UFO sightings spawn alien gangs worldwide, say watchers

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STONEFIELD BEACH, Ore. – They are neither malevolent or benevolent, and there’s no concern for ray guns since these “alien gangs” disguise themselves as humans and rent or own homes like everyone else, say UFO “watchers” here.

“Think of the movie Cocoon. It’s about a group of peaceful alien life forms who are left here on Earth and the aliens return for them. That’s how I explain this situation we have worldwide. We describe it as alien gangs who live amongst us,” says Hugh Miller who’s a member of The Trails End Paranormal Society of Oregon.

Miller also points to one of the final X-Files episodes, called “Providence,” as art intimidating real life. Providence aired on March 10, 2002, and was written by X-Files creator Chris Carter along with Frank Spotnitz. In both X-Files fan lore and “watcher” files, “this is a true story.”

“I guess it’s because there’s so much in the way of UFO sightings here in Oregon,” adds Miller whose Trails End Paranormal Society is internationally famous in UFO circles for its annual “Rose City Paranormal Conference” up in Portland, Oregon, each year.

Due to the rash of recent UFO sightings in Oregon, China and other parts of the world, the conference was well attended, says Miller who’s been researching Oregon UFO’s for the past 45 years.

Miller’s reference to “Cocoon” is the 1985 Academy Award winning movie about a group of seniors who are rejuvenated by aliens.

“Oh, if that were true,” adds Miller who jokes “at age 74, I could use some rejuvenating.”

Stonefield Beach is where Miller and other self-proclaimed “watchers get up early to monitor unidentifiable flying object (UFO) sightings via “catching some lights” as this remote location along the central Oregon coast that has become ground zero for strange winter solstice happenings.

For instance, just after the full eclipse was to happen in the wee hours of this morning, local UFO watcher Brad Haney noted hundreds of crows and even ravens, horned larks, tree swallows and a flock of marsh wrens were speeding over Stonefield where regular UFO “light shows” occur during these cold, gray winter days.

At the same time, a memory ruffled through Haney's mind like wind on the water.

“My close encounter happened just after the winter solstice of 1978. I was up near Seaside where that first X-Files episode was filmed and lost three days of my life. I’m still not sure if it was a bad dream, or that I was lifted up and taken somewhere out of this world. It now makes a good story, but who but my fellow watchers believe me,” says Haney who used this recent lunar eclipse to help submerge himself in that UFO memory.

Moreover, the X-Files “Providence” episode reveals that an alien named “William” is fated to be the leader of an alien gang that’s spread across the U.S., and has worldwide connections.

“It was very tough, because this was a hybrid season. We knew it was the last season of Agent Scully, and we had this new mythology of the show,” explained co-writer of Providence Frank Spotnitz in a 2002 British media interview.

While Spotnitz would not go so far as to say that Providence was drawn from reports of these alien gangs, and the reason for so many UFO sightings is tied to aliens visiting these gangs on Earth, he did note that both him and series creator Chris Carter “felt the pressure to tell the truth” about alien life on Earth.

Here at Stonefield, a group of UFO “watchers” point to the strange formations of light that appears off and on near the beach. “The Pacific seems to light up in one bright spot.

One watcher even took a deep breath like someone about to plunge into icy water when the “lights come our way,” adds Watcher Brad Haney. “After the lights passed, he (fellow watcher) just stood there as though fastened to a wall. The lights impact each of us in a different way, and we don’t know what to make of them?”

During the recent lunar eclipse Haney said there were even more of these light formations.

Haney noted that ancient civilizations believed a lunar eclipse meant UFO’s “would also be visible in the sky.”

“There’s a story I was told by a great old Native American who said he spent time with aliens who settled here," he said. "The Indian elder told me the eclipse as we call it meant the gods were eating the moon.”

All this is not news, however, to a world that’s been hearing about UFO sightings almost daily.

Thus, he said even this latest discovery seems to be “no big deal,” but 2011 could mean yet more sightings and close encounters from these so-called alien gangs.

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