightings – that have occurred over the past 60 years – as “real” and documented by police, teachers and others who “are credible.

In fact, the authors of Paranormal America point to Ohio congressman Dennis Kucinich who, after admitting to a UFO sighting during a 2007 presidential debate in Philadelphia, publicly reported that a “paranormal experience or belief invites scorn and concern for one’s mental health.”

Even sharing stories about UFOs for Huliq results in some UFO and paranormal websites calling this reporter a hoaxer because “people say they believe, but deep down they’re not sure,” adds McMinnville UFO host Richard Bryant.

“They give me a lot of winks and smirks when I show them the farm where the UFO was spotted. They say they’re here to ‘learn the truth,’ but they’ve already made up their minds. I think they can’t handle the truth, as Jack Nicholson said in that movie,” Bryant adds.

Breaking the great silence on alien presence here on Earth

The Nobel Prize winner in Physics for 1950 was Enrico Fermi who often mused “about UFO sightings,” writes Chris Impey in his new book “How It Ends: From You to the Universe.” Impey, a University Distinguished Professor in the Astronomy Department at the University of Arizona in Tucson, goes on to write how “Fermi knew that the size and age of the universe and the mediocrity principle favored the existence of lots of extraterrestrial life.”

Fermi also know that “that human technology was young, so there were likely to be a lot of alien civilizations who could easily communicate or travel across large distances in the Galaxy.”

And yet, UFO reports aside here in McMinnville, Oregon, and other locations around the world, “there’s no sign yet that aliens are willing to reveal themselves on a massive scale to the United Nations for good reasons,” adds local McMinnville ufology expert Ben Palmer who points to Impey’s new book as “a good read on why a UFO sighting nexus emerges as ET science tries to explain why no first contact yet.

For instance, Impey writes in his new book “How It Ends,” that the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) has been operating for 50 years with constantly increasing sitivity and bandwidth but it has been met with what researchers call ‘the Great Silence.’”

“How should we interpret the Great Silence? There are many possible answers, as there are to Fermi’s question” about UFOs and alien life on Earth being real. Impey also writes that “there are likely to be 100 million habitable terrestrial worlds in the Milky Way, and they are an average of 1.5 billion older than Earth. There’s plenty of time and real estate available for developing complex, intelligent life,” he adds.

For example, Impey notes that “the earliest biology experiments in our galaxy might have started 10 to 11 billion years ago. For us to see no trace of intelligent life is a puzzle that begs for an answer.”

More “probes” are need to unearth the UFOs that are visiting Earth, say experts

Given man’s “exponential rate of technological progress,” Impey and other top astronomers believe that first contact will be made on a grand scale worldwide “very soon,” with many saying it’s near and could happen before year’s end.

However, science moves slowly, writes Impey, and he believes that “even if self-replicating probes are to our technology as our technology is to hunter-gatherers “ --aliens who travel here on Earth and in the universe -- that it’s still the near future before humans have to start dealing with ET on a day-to-day basis.

In turn, Impey writes that “probes could seed life on suitable planets in a mechanical form of panspermia; they could act as sentries to monitor the emergence of intelligent life; and they could explore more efficiently and safely than intelligent organisms could.”

Moreover, Impey points to a “fleet of robotic probes that could also act as the nodes of a network of interstellar communication – think of them as ‘Encyclopedia Galactica.’ Think of it as our message in a bottle.”

Also, Impey notes how top world scientists believe there’s ET out there but there are many questions from many experts about the who, what, when, where and why of alien life visiting Earth.

Explanations for why there’s been no grand scale first contact yet, include Impey’s research questions from the world’s top experts:

-- They exist but make a cultural choice not to explore or communicate.

-- They exist but are observing us and not making themselves known: the “zoo” hypothesis.

-- They’re waiting for us to mature to either greet or destroy us: the “berserker” hypothesis.

-- They are so advanced we wouldn’t know how to recognize them: the “neophyte” hypothesis.

Impey also notes that the many different aliens that have or are now visiting Earth – per why there’s so many UFO sightings – because “we might be unique or extremely rare as a technological civilization.”

In addition, Impey’s new book has been dubbed by its publishers as “fascinating science behind the eventual end to everything-from the individual to all existence.”

“Although we may try to keep it tucked at the back of our minds, most of us are aware of our own mortality,” the marketing pitch for Impey’s new book states, while adding: “But few among us know what science, with the help of insights yielded from groundbreaking new research, has to say about death on a larger scale. Enter astronomer Chris Impey, who chronicles the death of the whole shebang: individual, species, biosphere, earth, sun, Milky Way, and, finally, the entire universe.”

Image source of lenticular clouds that have been reported as UFOs due to their peculiar shape: Wikipedia


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If they land that means they also need to share their hyper advanced technology with us. And i dont think they are more interested in that than we are to give atomic bombs to Somalia or other failed states. This is a failed planet it is just that we are in the early stages of finding out. Once oil is on a downward slope etc we will find out My site:

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I am so going to turn their thinking on its head when it comes lenticular clouds and cloudships (which are very real spaceships by the way) when my book comes out, I have so much proof a as contactee of these ships it will blow your minds, this is why they are doing a film about my contactee experiences. The naysayers are so incredibly ignorant.

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They exist. Read Sir, Arthur C. Clarke's Novel "The Last Theorem." I am THE ONE POINT FIVE and "Bill" in the novel. I am also David Bowman in the novel and film "2001: Space Odyssey." They talk to me. I am that "Singularity."

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