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UFO sightings not on WikiLeaks radar for now, says Assange

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CORVALLIS, Ore. – WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has noted numerous references to “secret UFO files” in the various diplomatic material now held by WikiLeaks, but more telling, says an Oregon State University student, is what Assange is not saying about his classified material holdings; while, at the same time, a recent CBS “60 Minutes” interview with Assange pointed to yet more cover-ups and strange dealings by world governments to shut WikiLeaks up.

Assange did not address secret UFO files during his 60 Minutes interview, but he did talk at length about how governments “hide important information” from the citizenry.

Moreover, Assange told British media recently that “specifics from the cables,” to include UFO files, is not on WikiLeaks radar for now. However, he’s taken measures to protect a cache of a quarter-million confidential diplomatic cables from the past three years that spotlight “back-room” bargaining by various government sources.

The cables include such things as UFO sightings, nuclear weapons concerns and ongoing terrorist activities that are viewed as top secret and highly confidential in nature.

The WikiLeaks files come at a time when UFO sightings are increasing worldwide, and so is the interest as to why UFO information is kept secret by world governments.

For leaking these files, Assange is facing a U.S. criminal investigation that could send him to jail and shut WikiLeaks down. In turn, Assange told 60 Minutes that the investigation into disclosing these cables is “harassment.”

One student’s quest for UFO truth

Oregon State University student Harriet Bridges is “into UFOs” because she’s completing a master thesis, titled “UFO Cover-ups throughout the 20th and 21st Century.” Bridges chose the topic because Corvallis and the surrounding area have experienced numerous UFO sightings, going back to the 19th century when pioneers wrote letters about “strangers in the heavens.”

Moreover, Bridges has unearthed a group of Oregon UFO event posters from the 1960’s and 70’s that point to ET popularity that’s now, for a number of reasons, is on the comeback.

“I’ve done some extensive research and writing about UFOs because it’s of interest to me and important part of my master’s degree program,” asserts Bridges with a serious look on her face.

“As far as what UFO files WikiLeaks may have, it’s most likely tied to a series of UFO sightings in eastern Russia in 1977 that lasted until 1981 with the United States and many European nations working with Soviet UFO researchers on a project titled: ‘Observations of Anomalous Atmospheric Phenomena in the USSR: A Statistical Analysis.’ This UFO report has numerous connections with high ranking scientific officials in the U.S., in Europe and in the United Nations. It’s fascinating,” she says.

According to Freedom of Information Act and National Achieves documents, Bridges found the Soviet UFO report under “UFOlogy in the Soviet Union.” The report pointed to a “major UFO controversy in 1967 where U.S. officials were in conflict with their Soviet counterparts about what UFO files and information they would release to the public.

Moreover, Bridges found an official 1974 report from the USSR Academy of Sciences are "real" in a mathematically provable sense.

Translated, the title of the report is "Observations of Anomalous Atmospheric Phenomena in the USSR: A Statistical Analysis." The main author was Dr. Lev Gindilis of the Shternberg State Astronomical Institute in Moscow.

Hughes said the report was approved for official publication by Academician Nikolay Kardashev, one of the USSR's top experts in SETI, the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence and dubbed the "Gindilis Report."
According to National Archives notes, a copy of this secret – WikiLeaks type of document – was smuggled out of the Soviet Union and found its way to the French government’s official UFO research group, titled “GEPAN.”

At the same time, the files point to Dr. J. Allen Hynek reviewing the GEPAN copy that was also reviewed by famed NASA scientist Dr. Richard Haines at the Ames Research Center in California. Haines then had it translated and then reproduced with a plan for public release.

However, NASA printed a warning on the front of its file copies of the translation: "This copy is for internal use of NASA personnel and any reference to this paper must be to the original foreign source." Access to file copies was restricted to NASA and contractor personnel.

In brief, both Hynek and Haines and other leading American UFO experts, said the Soviet report was “earth breaking,” and “proof” that UFOs are a serious national security issue.

“They buried this report, and there’s a sort of dead end to whatever happened to Gindilis,” says Hughes who is set to complete her thesis work.

At the same time, she’s concerned that WikiLeaks UFO information will suffer the same fate and be both protected and buried by government officials.

Assange tells 60 Minutes that secrets are always kept by governments.

“The key to subversion is that it is carried out underneath, in secret, below the radar. The real subversion is the act of keeping important truths hidden. By hiding important information concerning corrupt practices, corporations, governments, and individuals cannot be held accountable for their actions. In this sense, it is precisely the corrupt practices of such entities that can rightfully be called subversive, because they turn around, rout, and overthrow the public's ability to respond to their behavior. Keeping corrupt practices secret subverts our consciousness by putting forth information that is not commensurate with the actual behavior. This is the tactic almost universally employed by corrupt actors: to maintain a public face that keeps under (sub) the information that would upset our understanding were it to become public knowledge,” explained WikiLeaks founder Assange during a January 30 interview on “60 Minutes.”

In general, Assange concurred with the UFO community when it comes to “hiding important information.” He then gave examples of how this control of information keeps government leaders in control of the state and its actions.

“The current actions of the government of Egypt are subversive in its attempts to silence the flow of information by shutting down the internet and cell communications. The government of North Korea has for decades been subverting its entire populace by claiming that "all is well" as people remain without adequate food or are sent to die in work camps. And yes, the U.S. government is acting subversively when it keeps important information about, for example, the vastly under-reported civilian death toll in Iraq secret,” Assange added.

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