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UFO sightings at Stonefield Beach reveal strange boxes up and down coast

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STONEFIELD BEACH, Ore. – A dog fixed this strange metal box in a blue-eyed vise here at Stonefield Beach Feb. 6 after a weekend filled with what locals call intense UFO sightings.

A dog’s eyes leaving his face for the flutter of a moment made locals here at Stonefield Beach feel even more at ease late Feb. 6 after dog after dog barked and growled at a strange metal box that locals say “suddenly appeared at dawn Monday” after a weekend filled with what locals call intense UFO sightings. “These metal looking boxes, that are about 20 inches in height and are a complete square of five foot by five foot are sunk deep in the surf” both here at Stonefield Beach – a popular Oregon coastal beach lookout for UFOs – and down the coast as far as we know “with yet more of these square metal containers that have no opening and are sealed all around,” explains Oregon UFO “watcher” Errol who lives nearby at Bray’s Point. In turn, these boxes are “not moveable,” and they are solid and metallic and seem to have this keening wail coming from both the boxes and the atmosphere around them,” adds Errol who’s been called in to “see what’s up” by locals thinking it “has something to do with UFOs” quipped a local senior named Doris who said she also heard “a miaowing wail come from the boxes Sunday evening.”

Strange beach boxes cause a stir

It’s as if an alarm went off, when a “high, shrill, piercing, frightening ring caught our attention Sunday evening,” explained Doris, a local senior whose retired and lives nearby Stonefield Beach. “I know crazy things happen over at Stonefield, but when you walk down and see that metal box sort of glowing in the surf it gets your attention real quick.”

In turn, local Oregon Forest Service fish biologists – who’ve been called in to help explain what is now been revealed as “a series of metal boxes buried into the surf up and down the Oregon coast, and possibly as far down the coast as northern California” – is more than enough to catch one’s attention, added Doris in trying to explain “what’s not explainable.”

What is known is a “sustained whine of something akin to an ambulance siren” awoke locals near Stonefield Beach and other areas of the Oregon coast Sunday evening, Jan. 5, beginning at approximately 4 a.m.

At the same time, Doris said this area around Stonefield Beach is a very “quiet place,” where “nothing but seagulls and the Pacific Ocean waves to break the quiet.”

Brain plays tricks even when metal boxes appear

While these “metal boxes” buried up and down the Oregon coast are real to the touch and sight, a local professor of psychology – whose attempted to explain away the “strange goings on at both Bray’s Point and here at Stonefield Beach,” thinks the many “of these remote living residents who claim to see UFOs at night are simply not using the tool between their ears to figure this stuff out.”

In turn, this retired professor said in a Feb. 6 Huliq interview at Stonefield Beach that most locals and visitors here “looking for those UFOs” are more or less carrying their own “baggage or self-as-content,” with views and experiences that now seem to define them.

Doris added: “The doc is saying we’re all a bunch of nuts to believe in UFOs.”

What’s real about UFOs?

Yet, the professor – who specialized in repressed memories when he taught at university and had his own private practice – noted that Doris and others are in a sort of “constant frame of reference when they converse with each other that UFOs have appeared.”

“I’ve seen this Stonefield Beach crowd carry on at meetings about UFOs being spotted in the sky, and I’m confident they believe these things to be true.”

However, the professor says there’s “good hard science that can probably explain away each and every claim they’ve made about UFOs and aliens about at Stonefield Beach and Bray’s Point. But, this perspective comes at a cost,” he asserted; while stating that “such beliefs in UFOs can lead them to label themselves, either positively or negatively, in very limiting ways.”

For example, the professor said “I don’t know if these metal boxes are something to worry about or not.”

And, “I don’t know if Errol is an expert on UFOs. Just because people come to him with their stories of UFOs doesn’t make it real.”

"I prefer hard science," he added.

Image source of Oregon UFO watcher Errol’s dog “Hank” checking out a strange metal box that appeared in the surf Sunday evening after Errol recording yet another UFO sighting here at Stonefield Beach. Many other “metal boxes” with the same size and color have appeared up and down the Oregon coast and are also reportedly being found up and down the entire West Coast as of Feb. 5, 2012. Photo by Dave Masko


Submitted by Karen from Canada (not verified) on
You are in no way offending me. I have my own mind and all ways open to new ideas and toss away those ideas which do not line up in my heart. I do not attend church anymore because of the hypocrits who do. I love Jesus. He is the good and kind soul who matters. I have yet to see the sparks in my head, I try but still they do not come to me yet. Please answer questions I have asked before this about baptism and circumcision. Thank you brother. All my love and peace to you.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
To Sister Karen,I am glad you asks me those questions.The Creator the One who made this universe never made any laws about what you are asking for.The Creator gives love and creation to everyone what we see that exist here and also in the universe.That things that we are concerned for about our children is effect of the religion rules rooted from the bible.What is the use of baptism here on earth and cercumcision that perform by any man that not recognize by the Creator?It is a whip to everyone who don`t follow according to the bible.That is a part of mass brainwashing produce by the Romans and Elohim.The true baptism is the baptism of fire not by any man but by the Creator,"The All"the spark of light.Only very few humans know about this.About the age of boy, truly it does not matter at all.Your son will face to face with the creator only when he is ready.He will meet the only One with the baptism of fire like what Jesus does.The people who commit crimes and sometimes murder,drug dealers,gun runners,the scientists who make nuclear bombs, you can find them, circumcise and baptized but lots of them are in jail and that is the fact that everything performed by any religion here are false.The truth is Jesus never build any religion.The Roman does and use him as a front. Regarding to the"sparks" before you sleep when everything are already settle,you are going have a simple meditation. We live here on the reality of third dimension.Our body have strong pull from earth magnetic force. So first thing to do is, lay down to you bed and empty your mind,dont think of anything just simply empty.You can fell you heartbeat is slowing down and coordinates with your body position.Cover your eyes with any simple cloth available.Make sure everything is perfectly black. Now say these word by whispher:Surely by time you are one with the master....Surely by right you are one with the master,.....surely by right you are one with the all.Now you apply the pattern of "GO WITHIN"keep it steady as much as you can but breath normaly and don`t push your mind,observe and let your mind do the work for you.When it comes, just relax but stay fucos at the seat (third eye)now watch the pocess of the 'All'the Creator.That is the baptsim of fire.It all depends in your body.the more you are relax, the more early it comes.Be silent in your mind when it comes. Remember those words, it will accompany you until everything become clear and clean.when reach or its there already, everything you can see around will be all white, the black will all gone away, and nothing but bright sparking lights.It appears like light arrows in circle of non-stop lights straight to your brain.Sister Karen, that is the Creator,the God within you that one day your son will meet face to face.That is the( Christ consiousness).That`s what Jesus had, and what i had,and what everyone wll have. I hope I can do more better next time to help you and everyone....Love and Peace Always...Brother

