Web Therapy classic episodes feature Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Rosie O'Donnell

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Now that “Web Therapy” has completed its second season on Showtime, fans of this improv show are viewing classic “hilarious” episodes featuring Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Rosie O'Donnell.

Those who’ve joined the “Web Therapy” page on Facebook - for the “inside scoop” - are finding lots of references to the pre-Showtime airings of the show when it aired via iChat. That was back when the show’s star and producer Lisa Kudrow wound up working with the car company Lexus to get her show out to more viewers. For instance, Kudrow explained on the “L Studio” website - that currently features three seasons of “early Web therapy” episodes – how her show evolved from someone she calls “the world’s least qualified, least self-aware and least empathetic therapist named Fiona Wallice" – to what fans today view as quality adult television. For instance, the L Studio website is now airing the hilarious early Web Therapy episodes with guest star Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Fiona’s therapist sister who boasts how “I was the one our dirty uncle liked more.”

Web Therapy still on L Studio and Showtime

As for how did “Web Therapy” get on TV in the first place, Kudrow explains on the L Studio website that the production company came to her and wanted to start airing her unusual Web Therapy show on its online content hub.

In turn, Kudrow said “alright, as long as they’re asking, we can do it here;” and the rest is history with Facebook fans pointing to the season three of this early L Studio airing of “episode 33 titled “Why There is No ‘Sister’s Day,” that brought together Louis-Dreyfus (Elaine Benes of Seinfeld fame) with Kudrow (Phoebe from Friends) for what is now TV history.

In turn, the early season three run of “Web Therapy” episodes on L Studio – where fans can now view these classics; including three guest appearances by Louis-Dreyfus as Fiona’s sister Sheraun – has now become a sort of “cult classic” for fans wanting more of the show now that the official season two of the Showtime series ended this week.

At the same time, Showtime is still featuring episodes from this past season 2 of Web Therapy on Monday’s at 11 p.m.; with episode one featuring Rosie O’Donnell airing Aug. 27.

Rosie O'Donnell recovering after heart attack while recently on Web Therapy

In what “Web Therapy” fans call on Facebook and other online TV commentary - about this popular show where the joke is Fiona Wallice (Kudrow) is “not helping anyone” – the buzz Aug. 21 is the recent heart attack suffered recently by Rosie O-Donnell who appeared in three season 2 episodes of Web Therapy when it aired on Showtime.

In turn, fans of O’Donnell’s point to “Rosie joking about taking it easy, watching her health” and other real-life chat mirroring real life on “Web Therapy” when O’Donnell appeared on her “friend’s” show playing the over-the-top character she created named Maxine DeMaine.

Thus, fans of both the show and O’Donnell can tune to Web Therapy on Showtime – during its regular Monday at 11 p.m. time slot – for Rosie playing Maxine DeMaine in episode 1, titled “Getting It Straight,” and episode 2 “Blindsides and Backslides,” and the memorable episode 3 “Campaign Reform.”

Also, for those not up on the O’Donnell’s “Maxine DeMaine” persona, she’s a former Catholic nun, it seems, who is also gay, and likes to chat online with therapist Fiona about such things as wanting to edit Fiona’s un-publishable book that DeMaine asserts “grossly offends her spiritual principles.”

Overall, fans of both O’Donnell and Julia Louis-Dreyfus state in their Facebook comments “how great is this to have two talented comedians like Rosie and Julia making us laugh so much, when their improvised lines with Fiona just makes Web Therapy even funnier.”

Also, those who view either the L Studio or Showtime versions of “Web Therapy” should know that this television program contains “adult content” and is rated TV 14.

Image source of Julia Louis-Dreyfus at the unveiling of her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, May 2010. More recently, Julia has appeared on “Web Therapy” as Fiona’s sister in what fans say is “one of the funniest bits on TV this year.” Photo courtesy Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Julia_Louis-Dreyfus

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