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UFO sightings spawned and then cancelled History Channel’s "UFO Hunters"

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The hit TV show UFO Hunters was cancelled “by top level executives at History Channel” states the show’s website; while fans can still watch all three seasons now out on DVD.

UFO sighting “watchers” here at Bray’s Point, Oregon, say if you were not watching the History Channel’s “UFO Hunters” – that’s now available on DVD – than “you missed some amazing video and photo evidence about aliens ‘being here man,’ and often that’s not pretty,” explains a “watcher” named Errol during a June 26 Huliq interview about the “highlights” of three years of the “UFO Hunters” featured on TV’s History Channel. For instance, the “UFO Hunters” earned rave reviews from Errol and other ufologists for episodes that included: a UFO Hunters map showing “lots of UFO sightings” in and around Bray’s Point, Oregon; while don’t miss the “Alien Harvest” report or views of an “alien autopsy,” or “strange new crop circles;” and the terrifying “grays abductions” clip.

Also, the History Channel marketed its hit TV show "UFO Hunters" as a "science program," since it noted that "until we have all the evidence, UFO sightings and such things as "close encounters with aliens" is a matter for science to sort out. Some fans concur, while others point to yet another cover-up of the "truth that's out there."

UFO Hunters tried to get to the bone of alien sightings

One strange thing that the UFO Hunters team – composed of Bill Birnes, Kevin Cook and Pat Uskert – discovered when at Bray’s Point was a “strange brownish color” remaining in bodies of water after local UFO sightings.

For instance, Oregon UFO “watcher” Errol says after a recent UFO sighting – near in a “still forest pool” and area lakes at Bray’s Point – “we also found what the UFO hunters discovered, and that’s a sort of waste byproduct that remains in the sand, soil and water after a UFO and aliens have landed.”

While such talk by Errol sounds like more pie in the sky coming from “weird Oregon,” it took the famed History Channel to bring the “UFO Hunters” to mainstream TV; simply because people wanted answers, explained the three UFO hunters before their show got the axe.

UFO Hunters on the History Channel filled a need on TV

An overview for the History Channel’s “UFO Hunters” TV show – that’s now being marketed on DVD “with lots of extras; including never before seen images from alien UFO sightings that never made it to mainstream TV – states how the “UFO Hunters follows the team of Bill Birnes, Kevin Cook and Pat Uskert, as they investigate UFO cases around the world.”

In turn, this TV program was said to allow “the team's access to UFO evidence” as being “unparalleled; while their expertise allows them to quickly identify bogus claims of UFOs. Together, they use eyewitness accounts, scientific experimentation, documents recently released through the Freedom of Information Act and footage that has never been seen on television to piece together compelling - and sometimes chilling - evidence of UFO phenomena.”

For instance, the UFO Hunters team came to Oregon during the height of the show’s popularity last year and looked into local Bray’s Point reports about “evidence still being withheld” in the famous “Betty and Barney Hill” alien abduction case.

During this same History Channel program that found “cover up and conspiracy” with the Hill’s alien abduction case, the UFO hunters “observed the surgical removal of a supposed alien implant from a man’s leg.”

However, what Oregon “watcher” Errol adds is how “alien implants” are now “almost common” when doing something as easy as “to Google my husband is not my husband, or my son is not acting like my son, and find tens of thousands of other references that point to alien implants taking hold and ‘changing’ people.”

What happened to UFO Hunters on TV?

The History Channel’s famed and award winning “UFO Hunters” TV show – that premiered on Jan. 30, 2008 and ran for three seasons; until being cancelled last year – may have been done in not by aliens, but by a conflict on TV between the History Channel and the Sci-Fi Channel that’s now simply “Syfy.”

According to the UFO Hunters website at and ufo-hunters, “Jon Alon Walz was the Executive Producer of the show and was responsible for selling the series to History Channel after a bidding war for the rights to the show broke out between History Channel and Sci-Fi Channel.”