Submitted by Karen from Canada (not verified) on
Thank you Brother for your help in answering my incessant questions. I will try again. It is my daughter who is grown now and has two small children, one girl and one boy. The boy is the eldest, He will be 3 next month. I understand the baptism of fire, but didn't Jesus get baptized in the Jordan by John the baptist? Also, the virgin Mary's grandmother, St. Ismeria preached a life of Penintence, rather than blood martyrdom. Can you give me more info about these questions? Thank you kind soul. Love and Peace...Karen

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Dear Sister Karen,I am glad you ask.Our earth have many books about spiritualism and religions and we are a part of so called Christiany.When Paul betrayed Jesus our brother,the humanity, he sell us out, all of us,means you and me.The baptism in Jordan is very much twisted.A set up by manipulators so that all believers believe by doing that way, their names will be written in heaven and they are recognize by God and baptism by water become a law to follow or else you are not a Christian.All civilized citizen in the galaxy,nobody do that kind of baptism.If that is true,there will millions and millions of human names laid out there for all the citizen of the galaxies to read.But there`s none, and never heard about that kind of baptism.The only baptism exist in the universe is the baptism of fire by the Creator and no more than that. And about the saints,(Saints are recognize only in the bible by the Roman empire from the rules they had made)They will decide if any single human can be called Saint or not according to their votes.In any civilization in the universe,Saints don`t exist there, the only being that allowed to enter there is the spiritual being.If anyone think about Pope is another leader that authorized to be in heaven, the truth is everyone called him the "leader of lies", and the people here on earth are called "the children of lies".Humans still in the state of animalistic behavior up to now.We, humans were realy in deep Dark trouble about what these people have do to us.Sis,Karen if you only get the catch, here it is,...No money, no baptism..No money,,.. no wedding, money, blessings to the dead. Already dead but no money,,,,,,no prayers to the purgatory.No money,,,, no bible, rosary,no prayer book and many more.In one day alone, how much money goes to the Vatican.If we talk about 20 years, well i think you can get a more bigger idea about what they are doing.Sister Karen,I wish i don`t bother you about all of my words.I just try my best to take you to the other side of truth.Please,accept my apology for it is not my intension to upset you.I wish you well and you family.Love and Peace always...Brother

Submitted by Karen from Canada (not verified) on
Okay I get it. I never liked the Catholic Church anyway, can't understand Latin! Also I tried the Protestants too. Don't like the way they judge people for things like homosexuality. Jesus loved EVERYONE, no matter what, right? Thanks for your patience with me and your Love. Peace....Karen

Submitted by Karen from Canada (not verified) on
To Brother LOVE: You can NEVER, NEVER, upset me!! Smile..Believe me when I say to you... YOU ARE MY MENTOR, my TEACHER, and I wait in anticipation to hear from you! Everything you tell me is like music to my ears... I LOVE YOU!! Thank you again...your Sister Karen

Submitted by Karen from Canada (not verified) on
Sorry, Brother I am a bit confused about the Raeleans? Did you say they are the Greys? Are they the good guys or the bad guys? Thanks again Brother. Peace to you....Karen

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I had tried yesterday to pass some words to you but, my computer or line, block me....Brother

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
To Sister Karen,Thank you very Much.The Elohim is the bad one.He can mimic any form in his presence including Gray appearance.The memebers on Raeleans are our fellow man.They are all innocent.They think 'This is it"not knowing the truth and purposes of Elohim.I studied his purposes 8 years ago as a result: Rael his contact becomes his Ambassador to earth.Their agenda:To give humans eternal life,to raise the dead from deep frozen box by nano technology,to land on earth with permission from the authority with full midia(media) coverage.They are now at present supported by rich people on earth, i mean the richest people.They have also secret underground lab.They are going to create something.When a dead body within 24 hours the spirit will be rea(release and move out.They are going to make a dead human body alive again but in that time with no spirit anymore,What will that be?The walking dead?Richest people are dupe by them already.what will be the next?Dear Karen,I am only giving you a little insight for my computer giving me some trouble now so, now i have to sign off.Take good care of your family......Love and Peace always.....Brother

Submitted by Karen from Canada (not verified) on
So, am I to understand that the head of the organization of the Raeleans is really the grey bad one? But the followers of Rael are only just sheep, not really knowing the truth? Also I hope you are not having computer trouble because of me giving my e-mail address to the Raeleans!! Let us ask God to safeguard our on line relationship and keep bad guys from hacking into our dialogue..Peace...


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