UFO sightings increasing in Asia with U.K. and FBI alien files confirming trend

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BRAY’S POINT, Ore. – Talk of regular UFO sightings at this Pacific Ocean vantage point -- here at the very edge of the Oregon coast at Bray’s Point -- seems to “wrap around us like water around a rock,” states a member of the Oregon UFO “watcher” group who’s flying high with new once top secret British and FBI files that showcase drawings of a family friend, Kenneth Arnold, who on June 24, 1947, reported seeing “nine brilliantly bright objects flying across the face of Mount Rainier."

“My uncle was a close friend of Kenneth Arnold, and that started our family’s interest in UFOs,” said Brad, a regular “watcher” at Bray’s Point who – thanks to recently released British government UFO documents, and new revelations that the FBI kept UFO files in something they dubbed “The Vault” – reveal that a local Pacific Northwest pilot named Kenneth Arnold spotted what the Brits and FBI now confirm as “an actual UFO sighting.” Moreover, the conservative Wall Street Journal has now joined the British government and the FBI in confirming that UFO sightings have increased recently “throughout Asia.” The May 6 Wall Street Journal report stated that “suspicious UFOs have shut down airports in China, buzzed resorts in Borneo and lit up the night sky in Myanmar.”

This story is number eight in an occasional series of reports about what the secret British UFO files contain, and what new information these documents reveal.

Arnold sighting in 1947 mirrors period of 60 plus years that U.S. and FBI held UFO files

Some 60 to 65 years after UFO sightings – that were then covered up -- it’s now known and documented in the recently released British government UFO documents, and also with the revelation that the FBI kept UFO files in something they dubbed “The Vault,” that people such as Kenneth Arnold were dismissed as “UFO nuts.”

Brad, who’s admittedly proud of his family's connection to this famous UFO spotter, notes that “the Kenneth Arnold’s of this world were once viewed as spreading a hoax about UFOs. But, it was no lie. Although many UFO web sites view any information that doesn’t originate from them as a hoax – even in this day and age when the Brits, the FBI and other mainstream sources of reliable information state that UFO sightings are not a hoax – there still needs to be a world-wide announcement that they are here, they’ve been here and we need to deal with alien life among us.”

In turn, Brad points to the Kenneth Arnold UFO sighting that’s now part of the once top secret FBI UFO files that are now in the public domain.

The FBI report states that “on June 24, 1947, while flying his private plane near Mount Rainier, Washington, American businessman Kenneth Arnold reported seeing ‘nine brilliantly bright objects ‘ flying across the face of Rainier.”

Mt. Rainier is a massive live volcano -- at an elevation of 14,411 feet -- located a few hundred miles up the coast from Bray’s Point.

Note: The accompanying photo with this story from May 11, 2011, shows Arnold holding a picture of a drawing of the crescent shaped UFO he saw in 1947.

British government and FBI take notice of Arnold’s UFO sighting

The Washington Post and other “mainstream” news media, both nationwide and internationally, reported on April 12 that the FBI’s newly available online reading room, “The Vault” reveals FBI practices to “burn thousands of UFO files,” while also sharing a declassified “memo” about Roswell being real.

Moreover, both the U.K. and FBI secret UFO files included Kenneth Arnold’s statements about spotting something he called "flat like a pie pan and shaped like saucers and were so thin I could barely see them…they were half-moon shaped, oval in front and convex in the rear… they looked like a big flat disk and flew like a saucer would if you skipped it across the water.”

Also, the London based “Daily Mail,” – that’s covered the recently release British government documents, that number more than 8,500 and include links to tens of thousands of other UFO sighting material – blasted the American FBI for “stirring up conspiracy theorists and spy minded folk across the Internet” with the Vault.

These once secret UFO documents also note that Arnold’s sighting was included in once secret British government and FBI files because “Arnold received significant media attention, and his story captured the public’s imagination.”

