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UFO sightings increase worldwide with massive exodus to Burgarach underway

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STONEFIELD BEACH, Ore. – All roads lead to Stonefield Beach for the mid-August UFO sightings; while over in France there’s a movement now going on to visit with aliens at a village and mountain called Bugarach.

“A tide of New Agers and UFO-fanatics from across the globe is descending upon Bugarach. They are convinced the tiny village in southern France is the only place that will be saved from Armageddon, which they believe will take place in 2012,” reported European Journal Aug. 14. Meanwhile, others here at Stonefield Beach – where there’s been “lots of action in the heavens” – the view on Bugarach is mixed due to a partial disclosure of its significance in recently declassified UFO documents from both the French and British governments. “Overall, worldwide UFO files remain mostly under wraps, and this will continue until WikiLeaks and other groupings of secret UFO documents are released to the public,” states a ufology expert here at Stonefield.

Bugarach state that “aliens are already here”

“In the years since the French made their top-secret UFO files public, more European nations have declassified documents. But the majority remain tight-lipped with a few refusing to even acknowledge the phenomenon,” stated an expert reporting from Bugarach, France, where hundreds of UFO watchers are both visiting and even deciding to live there based on real evidence that alien life is flourshing in this remote area of southern France.

“It’s not when the aliens will come because they’ve already in Bugarach, and among us,” stated a local French artist who lives outside Burgarach during the Aug. 14 PBS broadcast of “European Journal” that serves the European Union, while being produced by DW-World.DE – the Deutche Welle TV News from Germany.

“For the true believers, signs of the impending apocalypse are everywhere. On doomsday, they believe, people who have sought shelter in Bugarach will be spirited away by extraterrestrials that live beneath the mountain. For local residents, the esoteric arrivals are an annoyance. They are buying up properties in the area, and locals complain they are driving up prices. The mayor has said the army might need to be called in next year to cope with the rising influx,” stated the European Journal TV report Aug. 14.

Meanwhile, local UFO “watchers” here at Stonefield Beach say the area around the Bugarach mountain peak in France is “similar to the Oregon coast” because it’s remote and rugged and not where you’d expect to find aliens living or visiting.

The French village of Bugarach is at the foot of “Pic de Bugarach, a 4,040 foot mountain peak in southern France that locals boast is the highest summit in the nearby Corbieres mountain range.

Also, the Bugarach peak – that is also said to mirror alien life at Mt. Shasta in northern California – is called the “upside down mountain” by locals because the top layers of rock on the mountain are “older than the lower layers” due, in part, to a uplift area of the Pyrenees.

As for alien life in Bugarach, there are French government UFO records that point to a “possible alien settlement” at Bugarach dating back to the 12th century. Also, in the 17th century the village became known as the “place of strangers” due to the strange people who at settled there from “a distant land.”

Bugarach rising as top UFO center in the world, say experts

Older Oregon UFO “watchers” camping here at Stonefield Beach, along the central Oregon coast, note that “Bugarach was always mentioned in UFO lore in the early 1950s and 1960s after New Age and hippie and even early “UFO watchers” visited this small French village to “see what’s up.”

Bugarah also made headlines in the 1990’s when unidentified flying objects were seen hovering in daylight over the mountain. Eyewitnesses said the UFOs made “designs” in the sky and hung there for “hours” while local police did nothing.

In turn, tourists to Bugarah have reported to French police and media that they too have observed “luminous spheres” in the sky near this French town and mountain.

Some of the truth is out there, say experts in England France

“The British and French governments are among a select few in Europe to have declassified previously top secret files and experts believe that, while they may currently be in the minority in revealing their documents, they are certainly not alone in having recorded sightings,” reported the European Journal, while also noting that “Germany refuses to say whether it has any UFO files.

"The French released their UFO files through their space agency in 2007, Britain is mid-way through a 3-4 year program of revealing theirs under the Freedom of Information Act, while the Norwegians and the Danes have already released some files as have the Italians," Nick Pope, a former investigator of UFO reports and sightings with the British MoD and an expert on the topic, told Deutsche Welle, the European Journal production company.

"The UFO phenomenon is a global phenomenon; there are unquestionably sightings all around the world so all European countries will certainly have had UFO sightings,” added Pope.

“Germany is one of the many European countries which have not declassified their UFO files. In fact, the German government refuses to even admit that it has any UFO files despite the fact that independent organizations record, on average, between 50 and 100 sightings a year in the skies over Germany,” the Deutche Welle report added.

Germany among those remaining silent on UFO phenom that's popular in Berlin

"Germany has a high level of UFO sightings," Robert Fleischer, the coordinator for the German Initiative for Exopolitics, told Deutsche Welle recently.
He said that, since 1974, over 500 so-called "real" UFO cases - reported sightings that, after careful consideration by specialized experts, cannot be related to any conventional information - have been recorded.

"However, there has never been any official recognition by the German government relating to UFOs or UFO activity," Fleischer added. "So if the Germans were to open any files relating to UFOs, all we would find out is that they pass all their information to the Americans."

Most UFO cases reported over Germany were only revealed when US files were made public. Germany's lack of UFO research is possibly due to the fact that "the US assumed that role after the end of World War II, although the Germans have never officially acknowledged this or any interest in UFOs," he said.

European governments aware of unexplained sightings

So what do the files made public by the likes of France and Britain actually tell the public about the UFO phenomenon in Europe?

"What these files don't say is almost more important than what they do say," said Nick Pope in a recently European Journal report on the breakthrough happening Bugarah. "What they don't say is that we have proof that any of these things are extra-terrestrial. What they do say is that European governments have consistently had these things reported to them, sometimes by reliable witnesses such as police officers and pilots."

“Most of the sightings turn out to have conventional explanations, like the misidentification of all kinds of aeronautical and astronomical phenomena, but most European governments which have conducted investigations have found that about five percent of the cases cannot be explained,” added Pope.

“While neither Nick Pope nor Robert Fleischer could guarantee that the initial European declassifications would eventually pressure all EU governments into opening their files, they both agreed that the revelations made public by those countries willing to divulge information could only improve research into a phenomenon that they believe is an issue for every nation,” the Deutsche Welle report added.

Europeans preparing for the end times now in 2011

“The New Global Trust, based near Antwerp, is a group that envisages a post-apocalyptic world virtually destroyed by the effects of violent sun storms,” stated Deutche Welle.

According to Sandrine Mathen from the Belgian Federal Center of Information on Harmful Sects (CIASON), the Trust believes that only those willing and strong enough to start from zero will survive, and only those deemed suitable will be brought into its secretive "survival group" to begin the painfully slow business of rebuilding civilization.

Also, the Trust believes that aliens are now here on Earth to help when the last days come.

“Another group recruiting potential survivors is led by Belgian astronomer and end-times author Patrick Geryl, who states that 2012 will mark a physical catastrophe and immense disaster for humankind. Geryl's main argument is that ‘upheavals in the sun's magnetic fields will generate gigantic solar flares that will affect the polarity of the entire earth,’ causing the earth's magnetic fields to reverse with disastrous effects.

Moreover, there’s a “history at Burgarach,” that points to alien involvement in assisting humans.

“Geryl is now focusing on establishing a survival group,” stated the European Journal, while noting that “only those with money and resources will be permitted to this group,” which is planning to relocate to concrete bunkers high in the mountains of Africa or even at, Burgarach, France, where UFOs and aliens are treated as “friendly.”

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