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UFO sightings at Stonefield Beach reveal strange boxes up and down coast

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STONEFIELD BEACH, Ore. – A dog fixed this strange metal box in a blue-eyed vise here at Stonefield Beach Feb. 6 after a weekend filled with what locals call intense UFO sightings.

A dog’s eyes leaving his face for the flutter of a moment made locals here at Stonefield Beach feel even more at ease late Feb. 6 after dog after dog barked and growled at a strange metal box that locals say “suddenly appeared at dawn Monday” after a weekend filled with what locals call intense UFO sightings. “These metal looking boxes, that are about 20 inches in height and are a complete square of five foot by five foot are sunk deep in the surf” both here at Stonefield Beach – a popular Oregon coastal beach lookout for UFOs – and down the coast as far as we know “with yet more of these square metal containers that have no opening and are sealed all around,” explains Oregon UFO “watcher” Errol who lives nearby at Bray’s Point. In turn, these boxes are “not moveable,” and they are solid and metallic and seem to have this keening wail coming from both the boxes and the atmosphere around them,” adds Errol who’s been called in to “see what’s up” by locals thinking it “has something to do with UFOs” quipped a local senior named Doris who said she also heard “a miaowing wail come from the boxes Sunday evening.”

Strange beach boxes cause a stir

It’s as if an alarm went off, when a “high, shrill, piercing, frightening ring caught our attention Sunday evening,” explained Doris, a local senior whose retired and lives nearby Stonefield Beach. “I know crazy things happen over at Stonefield, but when you walk down and see that metal box sort of glowing in the surf it gets your attention real quick.”

In turn, local Oregon Forest Service fish biologists – who’ve been called in to help explain what is now been revealed as “a series of metal boxes buried into the surf up and down the Oregon coast, and possibly as far down the coast as northern California” – is more than enough to catch one’s attention, added Doris in trying to explain “what’s not explainable.”

What is known is a “sustained whine of something akin to an ambulance siren” awoke locals near Stonefield Beach and other areas of the Oregon coast Sunday evening, Jan. 5, beginning at approximately 4 a.m.

At the same time, Doris said this area around Stonefield Beach is a very “quiet place,” where “nothing but seagulls and the Pacific Ocean waves to break the quiet.”

Brain plays tricks even when metal boxes appear

While these “metal boxes” buried up and down the Oregon coast are real to the touch and sight, a local professor of psychology – whose attempted to explain away the “strange goings on at both Bray’s Point and here at Stonefield Beach,” thinks the many “of these remote living residents who claim to see UFOs at night are simply not using the tool between their ears to figure this stuff out.”

In turn, this retired professor said in a Feb. 6 Huliq interview at Stonefield Beach that most locals and visitors here “looking for those UFOs” are more or less carrying their own “baggage or self-as-content,” with views and experiences that now seem to define them.

Doris added: “The doc is saying we’re all a bunch of nuts to believe in UFOs.”

What’s real about UFOs?

Yet, the professor – who specialized in repressed memories when he taught at university and had his own private practice – noted that Doris and others are in a sort of “constant frame of reference when they converse with each other that UFOs have appeared.”

“I’ve seen this Stonefield Beach crowd carry on at meetings about UFOs being spotted in the sky, and I’m confident they believe these things to be true.”

However, the professor says there’s “good hard science that can probably explain away each and every claim they’ve made about UFOs and aliens about at Stonefield Beach and Bray’s Point. But, this perspective comes at a cost,” he asserted; while stating that “such beliefs in UFOs can lead them to label themselves, either positively or negatively, in very limiting ways.”

For example, the professor said “I don’t know if these metal boxes are something to worry about or not.”

And, “I don’t know if Errol is an expert on UFOs. Just because people come to him with their stories of UFOs doesn’t make it real.”

"I prefer hard science," he added.

Image source of Oregon UFO watcher Errol’s dog “Hank” checking out a strange metal box that appeared in the surf Sunday evening after Errol recording yet another UFO sighting here at Stonefield Beach. Many other “metal boxes” with the same size and color have appeared up and down the Oregon coast and are also reportedly being found up and down the entire West Coast as of Feb. 5, 2012. Photo by Dave Masko


Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I would like to expess my deepest thanks to Karen from Canada about your honest support to all of your fellow man.I am the ordinary man who send some words about the strange boxes and I also believe that by now,your visions are growing day by day as a stable preparation for the coming event that are going to unfold before our eyes.I believe you are now standing in a solid ground like i do and wait what will be reveal in coming time.I honestly thanks the purity of your mind and soul...Thanks.

Submitted by Karen from Canada (not verified) on
Thank you very much Anonymous. Your reply to my comment has significantly touched my heart, (really, I cried when I read it). Your comment had given me renewed hope for the future of manKIND. Let us be encouraged by each other in our quest to remove the blindfolds of others. Love, peace and happiness to you, dear brother.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
To Sister Karen from Canada,I know you walked a thousands and thousands of miles to reached this state of conciousness.Strange boxes and many more of that you passes through,looking back as we is not an easy task.Many of us are on the search for truth, thousands of them.I know that they will find their way also like you and me for when material researched and ideas reached to the highest state where no mortal man can interpret or explain,..then by nature the divine light will interfere,..carry it,...and blast it open from the door of truth that rooted from the creator.The one that we are connected from the mind of the universe then back to its nature that we are a part of.We, the humans,the purpose,the truth,is a part of a plan from the universe.We are on the way of a bumpy road now.Wish you well all the time.Please accept my honest respect to you and you family circles and friends.Thank you very much.I wish I can do the best i can and to serve our brothers and sisters.Thanks

