UFO sightings acknowledged by UK, Wikileaks and worldwide, but not US

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BRAY’S POINT, Ore. -- Although the White House website recently stated “there is no credible information to suggest that any evidence is being hidden from the public’s eye,” ufologists here at Bray’s Point and worldwide are still pressing President Barack Obama to release secret UFO files in the same way as the British government.

“In the letter to President Obama, the Extraterrestrial Phenomenon Political Action Committee calls on the president to ‘end the six-decade truth embargo regarding an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race.’ The group wants the president to insist on a ‘full briefing from your military services and intelligence agencies regarding what they know,’ and to open congressional hearings ‘to take testimony from scores of government witnesses who have already come forward with extraordinary evidence and are prepared to testify under oath,'" reported London’s telegraph.co.uk. In turn, the British government’s UFO desk – nicknamed “X Files,” states the Telegraph, that they’ve “had the busiest year on record” because strange things are still being seen in the sky over England and other parts of the world in 2011.

“Last year there were almost 400 reported sightings to the Ministry of Defence of UFOs throughout Britain – a figure that had tripled from the previous year,” reported London’s Telegraph newspaper Nov. 6.

Moreover, the first Wikileaks diplomatic cable referring to UFOs has recently been released and published in the Norwegian newspaper “Aftenposten.” The secret UFO file states that “a cable sent to Washington from Belarus in 2007” -- explained that the Soviet republic’s intelligence service – “did not have the resources to spend as much time investigating paranormal activity and U.F.O. sightings as it did in the old days.”

UFO experts don’t buy the recent White House response about “no evidence”

Overall, when one counts each and every country in the world that has reported UFOs in just the past 70 years – since the days of World War II when UFO reporting began in earnest – ufologists state that “millions of people have sighted UFOs and aliens, while UFO abductions, in the tens of thousands, are on the rise in 2011.

Moreover, UFO enthusiasts here at Bray’s Point and elsewhere say they don’t buy the recent White House web site response stating: “The U.S. government has no evidence that any life exists outside our planet, or that an extraterrestrial presence has contacted or engaged any member of the human race.”

“That’s rubbish,” stated Oregon UFO “watcher” Ronald Levy who regularly joins others “who believe” at the Bray’s Point vantage point that sits on one of the most western spots on the continental U.S. – where UFO fans peer out over the Pacific Ocean and night sky – to watch and then report “regular UFO sightings.”

“The White House should know that all it takes is ‘ONE’ -- that the so-called experts view as a real UFO – to shake our world view about UFOs for those who don’t wish to believe,” adds Levy during a Nov. 6 cellphone interview from Bray’s Point.

British “X Files” UFO reporting desk mirrors “X-Files” TV show

“It has all the elements of a conspiracy theorist’s dream: previously classified documents with sections still blacked out by censors, an alleged alien abduction in Ilkley, and a mysterious and unexpected evening visit by suited men. The tale of a man’s brush with extraterrestrials and the Men in Black is just one to emerge from a set of UFO-related documents released today by the Ministry of Defence. More than 4,500 pages of material has been published under the Freedom of Information Act today, including letters and reports on UFO sightings and encounters across the country – and the Telegraph & Argus even gets a mention,” reported London’s telegraph.co.uk.

In turn, the British government’s massive collection of unexplained incidents – released in March 2011 -- is composed mainly of reports by civilians whom were impossible to verify or disprove, and cover reported sightings between 1986 and 1992.

Dr. David Clarke, a UFO expert and journalism lecturer at the British Sheffield Hallam University, described such insights as invaluable: “These files contain a rich mixture – everything from close encounters between aircraft and UFOs, to stories from members of the public who believed they were in contact with extra-terrestrials. It’s great news that the National Archives continues to make these accessible on a dedicated website that contains such a wealth of useful information on the topic. Making the material available to all those who have an interest in this subject means that everyone, expert or amateur, can make an informed decision on the mystery of UFOs.”

For example, one British citizen is quoted in the British UFO documents as stating: “My health that night was perfect as it generally is and I am not prone to bouts of hallucination nor do I consider myself to be in possession of an over-active imagination... I have considerable experience as an amateur astronomer and therefore would not be prone to misidentification of aircraft unless they were viewed under very strange conditions.”

What’s more, he was not the only person to have seen “it” – whatever it may have been. A report by the British government on September 17, 1988, had three other witnesses corroborating the account.

“Another account from 1988 comes from an off-duty policeman. On February 18 at 7.30pm, he was travelling in by car along Toller Road towards Bingley with his wife and child when they saw moving stars and pulled over to take a closer look. The sub-divisional officer, based at Bradford Central, wrote: “On first seeing the object could have been an aeroplane even though we could not see any coloured lights but when the object changed direction suddenly and accelerated we were sure it was not.”

Another report in the once top secret British government UFO files tells of a ten-year-old keen astronomer who called 999 to report “two alien beings in our house.”

White House “connection” to UFO sightings

When he was the White House chief of staff under President Bill Clinton, John Podesta led a project to declassify 800 million pages of intelligence documents. In a press conference, still available to watch on the YouTube website, Podesta said: "It is time for the government to declassify records that are more than 25 years old and to provide scientists with data that will assist in determining the real nature of this phenomenon."

London’s Telegraph newspaper also reported that former William “Bill” Richardson – “a former presidential candidate and fellow UFO aficionado -- has written a forward to a book on the so-called Roswell Incident in New Mexico, where campaigners believe an alien spacecraft crash landed near the town of Roswell in 1947 and that the corpses of humanoid aliens have been kept hidden under lock and key by the government. He has called for full disclosure by the Pentagon of what really occurred and reiterated his belief that there had been a "cover-up" during a presidential debate last year. The campaigners, who want the truth "out there", believe that the British Government's decision to declassify thousands of UFO sighting documents this year has made it untenable for the US to maintain its policy of non-disclosure.”

Stephen Bassett, Executive Director of the Extraterrestrial Phenomenon Political Action Committee, gathered 40,000 signatures via email and fax and was sent to President Obama in support of his calls for openness.

Bassett told The Sunday Telegraph: "The truth embargo is now at the end of the line. The release of documents in Britain and France has put huge pressure on the US. It makes the government here look pretty stupid. I think we are seeing the Democrats moving towards disclosure. John Podesta has outed himself as an enthusiast. He thinks the American public can handle the truth. Bill Richardson thinks there was a cover-up."

X-Files stars also “believe” in UFOs and aliens

David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, stars of the 'X-Files' TV show and movies told London’s Telegraph in a recent interview that “they believe” in UFOs and aliens.

The two stars said they would not have been involved in the X-Files -- for what's become a major part of their professional lives -- if they did not believe in UFOs.

"I still get approached by people who think I am interested in what Fox Mulder is interested in," he says. "It doesn't affect my life, but occasionally somebody slips me a book or some notes on an unusual theory. In response, though, I've started to develop my own theories.”

"My main one concerns aliens: I always think of the 'ship of fools', where they once took the undesirables and send them off into the high seas, instead of to prison. I think on other planets they do the same, which is why every time a human has contact with an alien they get their teeth drilled or their anuses probed,” explained (Fox Mulder) Dochovny.

"We delve into the relationship between these two in a much more intense way than we ever did before," says Anderson. "A lot of emotional things come up for Scully."
"It's a mystery," Anderson (Scully) says of aliens, “It's real, kinetic and tangible.”

Image source of Mulder and Scully – who say they “believe” in real life UFOs -- from a promo for an X-Files film. Photo courtesy Wikipedia

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