UFO sightings and abductions in Nome Alaska is real life becoming art

BRAY’S POINT, Ore. – A dim ripple warning about abduction ran across his mind after waking at 3:33 a.m. each and every morning since being abducted by non-human intelligences.

It’s located about 2,000 miles north of Bray’s Point, but local UFO “watchers” here feel a special kinship with those in Nome, Alaska, because both places sit on the very edge of the continent and both remote sites have experienced a rash of alien abductions; with Nome now more famous thanks to real life imitating art with the recent re-lease of the 2009 film “The Fourth Kind” that’s set in real-life Nome. The horror of a close encounter of the fourth kind – experienced by people both here at Bray’s Point and in mass up in Nome -- say those who’ve been abducted by non-human intelligences is memories are so buried in one’s mind that it creates another compartment in one’s head. “The people I’ve talked to have this hidden current of memory about their abduction that’s similar to a film rolling on; with their memories so vivid, so close, that you don’t dare challenge them it’s not true,” explains Oregon UFO “watcher” Errol from his home at Bray’s Point where he hosts those who feel the need to look for UFOs and remember, unwillingly, their close encounter of a forth kind.

Real life and film’s 3:33 connection

“If they want proof, than ask ‘why is it that each and every one who’s been abducted stops and notices the clock when it reads 3:33?’ I can talk to someone here at Bray’s whose repressed memories of their abduction, and they tell me about waking up at 3:33 a.m. each night or, for whatever reasons, they stop and look at a clock during the day at 3:33,” adds Errol.

In turn, when one listens to the Nome, Alaska, radio station KNOM or reports from Fairbanks or watch cable TV and broadband in Nome, or even read reports over the past 20 plus years in Alaska’s oldest newspaper, the “Nome Nugget,” there’s plenty of references to “disappearances."

Moreover, there's almost "regular UFO sightings" in the Nome region throughout the year, with ufologists thinking this may be a region for a sort of command center for alien life on Earth.

And, if you listen and read between the lines, explains Errol of the e-mails he’s received from ufologist now studying Nome abductions, “there’s this 333, or someone mentioning they awoke after seeing a white owl and noted it was 3:33 a.m.”

At the same time, Nome’s new claim to fame is that this secluded community of about 4,000 residents – who live on a remote area of Alaska “on the southern Seward Peninsula” – has experienced a large number of “unexplained disappearances,” with recent “possible abductions by non-human intelligences” as recent as Jan. 29 when a husband and wife “tourists” disappeared.

FBI called to Nome to find missing

Also, the FBI continues to decline comment about either a rash of disappearances back in 2000 and “continued disappearances ever since,” state local media.

And, both CNN and other national and international media have descended upon Nome after this so-called “string of disappearances” have increased to a sort of Bermuda Triangle effect where people living or visiting this region that’s not far from the ancient civilization unearthed along the Bering Strait have vanished, and “who can hear their screams,” said the family of one man who was reported “missing” in early 2012 “when we’re so remote in this small town on the West Coast of already remote Alaska.”

In turn, the documentary-drama “The Fourth Kind” points to this epidemic of disappearances getting so bad that the FBI started visiting Nome in 2005 to investigate; while CNN and the Anchorage Daily News reported how the “victims were largely native men” and also “Nome women and their children.”

Officially, “nine bodies were never found,” according to reports in the Anchorage Daily News; while other local “word of mouth citizen journalists” estimate “many hundreds have disappeared over the past 10 years.”

Fourth Kind mirrors real life a bit too real

While the film “The Fourth Kind” was not well received by critics in 2009, “it’s gotten better with age because much of what it presents is not fiction but actual real life interviews. This is not a Hollywood special effects film, but a documentary with actors filling in the gaps,” explains Errol who said he’s seen the film “a dozen or more times” at informal meetings of Pacific Northwest area UFO watcher groups that “get together in those non-descript motel rooms for meetings and discussions.”

In turn, "The Fourth Kind” relies on “the found footage technique,” where the film makers use a split screen of “real footage” and re-enactments starring Milla Jovovich playing the real life doctor who recorded people who claimed they were “abducted by non-human intelligences.”

While senior officials in Nome, where the film is based, deny any claims of “UFOs” or “aliens” or “abductions” per say, other city officials who are no longer in public office assert “this is not science fiction,” but “real when a child goes missing and you never find him or her.”

Moreover, the mayor of Nome has recently compared this 2009 film – that’s gained a new following in Europe and Asia where it was re-released last summer – with the “Blair Witch Project,” and stated that it’s not true, while still not explaining why so many people in the Nome area have gone missing.

Fourth Kind shares just the facts

Those who’ve viewed either the theater release or the recent DVD release of "The Fourth Kind” -- with deleted scenes of the actual interviews with adducted Nome locals who rise in the air in uncontrollable fits when re-living their abduction at the hands of “hostile aliens” – claim “it’s powerful because all you need is one on camera interview to be real to shake your world forever.”

And, the actual footage of real people being interviewed is shocking; say those who’ve recently re-visited the film on DVD for a close look at the deleted scenes from the actual police camera footage and doctor interview footage.