Submitted by cronacheterrest... (not verified) on
I have personally contacted the only witness quoted in the article, Dr. Bill Hanshumaker, who has issued the following declaration: Dear Gabriele, The "boxes on the beach" are merely floats that were originally built to support docks. After a recent flooding event, some docks were destroyed and their floats drifted downriver and subsequently deposited on the beach. A colleague from a local state agency had the opportunity to examine one and confirmed this explanation. William Hanshumaker, Ph.D. Public Marine Education Specialist Oregon Sea Grant Faculty ------------- * ------------- * ------------- * -------- ----- Reading the response of Dr. Bill Hanshumaker, is very evident that he never saw with his own eyes these metal boxes. The declaration has been issued by Dr. Bill Hanshumaker to

Submitted by Karen from Canada (not verified) on
Since when do floating docks make a KEENING WAILING SOUND?? Also, wouldn't these docks be rusty after being exposed to oxygen?? I hope the government granted your faculty plenty of money to post this comment. Perhaps you could use it to help the poor sea creatures who are probably suffering from radiation poisoning off the west coast due to the contrived earthquake which produced the tsunami in Japan, and causing the economic collapse of that country....

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I am the ordinary man that concern about the safety for all of us.As we all know that we are moving closer to what we are expecting,there are also signs anywhere in our planet.The only thing that matter most is our love ones.These boxes will never be found again.As i see it in my viewpoint,there are too many of those boxes already buried underground,and under water all over the earth in geometric pattern and already aligned and ready to activate when the right time comes.The way i see it,in a helpful way,possibly produce a more tougher electromagnetic wave to support our planet in any worse situation that will harm us.In other situation,in case of any war or any missile attack,may produce a function that will disable the warhead not blow up in any place anywhere around the earth and crash it down safely.There are also many possibility that if this boxes came from another being that are intended to harm us,surely many of us will disappear.But if we look to the other way, the good way,maybe it will also produce a function outside the earth to interact any coming asteroids and push it to another direction not to hit us.As i believe they have variety of functions cause` they are not manmade.Maybe the gods find something good about us and give us another chance...

Submitted by Karen from Canada (not verified) on
Your theories are perfectly valid, Anonymous. We may never find out what the strange boxes are really for, however. Notice that the explanation given to "Gabriele" was from another "unnamed source" representing "a government agency"...Pretty vague, huh? I think I smell something called a "COVER UP"

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Any boxes that are made to support docks first,must be from the highest quality of steel means,.. very thick and very strong.Second,the measurement of the box must be well calculated and weilded properly to support the crushing tons of pressure from any ships or boats that designed by qualified engineers that are subject to be crushed by any ocean waves.Third,Steel boxes cannot be broke by floods or any strongest water even how strong it is.It only revolves in any manner in case the cable line is cut off.But any cable line that are designed to withstand tons of pressure cause by ocean waves with floating ships or boats driven by the push and pull of the gravity will not be cut so easily by a simple flood of water.It will remain stable as they are, and that cable are designed to withstand tons of pressure.Ship engineers and aircraft engineers understand the basics of what i am trying to explain about this subject.The only question is why some poeple trying to mislead us?and let us believe what they want us to believe?..For now i am sure their games for humans are obsolete...

Submitted by Karen from Canada (not verified) on
The GOVERNment is deliberately misleading the people, and have been for decades. They know aliens come here, but the GOVERNment wants to maintain control over everyone so the people will not "freak out". They use crashed spaceships as templates to build warships.They can't keep UFOs a secret much longer, because there are more alien visitors to earth than ever before, and more and more people are witnessing these occurences. The men in the balack suits that come visit you after you have witnessed a UFO come to make sure you keep your mouth shut. Pretty soon the GOVERNment will have to acknowledge the fact they have been LYING to us, that leaves them open to billions of lawsuits. The GOVERNment wants taxpayers to shut up and pay up, otherwise chaos will ensue and the government won't get their money out of anyone, leading to the collapse of the GOVERNment and their war effort. Wars equal jobs, equal taxes...

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
First,let`s go back deeper from where we come from,then we will unveal the truth of where we are now.A two billion year old 13 nuclear reactor existed in prehistoric periods located along the 200 meter mine bed at Oklo,Gabon,Africa, a far more advance than what humans believe.Clearly means,the creations of the gods when they were here.Simply they created something for their research and development for their inventions including plants, animals,and to create a perfect humans that can think and observe the function of the brains neuron.In the other side of their technology,they also create,unbelivable power of destructions, a force to defense and offense.They are the immortals that we called gods.According to some written tablets,and ancient proof,they been erasing their living products including humans as they saw it useless prototypes,again they produce another prototype humans,for four times they erased their inventions,the humans and we are the fifth generations of their inventions.The gods have many secrets that humans not suppose to know.Now we have the Strange boxes,that I believe an upgrade invention of the gods that can erase us all,or to upgrade our brain and crystalize some part of it, as the new human being.The perfect planet alignment arrive on Dec,21, 11,o`clock and eleven minutes.Whoever controls humans with unacceptable behavior from the gods will cannot escape,it means whoever they are, their time are also numbered just like anyone of us.My only honest wish to the gods that please give us a chance to continue our journey with peace and love to all of your creation.


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