In turn, a history of the show notes how “the concept for the show was tested in a segment of History Channel's 2006 UFO special entitled "Deep Sea UFOs.” It was then titled “UFO Hunters,” for the History Channel; while the Sci-Fi Channel had introduced “Ghost Hunters.”

Thus, in a 2011 interview “with Jim Harold, William J. Birnes claimed that after the Dulce Base episode aired, the show was canceled by top level executives at History Channel,” explained a report on titled “Who are the UFO Hunters?”

Hunters go too far with alien digging

The “Dulce Base episode” is “very strange” explains Oregon UFO “watcher” Errol because “it says they’re here, and someone or some group doesn’t want us (the public) to know.”

For instance, had the “UFO Hunters” TV show on the History Channel been allowed to continue on “mainstream TV,” say ufologists, they would have surely gone to the French village of “Bugarach” that’s located in a remote region of southwest France that – according to once top secret British government UFO files – more “aliens live there in gangs than anywhere else on Earth.”

In turn, Errol says in a very serious tone: “if I could get over to Bugarach, I get there in a heartbeat since the UFO Hunters and others looking into the reports of the end times is nearing in 2012; and that ‘Pic de Bugarach,’ may be a good place to hold out since it’s surrounded at 4,000 meters by mountains helping to, perhaps, survive when the end comes in late December.”

It’s no secret, for example, that the closing date of the Mayan calendar is December 21, 2012; while Errol says that’s “the date of Armageddon, when our alien friends have told us all human civilization will cease to exist as we know it.” Also, he adds: "The hoax may be on us come that day, who knows?"

Top “UFO Hunter” episodes remembered, updated

Errol and other fans of the History Channel’s “UFO Hunters” have selected their top shows:

-- “Alien Harvest” – The team investigates the phenomena of “cattle mutilations” that are happening now in many parts of the U.S. and overseas in Europe and Asia, state ufologists.

-- “The Greys Conspiracy” – The team investigates alien abduction cases from different parts of the world; while “each with alarmingly similar details involving alien-human hybrid experimentation and beings ufologists call ‘Greys’ which are typically described as gray-skinned humanoids with large, black, almond-shaped eyes.” In turn, Oregon UFO “watchers” report that known alien-human hybrid called “Lew” is set to return to the “Oregon Country Fair” outside of Eugene next month with more of his “alien art” as a sort of soft-sell on “hybrids are here, and walking amongst us.”

-- “The Silencers” – The “UFO Hunters” delve into cases involving “witness interrogation by mysterious agents known as the ‘real’ Men in Black, who sometimes appear suddenly after a UFO event. They exhibit ‘unusual’ behavior, they know facts that have not yet been divulged by witness, and they threaten the lives of those involved with severe consequences unless they remain silent about their encounters.” In turn, ufologists at Bray’s Point report such “men in black,” taking water samples and appearing and then disappearing in “white trucks” after walking the local beaches and woods.

-- “UFO Storm” – The team joins famed UFO researcher Nick Pope to investigate a recent wave of “UFO hysteria” in the United Kingdom “which started soon after the Ministry of Defense released more than 8,500 formerly top secret classified documents in May 2008 with links to more than 120,000 other once secret UFO files that point to “massive cover-up on a world-wide scale” due, in part, to real fear that “the world can’t handle the truth about an ongoing UFO and alien invasion that can’t be seen but is felt by some.”

-- “Alien Contact” – The team compares “the strange encounters of two men, one from Cleveland, Ohio, and the other from Suffolk, Virginia, to see if there is evidence that they’ve had a ‘close encounter’ with extraterrestrials.” In turn, the once top secret British government UFO files point to people in England, Europe and other parts of the world having “regular close encounters” and “nobody ever believes what they have to say.” For example, if you told local police “the truth” about having “an alien close encounter,” explains Oregon “watcher” Errol, “they would jail you as a hoaxer, and you’d find yourself in the mental ward and on mind meds faster than you can say UFO.”

