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UFO sighting skeptics now reveal 'the science' and facts that aliens exist

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BRAY’S POINT, Ore. – College students at nearby Oregon State University have tuned into a college network site that features a top professor who’s “advocating the study of unidentified flying objects.”

“Raymond Duvall wants to make it absolutely clear: He doesn’t know whether aliens exist. It’s a common misconception. Just because Duvall, chairman of University of Minnesota’s political science department, has written professional literature advocating the study of unidentified flying objects doesn’t mean he believes in little green men from outer space,” reports the popular college network site At the same time, Duvall’s work has been featured in the recently released British government top secret UFO files that features more than 8,500 documents; including Duvall’s view “that more than 100,000 UFO sightings have been reported worldwide since 1947,” and, that’s enough evidence to show UFO sighting skeptics that “something real is out there.”

New, updated COMETA report leads the way with real facts about UFO sightings

Moreover, ufology experts worldwide now state there’s real science and evidence that alien life exists outside Earth,” explained Oregon State University student Hansen who’s joined Oregon UFO “watchers” here at Bray’s Point for a recent evening “UFO sighting sessions.”

Also, the photo that accompanies this story is from the original copy of the COMETA Report – a “white paper” produced by the French government – that’s now making its way around major U.S. universities in both the U.S., Europe and Asia as a “scientific document” that COMETA authors state is based on “real phenomenon warranting immediate international attention.”

The distinguished COMETA authors – thirteen retired generals, scientists and space experts working independently of the French government (but more recently praised by the French in a newly re-released 2011 version of an updated COMETA) that is based on more than 20 years of analyzing military and pilot encounters with UFOs.

It only takes one such as COMETA’s UFO photo to prove to the world that alien life exists

“While some estimates claim that about 90 percent have been explained as a plane, satellite or some other Earthly object, the rest haven’t. Academics have tried for more than 60 years to study the latter and find out whether they’re extraterrestrial visitors. But getting university funding and the administrative green light to do so is virtually impossible. Most who’ve tried have been ignored. Some ridiculed. Others have been met with aggressive hostility, even being denied promotions and having their classes cut,” reported of Professor Duvall’s work on trying to “get to the bottom of the UFO sighting experience.”

For instance, many UFO watchers look to the recent announcement that astronomers discovered Gliese 581g, the first “habitable” planet in another solar system as the dawn of a new acceptance to the search for extraterrestrial life.

Discoveries like the new planet give hope to UFO enthusiasts, including researchers who’ve struggled for funding and credibility for decades. “It really is a scientific scandal,” said David Jacobs, who teaches a history course on UFOs at Temple University. “It’s kind of horrifying that this has been going on for so long,” added the report.

Belief in UFOs is viewed in America today as “an ingrained prejudice”

“Driving home from Denver in 1956 with his wife in the passenger seat, Leo Sprinkle gazed into the horizon and caught sight of a tiny light in the distance. At first he thought it was a star or a planet, but then it moved closer. Closer and closer until he could tell it was ‘as big as a university building.’ It moved around completely silently in a stop-start motion, and then disappeared over the Rocky Mountain foothills. The next morning, Sprinkle hurried out of bed to pick up a newspaper and find out what the strange thing was. ‘No mention of it,’ he said. ‘I had a sinking feeling. I thought, ‘This is something I have to study, and it’s going to be lonely business,’” added the recent report.

Sprinkle joined University of Wyoming in 1964 and would stay for 25 years in various psychology and counseling capacities. Despite being well-liked among students and well-rated as a counselor, Sprinkle said he found he could never move into a full professor position — mainly because he didn’t publish in the “real” scientific journals.

In 1985, he was told not to talk to students about UFOs during office hours. Not long after, he had to go home and tell his wife that his 13-year-running self-hypnosis course had been canceled. By 1989, he knew it was time to leave. “In the last few years, I realized it didn’t matter what I did,” he said. “I was being pushed out,” added the report that also noted how “Sprinkle’s experience is similar to what other academics have run into in their attempts to study UFOs. There were more like him decades ago, but nowadays, it’s become even more difficult to venture into UFO territory, said Jacobs. He would know. He’s one of a handful who still research UFOs at a major university.”

Teaching about UFOs is a popular class at most U.S. universities

“Since 1977, Jacobs has taught a course called ‘UFOs in American Society,’ which he believes is the only regularly scheduled, upper-level UFO course in the United States. Persecution surrounding those who study — or even talk about — UFOs has always existed, said Eddie Bullard, a UFO researcher and author who received his Ph. D. in folklore from Indiana University,” reported

“It’s kind of an ingrained prejudice,” he said. “You don’t even have to think about it. It’s just not acceptable.”

Duvall co-wrote a chapter in a recent bestselling book about compiling UFO accounts from esteemed military personnel. In his writing, Duvall has argued that the “UFO taboo” is deeply entrenched in our society. It’s perpetuated, he writes, by the mainstream media, the scientific community and the government, which retains its power from the notion that humans make the rules.

“Those who approach the subject as a social or cultural phenomenon tend to get less flack because they can remain negative or neutral toward the existence of UFOs,” Bullard said.

“If I were to take a sociological or psychological approach, I would be on firm ground,” Jacobs added in the report. “In fact, I’d be hoisted on the shoulders of my colleagues as a hero.”

Image source of the COMETA French government photo of “an actual confirmed UFO.” Photo courtesy Wikipedia


Submitted by Keyser Soze (not verified) on
Go visit the "Disclosure Project" on YouTube. Once you do that, then the Good Professor should contemplate the study of Mankind's stupidity.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Excellent article, how narcissistic we would be to think that in a vast universe we are the only living things.While it is not an easy thing to prove, just the fact that we are here on earth speaks the possibilities that life exist elsewhere. We have proof that we as the human race evolved from basic functioning to the amazing things that mankind has made possible today. The possibility that another planet was created earlier or evolved at a faster pace would explain UFO's from other worlds. It wasn't that long ago, a blink of the eye in the scope of things, that Columbus set out to prove the world wasn't flat. So all those people that thought he was going to fall off the earth somewhere in his travels are very similar to the people today who say that UFO's are fake, fabricated and can be explained by a weather balloon! I have been following your articles and your passion for this shows in your writing. Keep up the good work.

Submitted by Dick (not verified) on
I have a printed copy of the original (1999) COMETA Report. At what URL may I find the Updated (2011) COMETA Report? Thank you for a response.

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