In turn, the film does not worry “if you believe” because it tells viewers up front that it’s up to you to decide.

For example, the title itself is derived from a "scale of measurement" that was "developed in 1972" to categorize alien encounters, best known through its use in Steven Spielberg's "Close Encounters of the Third Kind." Thus, the film explains that on the scale, the first kind of encounter is defined as a UFO sighting; the second, collected evidence of extraterrestrials; and the third kind is contact; while the “fourth kind” is actual alien abduction and it’s not pretty when viewing actual victims re-living the horror while noticing those numbers 333 that you too who are reading this may also notice in your day-to-day lives?

“That’s why the Fourth Kind it rings true for me and many others,” adds Errol at Bray’s Point.

Alien abduction is hard to prove

While Errol says it’s hard enough to “prove” a UFO sighting “because everybody and their brother has seen strange lights in the sky, an alien abduction is viewed by ufologists such as Errol as the most difficult to prove because “the victim either becomes a bit crazy afterwards, and nobody seems to believe them, or they simply vanish.”

Errol then points to page after page of “missing children” posters that he’s downloaded from the FBI and various missing children police reports nationwide.

“What’s happened to all these missing children? If just one out of the more than 300,000 or more that are currently went missing since last year is a ‘forth kind’ alien abduction than that’s all you need.”

Fourth Kind director releases theories

NBC Universal, parent company of distributor Universal Studios, stated in a press release after the initial release of “The Fourth Kind” in 2009 that it’s not fiction.

In turn, rookie writer/director Olatunde Osunsanmi was unavailable for comment, stated NBC Universal, but according to a fact sheet handed out at early screenings of The Fourth Kind, Osunsanmi stated that he “discovered the disappearances that plagued Nome in 2004 when a friend told him of a Dr. Abigail Tyler.”

During sleep studies "in fall 2000, the therapist's patients, under hypnosis, exhibited behaviors that suggested encounters with nonhumans," explained the Fourth Kind press statement; while also explaining how Doctor Tyler “recorded footage depicting disturbing scenes, which director Osunsanmi uses alongside re-enactments starring Milla Jovovich and Will Patton in a split screen.”

The press statement also explains why Jovovich informs the audience right up front that she "plays the role of Dr. Abigail Tyler, and that the images they are about to see are very disturbing.”

Image source of the movie poster for "The Fourth Kind,” a 2009 film that mirrors real life testimony of people from Nome, Alaska, who say they were abducted by “non-human intelligences.” The “fourth kind” denotes “alien abductions” that’s become the elephant in the room for many ufologists who fear that people already don’t believe those “lights in the sky are UFOs,” and those who are abducted either become a bit crazy or simply vanish. Photo courtesy Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Fourth_Kind


Submitted by QRUSDVL (not verified) on
The so called real footage of Dr Abigail Tyler are all faked and acted by British actor Mia McKenna-Bruce. The names of all the 'actors' playing in the 'real' footage can be found on IMDb.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
um actualy thats the name of the girl who played the daughter. Mia McKenna-Bruce was the one who played the little girl in the dramatized part of the movie

Submitted by QueenNinja (not verified) on
Mia mckenna bruce is the little girl in the "movie" NOT abbey tyler. If you actually do some research you will find that abbey tyler is a REAL person/doctor.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Very poor, The Fourth Kind was a fake movie, Dr Tyler never existed and the 'real footage' was all faked too. British Actress Charlotte Milchard played the 'real' Dr Tyler. It is all a fraud and brings UFOlogy into disrepute again.

Submitted by Budmanfitz (not verified) on
#1, Like you would know any better. -What a tard you are...

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Well appears I do, I named the real Dr Tyler, if you care to check it. I love UFOlogy, have studied it for years and years and will defend the seriousness of the subject to the end, I am a firm believer of the ETH but I do no like the subject becoming a joke, people using it to make money of the gullible which is what this man did, he lied to people.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
huh? dont you have your senses at this point?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
What senses are you talking about? I have touch, smells, sight, thinking capabilities continuously going on. Pleaase do make it clearer by what you meant.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
it says at the begining of the movie that may choose to believe or not right?? If you do the math with all the stars in the universe it is impossible for another life forne NOT to be out there so I will say I do indeex believe this footage is real and your should as well and not be so narrow minded. It isnt about being real or not but is it possible?? ABSOLUTELY so im going to say its real, god speed to you my friend

Submitted by michael delaney (not verified) on
Ignorance is conceited bliss Aliens did tamper with our genetics evolution is too slow for mankind to Get this intelligent in a mere few thousand years which is shorter than Fart in the scale of realitys age

Submitted by Robbie Graham (not verified) on
This article is nonsense. It is very well established that 'The Fourth Kind' is a work of fiction. It contains no 'real' footage, no interviews with 'real' people, and the 'real' events on which it claims to have been based in fact never transpired. Indeed, not only was the “real” footage fabricated in its entirety, but so too were all of the Alaskan news clippings used by Universal Pictures in its marketing campaign. Dr. Abigail Tyler (the film's protagonist) never existed; neither did anyone else portrayed in the film. When this elaborate Hollywood sham was revealed, Universal was served with a lawsuit from the Alaska Press Club, to whom the studio agreed to pay $20,000 for undermining the credibility of the various Alaskan papers whose names had been exploited by the studio.