-- “The NASA Files” – The team interviews former NASA astronauts, engineers and scientists; and then delve into “once top secret video footage” to see if the space agency knows more about UFOs than it is letting on. While, in turn, the team’s findings were not permitted to be aired on the History Channel, says Errol, citing “national security.”

Overall, a close look at the three years that “UFO Hunters” was on TV’s the History Channel proves that there are tens of thousands of “police cold-cases” involving massive UFO sightings both in the U.S. and worldwide, and yet nobody “on this green Earth” adds Errol, “will ever say they’re real or risk being called a hoaxer or put down in some way.”

Image source of the History Channel’s TV logo for its hit “UFO Hunters” program that was cancelled last year after a three-year run, but fans can catch episodes on History Channel re-runs this summer; while each of the three seasons of “UFO Hunters” is now out on DVD. Photo courtesy Wikipedia


Submitted by Mike Rentiem (not verified) on
'Ufo Hunters' are too popular to be cancelled. It's one of the shows that really put some true science into researching the issue of what UFO are really about. Please, don't let this show be killed off.

Submitted by terrythecensor (not verified) on
What are you talking about now, Mr. Masko? What coverup? Can you provide specifics? I've seen that episode -- and made notes -- and cannot make sense of your statement. And why would investigators researching the Hill case go to Bray's Point on the west coast when the Hill incident occurred on the east coast?

Submitted by Jacquie (not verified) on
The subject matter (proving UFO sightings) is an interesting one for me, but I will not miss this program. The reruns are dull, and only a few premieres were of interest. It seems half the minutes of the show was spent reiterating previously stated theories and the like. Yawn, while I know UFOs exist having witnessed them mself, the 3 men in this program bored me to death, especially the one with the aviator sunglasses.They rarely proved anything and I generally felt like I had wasted an hour after the show was over. I hope a more thought provoking, up-to-date UFO program is in the works on the history channel. Enough with the same old stories (Rendlesham, Area 51, Roswell, blah blah blah) . I apologize for sounding so negative.

Submitted by masko (not verified) on
Betty and Barney Hill were an American couple who claimed to have been abducted by extraterrestrials in a rural portion of New Hampshire. What's also in the public domain - per the person who asked "why mention the Hill's and Bray's?" - is Barney Hill had kin in Oregon, and a member of Barney's family now lives at Bray's and is often a subject for interviews about the Hill's abduction, per references in the British UFO files. - DM

Submitted by masko (not verified) on
One good reason why this "UFO Hunters" program was so interesting for some fans is this example of the Hill's that many people simply did not know more about. Thus, a good source to learn more about the Hill's is both the UFO Hunter episode and - for more details - research the British government once top secret UFO files that links to several interviews with the kin of the Hill's here at Bray's Point. Keep the faith! - DM

> research the British government once top secret UFO files that links to several interviews with the kin of the Hill's here at Bray's Point. Name that relative. Cite the government documents. > Keep the faith! Do you have facts or just faith?

I emailed Dr. David Clarke, who helped the UK government release its UFO files. He had this to say: "I have reviewed and catalogued all the surviving UK government UFO files and can confirm there are no 'citations' to the Hill case. The only remote connection is the appearance in the files of newspaper cuttings that refer to the incident, including a Daily Mirror series from 1968 that serialised John Fuller's book."

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I understand that The History Channel is concerned with wholesome entertainment concerned with history and humanity. UFO Hunters was about a controversial subject that as long as it was entertaining was considered a fit. About the time of the show veering toward wild darkness (the Dulce Episode) things started heading into the abyss apparently as far as sponsors go. It was fun to hear some eye-witnesses encounter with something that was benign yet unexplainable. But, when things got really dark and wooly the thrill was gone. Right afterwards it probably didn't help that there were episodes showing graphic cow multilations and a later claim that three lovable labrador retrievers were reduced to goo. For some folks the whole affair, which started with goals of scientific methodology, had shrunk into a dark evil conspiracy hunt. Personally, I liked the show and would have glady continued watching, but with hopes that it would return to the more grounded approach of the later part of season one and most of season two.

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