In turn, the Washington Post and other mainstream media reported it’s no wonder that the FBI began “destroying thousands of UFO reports,” about strange things relating to UFO sightings that started happening at a place in New Mexico called “Roswell;” the place “where the flying disk” happened.

Wall Street Journal sharing the news of new UFO sightings in Asia

Wall Street Journal writer James Hookway states in a May 6 report – that’s gone viral worldwide on the WSJ website – that “UFO hunters say Asia's surging economy is attracting international attention--and aliens from outer space.”

WSJ's Hookway made his recent report from what he dubbed a “UFO hotspot in Khao Kala Hill in Nakhon Sawan, Thailand.”

“UFO sightings among Asia's fast-growing economies have accelerated,” Hookway writes. “Suspicious UFOs have shut down airports in China, buzzed resorts in Borneo and lit up the night sky in Myanmar.”

The Wall Street Journal – that prides itself in sober, financial news reporting – also contacted some of the world’s leading authorities on the subject so as to dispel regular rumors on UFO web sites that any news about “real” UFO sightings are “a hoax.”

"It's not surprising, really," says Debhanom Muangman, a 75-year-old Harvard-educated physician and one of Thailand's leading UFO investigators. "Aliens have been coming to Asia for decades, but now they sense a change. This is where the progressive countries are, so they are coming here much more often now."

ET is here and alive and well on planet Earth, say experts

Extraterrestrials first hit the public imagination in a big way in Thailand in 2006, when villagers in the rural northeast found discarded fever-cooling gel packs and mistook them for visitors from outer space. One woman told local newspapers she cooked a gel pack and served it to her children in the hope that it would make them more intelligent, states Hookway.

“In Nakhon Sawan province, 160 miles north of Bangkok, scores of UFO enthusiasts now regularly camp out on a hill known as Kao Kala, which they regard as a kind of Stargate to another dimension. It's a diverse group, including medical students, interior decorators and a soap-opera actor who goes by the name Pete. On a recent evening, devotees wearing necklaces depicting alien portraits trooped to the top of the hill to harness extraterrestrial energy to treat illnesses by laying on hands, or to meditate before a statue of Buddha. Periodically, people jumped up with video cameras when planes or other, less obvious, light sources appeared before settling in for a night of chanting,” he said.

Moreover, it’s not just the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, the British government and the FBI that point to “real and credible evidence of UFOs,” it’s also regular everyday people like Brad and other Oregon UFO “watchers,” and even village people in Thailand.

"The aliens have been coming here to Kao Kala for at least 10 years," said Dusadee Prasomsuk, 39 years old. "When we meditate we can understand what they're trying to tell us—we feel it through our bodies and we understand. Regardless of whether aliens exist, the slew of sightings is providing yet another measurement of how the world is changing as Asia becomes wealthier and more successful.”

Moreover, there’s Seth Shostak – a senior astronomer at the SETI Institute in California – who uses radio telescopes and other advanced equipment to scour the universe for signs of intelligent life.

According to Hookway’s recent Wall Street Journal report, Shostak “reckons the growth of Asia's economies is one of the primary factors contributing to more and more UFO sightings.”

"I ascribe this simply to two things," Mr. Shostak says. "The greater reach of TV, which means that more people have seen television specials dealing with UFOs, and the widespread availability of the Internet, which allows people who would formerly describe strange sightings to their neighbors to now send me an email."

Dr. Debhanom in Thailand, for instance, says he saw his first UFO in New Hampshire when he was training to become a doctor in the 1950s. When Dr. Debhanom returned to Thailand he heard about many more sightings as the country went through its economic boom of the 1980s and 1990s and media networks expanded to include cable TV and, more recently, the Internet.”

Anyone can read parts of the British files on line

The release of these British UFO documents includes 35 large files that can be viewed at http://ufos.nationalarchives.gov.uk/

It should also be noted that the files are available to download free of charge for one month at this U.K. National Archives website.

Image source of Kenneth Arnold holding a picture drawing of a UFO from 1947: Wikipedia


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