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UFO sightings at Stonefield Beach reveal strange boxes up and down coast

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STONEFIELD BEACH, Ore. – A dog fixed this strange metal box in a blue-eyed vise here at Stonefield Beach Feb. 6 after a weekend filled with what locals call intense UFO sightings.

A dog’s eyes leaving his face for the flutter of a moment made locals here at Stonefield Beach feel even more at ease late Feb. 6 after dog after dog barked and growled at a strange metal box that locals say “suddenly appeared at dawn Monday” after a weekend filled with what locals call intense UFO sightings. “These metal looking boxes, that are about 20 inches in height and are a complete square of five foot by five foot are sunk deep in the surf” both here at Stonefield Beach – a popular Oregon coastal beach lookout for UFOs – and down the coast as far as we know “with yet more of these square metal containers that have no opening and are sealed all around,” explains Oregon UFO “watcher” Errol who lives nearby at Bray’s Point. In turn, these boxes are “not moveable,” and they are solid and metallic and seem to have this keening wail coming from both the boxes and the atmosphere around them,” adds Errol who’s been called in to “see what’s up” by locals thinking it “has something to do with UFOs” quipped a local senior named Doris who said she also heard “a miaowing wail come from the boxes Sunday evening.”

Strange beach boxes cause a stir

It’s as if an alarm went off, when a “high, shrill, piercing, frightening ring caught our attention Sunday evening,” explained Doris, a local senior whose retired and lives nearby Stonefield Beach. “I know crazy things happen over at Stonefield, but when you walk down and see that metal box sort of glowing in the surf it gets your attention real quick.”

In turn, local Oregon Forest Service fish biologists – who’ve been called in to help explain what is now been revealed as “a series of metal boxes buried into the surf up and down the Oregon coast, and possibly as far down the coast as northern California” – is more than enough to catch one’s attention, added Doris in trying to explain “what’s not explainable.”

What is known is a “sustained whine of something akin to an ambulance siren” awoke locals near Stonefield Beach and other areas of the Oregon coast Sunday evening, Jan. 5, beginning at approximately 4 a.m.

At the same time, Doris said this area around Stonefield Beach is a very “quiet place,” where “nothing but seagulls and the Pacific Ocean waves to break the quiet.”

Brain plays tricks even when metal boxes appear

While these “metal boxes” buried up and down the Oregon coast are real to the touch and sight, a local professor of psychology – whose attempted to explain away the “strange goings on at both Bray’s Point and here at Stonefield Beach,” thinks the many “of these remote living residents who claim to see UFOs at night are simply not using the tool between their ears to figure this stuff out.”

In turn, this retired professor said in a Feb. 6 Huliq interview at Stonefield Beach that most locals and visitors here “looking for those UFOs” are more or less carrying their own “baggage or self-as-content,” with views and experiences that now seem to define them.

Doris added: “The doc is saying we’re all a bunch of nuts to believe in UFOs.”

What’s real about UFOs?

Yet, the professor – who specialized in repressed memories when he taught at university and had his own private practice – noted that Doris and others are in a sort of “constant frame of reference when they converse with each other that UFOs have appeared.”

“I’ve seen this Stonefield Beach crowd carry on at meetings about UFOs being spotted in the sky, and I’m confident they believe these things to be true.”

However, the professor says there’s “good hard science that can probably explain away each and every claim they’ve made about UFOs and aliens about at Stonefield Beach and Bray’s Point. But, this perspective comes at a cost,” he asserted; while stating that “such beliefs in UFOs can lead them to label themselves, either positively or negatively, in very limiting ways.”

For example, the professor said “I don’t know if these metal boxes are something to worry about or not.”

And, “I don’t know if Errol is an expert on UFOs. Just because people come to him with their stories of UFOs doesn’t make it real.”

"I prefer hard science," he added.

