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UFO sightings going mainstream, while WikiLeaks safeguards UFO files

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SEASIDE, Ore. – Members of the Oregon “watchers” UFO group meeting here at this resort town report news that indicates how a special “encrypted insurance file,” set-up by WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, that will keep much anticipated UFO files safe in case Assange and others are “taken out;” meanwhile, the National UFO Reporting Center has just reached a milestone of 30,000 UFO sighting reports over the past 15 years.

“It’s like we finally hit mainstream America with WikiLeaks revealing what we all knew was out there, and National hitting 30,000 confirmed UFO cases. It’s going to be a banner year for all of us who believe,” says Greg Hainsworth of nearby Salem who heads a “watcher task force” that investigates local Oregon coast UFO sightings.

“What people forget it’s not a choice to believe. For UFO watchers every day becomes Sunday,” adds Hainsworth of his group’s focus and reason for having meetings.

For example, he explains is "what you have here with the watchers is a group of about 40 folks who study UFOs. It's not a hobby, but a passion."

The regular meetings at Seaside and other locations up and down the Oregon coast is yet one example of one group that mirrors thousands of other like groups worldwide, he adds.

Former nuke missile site now a major UFO center

Also, there’s more good news for local UFO watchers, according to Hainsworth grew-up in the Seattle area where the famed National UFO Reporting Center was based for the past 32 years.

“What’s really cool is they moved the National UFO Reporting Center to a decommissioned Air Force ISNM missile site out in an undisclosed location in eastern Washington. For right now, I’m thinking they don’t want locals bugging them,” added Hainsworth who’s a retired bus driver with four sons and 11 grandkids.

“There was a time when they thought the old man was nuts because of my status with the watchers and other UFO groups,” he adds. “Now, it’s mainstream and it feels good to know WikiLeaks is protecting those secret files, and we now have probably the best location for the national center right here in the Pacific Northwest.”

Moreover, the National UFO Reporting Center seems to be as busy as ever these days.

For instance, the center recently posted “528 new” UFO sighting reports from everyday citizens.

WikiLeaks to protect secret UFO files

At the same time, the coastal “watchers” have shared the good news about the new WikiLeaks security plan to help protect secret UFO files that Assange revealed last month.

The plan to protect the secret UFO files is tied to a WikiLeaks file named insurance.aes256.
Watchers say it’s a massive gigabyte and encrypted system with a 256-digit key.
Moreover, there’s recent news from British media sources that are in touch with Assange who still remains in hiding due to numerous legal issues.

One British newspaper said the secret UFO files held by WilkiLeaks “will never see the light of day,” due to security concerns addressed by the United Nations.

The Guardian and other London based newspapers have also reported new WikiLeaks servers being set-up in England and France to make sure, as Assange has noted, “to have a back-up if WikiLeaks gets taken down.”

At the same time, the National UFO Reporting Center presses on with plenty of real-world sighting inputs from just about everyone in society.

Watchers report that even priests and nuns, and mayors and other cops, and grandfathers and boy scouts, are all on the center’s list of those who’ve reported UFO sightings during the past year. “If that doesn’t sound like going mainstream, than we don’t know what does,” quipped the watchers while enjoying some rest while “watching” along the Oregon coast at Seaside.


I'm not sure where the Oregon watchers group gets their information. Assange has already stated that a few of the cables Wikileaks has, contain references to UFOs, and though some of these cables may be interesting, they contain nothing out of the ordinary or revelatory. And, the "insurance" file has never been thought to contain anything related to UFOs. Nor is Assange still in hiding--after he was released from prison, he's held press conferences, etc., with his location well-known.

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