Submitted by michael delaney (not verified) on
Sad langer

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Thank God there are still few wise people whose thoughts are refined.. God bless us for opposing these fiction minded craps.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
it is not aliens... those are evil spirits. aliens are not mentioned in the bible, therefore they don't exist !!!!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
That is the most stupid logic ever, it doesn't mention Popes in the Bible but there still is one. Also by definition of what an Extra-Terrestrial is (A being not of Terrestrial <earthly> origin) then God, Angels, Satan etc are all ET's or Aliens. Also btw the Bible is not the marker by which all things are measured. There are scared texts that are older than the Bible which have things similar or the same as the Bible, so by that conclusion the Bible is copying.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
this is very amazing stuff, um i believe in aliens my self and i have watched this movie numerous, and i found it very amazing and insane how this stuff happens a lot. i have even seen a UFO myself when i was little that is, it was white and fast filmy type stuff that is hard to explain. like they say in the movie u have to c it to believe it.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
The Film is fake, the 'real' footage is done by actors, the director was sued etc etc etc so seeing the movie doesn't make it any more real. I love studying UFOlogy, it's my passion, I do not like hoaxes or fakes or people who lie to make money from it. This money is just that.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I agree with u! Ancient religions have been around way before Christ! Look at the Zoroastrian ?? Religion is just a set of rules derived from a spiritual connection, allowing to hold a guru status and having control over the people! But all these religions forgot to share they we can connect from within to the gods, angels, ets, Astra realm, etc and create our own happiness and manifest anything physically, through our true hearts desire!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Yes there were religions way before Christ, including Buddhists, and Hinduism. That is why There are two testaments in the Bible: The Old Testament and the New Testament. God was here way before the Zoroastrians. Thousands of years later He sent his son to die for all of our sins. Before Christ we were known as Children of God. They officially established Christianity after the apostles preached about Him long after His death.

Submitted by christina cafua (not verified) on
yes, I agree with your statement on that. Satan is tryin to mislead many.. and he's doing a good job at it... Im not saying that I don't believe things like this happen. Im just saying that I believe that it's evil spirts... (satan and his demons)

Submitted by christina cafua (not verified) on
I believe that Satan and his demons will do what they can to mislead many.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
aliens don't exist but evil spirits do? if you had any type of logic you'd realize that "God" MADE the Earth - that means that "God' is not from Earth and is indeed, an alien. "Angels" are not of the Earth, they are of the "heavens" so they are aliens. Yeshua, the son of "God" - would had to have been half alien as well. And that's just using logic. If God created the Earth, he had to come from somewhere else which makes him (by definition) an alien.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Do not bring religion into this randomly...all religions are utter tosh! God my arse. We came from apes yes but we were genetically modified...by whom???? The adam n eve theory is proven bs also. Decendants of terraformers is much more believable,we are as much aliens as"they" are. How about 4000 year old civilisations describing all the planets in or solar system inc their positions when apparently they were so primitive they were still banging rocks together...so designing and making a telescope???REALLY!!!! I could go on and on!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
The movie is based on real facts, although the footage is actually fiction, to protect those involved! Religion was formed 1000s of years ago, to have control over the people, suppressing the truth and only sharing enough to feed humanities curiosity. There are truths throughout all the world religions but the fact that the Universal power is there for all to connect with and flows from within, has always been suppressed. The ancient civilizations knew of other worlds beyond ours, which existed beyond our solar system and galaxies. This gateway has now reopened. It's seems very naive of humanity to think that we are the only ones to exist in this Universe. But then our beliefs are own, and should not be judged by others, so there you go!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I just watched the movie. I am really into numerology, so I was trying to look at all the times of the recordings. But as I got to the bottom of the page & it said we too may experience.....well just got a new phone # & how coincidentally there are three 3s in my #...... very cool but also kinda creepy. Ya know. Thanks

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
i used a disposable camera at the miami science center these three exhibits triple exposed (lined up perfectly) the face in the picture is an alien owl monkey FREAKY!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Why are you all talking about religion? Pretty sure this is a movie about aliens and ufos. Nothing more nothing less. For fu(ks sake..I can't go anywhere in this world without people arguing about religion

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Why are you all talking about religion? Pretty sure this is a movie about aliens and ufos. Nothing more nothing less. For fu(ks sake..I can't go anywhere in this world without people arguing about religion

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I do believe it, there is something else out there in this world that people just don't want to believe. I've had some weird things happen in my life that made me a believer. I was one of those people that just won't except the truth until things start happening to you. Until then you really shouldn't have nothing else to say if you haven't experience anything beyond your understanding. So, don't be judgmental .

Submitted by NITROVITRO (not verified) on
check the chin on the actor Charlotte Milchard the and the real dr. Abbey Tyler.