Image source of Oregon UFO watcher Errol’s dog “Hank” checking out a strange metal box that appeared in the surf Sunday evening after Errol recording yet another UFO sighting here at Stonefield Beach. Many other “metal boxes” with the same size and color have appeared up and down the Oregon coast and are also reportedly being found up and down the entire West Coast as of Feb. 5, 2012. Photo by Dave Masko


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In behalf of the Gods: Greetings to all of you who has just recieve the greatest secret of the universe,the universal mind and truth of creation.Today,up here in the very far heavens,we mark it as an accomplishment and success to bring all the spiritual being back to the ancient knowledge of the gods that are designed to join with us in the near future and today,we all here,celebrate the transformation of humans into universal and spirtual being with endless connection from the universe.We thank all of you and welcome to the stars.....(the words that all of you just read is a words that been preserve to all of you and was flown to me from the source,)...The All....To sister Karen and to all truth seekers,I thank all of you for the eternal love that you had sent to me for i can feel it in every beat of my physical heart.I would like to tell all of you that by now,you are recognise by the gods.The sparks of lights that you have now come from the creation.The law of the universe and rooted from the principle of the "Motion and Stop"Here on earth we also celebrate,you gather all you families and friends and tell them the secrets of who you are now,and dance and sing for the joy and rejoice for tommorow, is your new day.I will join to all of you with my spirit,...You all enjoy the gift that you have.Once again,I thank all of you to perfom my duty.Love and Peace remain...your brother.

Submitted by Karen from Canada (not verified) on
Thank you Anonymous channeller. I "ran into" an acquaintance from high school today, we exchanged our experiences with extraterrials. He was quite relieved to not feel alone in his experiences, and I also led him to this website and imparted some helpful information to him which I acquired from you regarding the enlightening process. We are both excited about the coming events, but also woeful for our families and friends who will not be coming with us when the big bang occurs, we shall do our best to spread the message..Love and Peace to you Brother

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
To Sister Karen and to all truth seekers,I wish and hope that everyone are ready for what i am going to tell you.Karen,you do have an encounter with the intelligent being so i will reveal to all of you who are they are.In this earth, we uses boat and planes for travel to any country.In the galaxy,they uses spacecraft fit to travel the ocean of the gravity and etheric field to reach their distination to another planets.The perfect design to travel the universe is a form in diameter we called it here 'the saucer'. Alpha Centauri' or Alpha Centaurians are the most advance citizens in the universe.The design of that spacecraft are superb of them all.It is half in diameter design, and the cieling is five miles high from the ground so it is the huge one.The Commander of that ship is Our Elder Brother Immanuel that who came on earth as Jesus Christ.That was his mission in that time.In the year 1999,i am suppose to leave the earth and not coming back. I was in that spacecraft, a station to exit to another planet where i belong.I was about to embark, then,four man came to me in a white robe with a very polite words to me.The sensation of their appearance shake my body fell like i want to cry. Their words are these:Welcome,we are your brothers, we know you since the begining of your childhood and also your family we know them all .We call you here because you have some important thing to do on earth. You will be in a mission.Bring back your brothers and sisters and help them as much as you can.We will be guiding you all the time.We will send someone and you will help them.And before i leave they let me take a look around.The floor is made by crystal shinning soft bright.All around are white color.There`s a small bridge also made by crystal.I saw families walking around,all of them wears white.I saw happy people,children playing,laughing.Then after few moment they said,it is time for me to go back then i fell so sad.We talk for a while the words of goodbye,then i am back here again.My whole life change a lot after that.So ther`s nothing to worry about it. I am safe so, all of you too.Strange but true...Anyway, spacecraft Centauri are beside Venus on the darker side of that planet where safe from the rays of the sun.four light years away from Venus are the Centaurians planet.This is the first i share what i keep.Wishing only to bring some news to all of you.I always do the best if can to keep my brothers and sisters safe as possible.Love and Peace to all ..yor brother.

