UFO sightings and alien abductions now blamed on false memory syndrome

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BRAY’S POINT, Ore. – Don’t tell Oregon UFO “watcher” Errol and others who claim to have seen dozens and dozens of UFO sightings, and even been involved in alien abductions, that they may be suffering from a new science investigation into something recently dubbed as “false memory syndrome.”

A famed British researcher has just published a book that states how “a surprisingly large number of Americans, many of them otherwise normal, sincerely believe that they personally have been taken aboard flying saucers and been the victims of horrific experiments.” At the same time, New Year’s Day at the popular UFO sighting location -- on the very edge of the West coast at Bray’s Point – found UFO “watchers” facing a hard wind blowing debris and people; while the air was as cold and vicious with Errol and others describing ghostly mists floating aimlessly above them and strange decayed creatures and sea life all around this Oregon coast that was bathed in a reddish light. In turn, Errol describes such a day when he was abducted by aliens. “The scientists and doctors are now telling me I have something called ‘false memory syndrome,’ that they think was caused by untreated PTSD from after I returned from Vietnam. I don’t buy it because I’m in a support group with dozens of others who also had the same thing happen to them when abducted,” says Errol as they memory of being abducted seemed to ruffle through his mind like wind on the nearby Pacific ocean.

Also, Errol says that after “30 plus years of dealing with the abduction that happened on Oct. 13, 1981 nearby in a deep forest area outside of Depoe Bay, I’ve doubled checked my memory over and over again and it doesn’t feel like any false memory.”

In fact, Errol mediates daily so as to allow the subconscious to surface. He says there is a “strong emotional resonance that still lingers,” and in one word he says it’s “horror.”

The Magic of Reality in 2012

Oxford University professor and famed British author Richard Dawkins – whose a fellow of the Royal Society in England – has a new book just out in 2012 titled “The Magic of Reality: How We Know What’s Really True,” that introduces this new theory of “false memory syndrome” and now it may apply to the tens of thousands of people worldwide who’ve reported both UFO sightings and alien abductions over the past 60 to 70 years.

Professor Dawkins references the landmark release of 8,500 formerly top secret UFO documents that the British government made public back in March 2011 as offering “clues” to what may explain the great number of people who claim to have being abducted or that “they might be part alien themselves.”

Professor Dawkins, who is one of the world’s leading “evolutionary biologists,” also points to Susan Clancy – one of several psychologists who have made detailed studies of people who claim to have been abducted – points to something that the scientific community has recently dubbed as “false memory syndrome” as one possible explanation of both seeing UFOs and “feeling you’ve been abducted.”

“You can actually go and talk to people who believe they have been abducted; apparently normal, sane, level-headed people, who will tell you they saw the aliens face; actually tell you what the aliens look like, and what they say while performing their nasty experiments and sticking needles into people,” writes Dawkins in his new book; while also stating that “there is a whole mythology of ‘alien abductions’ that go back to ancient Greece and the gods of Mount Olympus.”

And, even more shocking is the view by some leading ufologists that false memories “can be deliberately planed by unscrupulous government scientists or even aliens themselves.”

False memory syndrome helps rational people understand the impossible

Dawkins writes in his new book “The Magic of Reality” that false memory syndrome was coined by scientists and medical experts who are facing a rash of recent reports in 2011 of both UFO sightings and alien abductions on a massive level worldwide.

In turn, this Oxford University professor writes in his new book that “false memory syndrome helps us understand why at least some of the people who think they have been abducted by aliens claim to have such vivid memories of the incident.”

However, the professor is at a loss to explain who is creating “false memories,” for those who’ve yet to come forward and reveal their own personal experiences with UFO sightings or being abducted by aliens.

Hitler is quoted as saying that he could kill “millions of Jews and the world would never believe it.”

Sleep can open the door to false memories about abductions

Professor Dawkins also writes in his new book that the PTSD for many people who’ve seen UFOs or have actually been abducted by aliens is a sort of “frightening experience called sleep paralysis.”

“It is not uncommon,” writes Professor Dawkins. “You may even have experienced it yourself, in which case I hope it will be a bit less scary the next time it happens if I explain it to you now. Normally, when you are asleep and dreaming, your body is paralyzed. I suppose it’s to stop your muscles working in tune with your dreams and making you sleepwalk (though this does happen with many who’ve been abducted via the view of zombies out in public after hours for whatever reasons). And normally, when you wake and your dream vanishes, the paralysis goes and you can move your muscles. But occasionally there is a delay between your mind returning to consciousness and your muscles coming back to life, and this is called sleep paralysis.”

Professor Dawkins goes on to write that this sleep paralysis is “frightening, as you can imagine.”

And, now imagine that you suddenly get a flash in your mind from past fears that may be a sign of false memory syndrome or, in fact, something far more horrible that means you may have been abducted.

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