Submitted by Karen from Canada (not verified) on
Thank you again, much info to process. I wonder if you can help me, with another question I have regarding my ancestry. As my surname was changed for some reason, I do not know my bloodline, but I think my lineage is descendant from Zacharias, or John the baptists family, his mother would be related to the Mother of Jesus, Mary. They were Essenes. This part of my heritage has been lost to me, we don't practice Judaism, but my family went to the Roman catholic church. which church is closest to the truth? what about the Bahai faith? See also my reply to your last comment. thank you. Sister K

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Hi! Sister Karen, I already send answers to you question about your ancestor. Subject:Ancestry are within the Ancient Origin. Wish you well...Brorher

Submitted by Karen from Canada (not verified) on
If there is only one God, why do you keep referring to the "Gods", that is, in plural form? thank you,

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Sister Karen,If we take a good look,a second time around,There are 231 Major God and Goddess of the world.The God that human learned since their childhood from the bible is Yahweh and Elohim.They are the ancient scientists in that era called them "the Beings who come down from heaven" who mated with humans as they found out beautiful that they invented by DNA manipulation.In Genesis 1;26 And God Said Let us make man in our own image,means he is not alone,he is with the group of scientists. Image means DNA not their faces.That words are covered with parable.The only one God is the creator of the universe the 'no beginning and no end"In the bible they are not.They have flesh and bones and speak to the prophets with transparent powerful spacecraft so these simple humans stays in shock all the time they appear and to follow their orders.They are the leaders of war with too much human blood sacrifice for them.They save Moses and his flock from Egypt and perform miracles at the red sea at the end Moses was doomed and his flock they become killers just to envade some teritory.It is not true that Yahweh or Elohim create the earth for three days in three nights.This earth is around 14 to 15 billion years old and it is a part of the galaxy.Jesus is very angry to know about Yaweh or Elohim because those scientists mislead humans.Brother Immanuel search for the truth because some leaders in the galaxy knows what is happening here on earth.He come for a mission and teach everyone about the new world and his teaching is revolutionary and he ended up in the cross and he come here on earth to teach everyone? it is because of Yahweh`s manipulation to humans.To make one earth in 3 days and 3 nights is fraud claim and all beings in the universe know all about it.It is a common knowledge to every civilization in the galaxy. What a big joke to humans. The word Gods means the star travelers.The word God means the creator of the universe with no beginning and no end.No flesh no bone,no spacecraft but...( word.)All spiritual being in the universe offerings to the only God singing a beautiful song of praise....... and not by blood.I studied in a Catholic School for the boys for years,studied bible almost all of my life, at the end of the story, i found out after Jesus was crucified, and went to India as refugee with his deciples,but when his deciples went back to Jerusalem,Romans hunt them down one by one,but the one who surrender and afraid to die is Paul.He do everything what romans want just keep him alive.They manipulate Jesus writings and make Jesus a God for their purpose.Romans get rich,Paul get famous,and Jesus called Paul "the traitor of humanity".What a shame.I thrown my bible away I waste my life for nothing shame on me.So I choose to find the truth....It is up to you now Karen you decide...I am still here as your Brother....Thank you very much..Peace and love always.What we have now is called (Christ Conciousness that is what you have and what i have, the sparks of light) no church needed.Church is a trap. wishing only to let you understand but if againts your will i respect that.Thanks a lot Karen..Brother

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
To Sister Karen,The Gods called Elohim or Yahweh is already making contact here on earth few years ago and washing their hands to humans and they told their contact that it is them who do that things.The are the Greys E.T. go find for youself sis. peace and love

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
To Karen,I know already where to find them.The contact group are in Canada around your corner.Type in the computer: raelean sect....then you can investigate their purpose.........Brother

Submitted by Karen from Canada (not verified) on
Thank you kind brother. I will look for this sect. Question: is baptism still relevant today as in Jesus' time? Also, do boys need to be circumsised in order to be received in the Kingdom of heaven? Also, at what age does a person become no longer a child in the eyes of God? Thank you brother..Peace


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