Web Therapy's Lisa Kudrow draws on real-life serious side traced back to "Friends"

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Lisa Kudrow really is the "serious" host of Web Therapy, say friends.

You look back at the post “Friends period” for Lisa Kudrow, and there’s lots of serious work going, say “friends,” as she’s now doing on Web Therapy; while a new episode appears tonight. In turn, Lisa Kudrow admits to playing herself as a sort of a “Friends” friend of a friend who is Fiona Wallice - a therapist who has conceived of a new form of therapy. It’s simply called "web therapy." In her estimation, states a ShowTime marketing plug for the show, the traditional "50 minute hour" version of therapy “gives people too much leeway to talk about irrelevant things. By dramatically shortening session time, she hopes to get results more quickly. They are taped in the hope of attracting investors into promoting her new technique as a worldwide therapy option,” adds Showtime in a sort of crazy TV reality TV show reality about a Web TV show that’s actually on TV. Thus, after two seasons, this Web Therapy has somehow found a niche on Showtime to the delight of fans who like Kudrow and her friends.

More “Web Therapy” on Showtime

The show is easy to find on Showtime; with the next episode of “Web Therapy” airing Tuesday, Aug. 14 at 8:30 tonight ET/PT. In turn, Kudrow - who turned 49 this past July 30 - has been all over the daytime TV chat talk show circuit to help promote her own production of the show “Web Therapy” that Showtime has given the greenlight for yet another series.

In turn, check your local listings for various airing of previous Web Therapy episodes on Showtime, as this “chat show” can be enjoyed at all hours. It’s that strange at times.

At the same time, this current Showtime “Web Therapy” episode - where Fiona meets a surrogate mom - is what fans say “really makes the show. It seems real, yet not real.”

Phoebe meets Fiona meets Lisa (again)

Meanwhile, those who watch Web Therapy wonder if that’s “really Phoebe Buffay” from the famed “Friends” TV sitcom that earned Kudrow an Emmy Award and two Screen Actors Guild Awards.

In fact, this whole “Web Therapy” thing started for Kudrow, say those Hollywood insiders, simply by her investment as executive producer for the US version of the popular Brit program “Who Do You Think You Are?”

However, this sort of primetime show for NBC was “interesting,” say critics, but it was sort of “different,” said Kudrow in an interview, where TV stars and other pop Celebes search for their roots via the Internet to discover their family tree or even that they are not who they think they are.

For instance, Lisa Kudrow served as one of the “Who Do You Think You Are?” personalities – while it seemed a sort of “what,” as Chandler would say, because it’s really just Kudrow and friends talking, playing and using their craft as Kudrow finds her roots in Eastern Europe to Kudrow in this new funny “improve series.”

Web Therapy milestone

In turn, the show “Web Therapy” recently celebrated its second anniversary when, back in July 2001, when a sort of Internet-looking half-hour show debuted on Showtime. Kudrow and friends continue to chat with the show airing on primetime Tuesday’s at 8:30 ET (check local listings).

For example, it’s interesting to note that the current Showtime episode of Web Therapy “Infanticipation” – where “Jerome introduces his surrogate, Tammy to Fiona, where she learns that babies are expensive” is just crazy.

Thus, Fiona is said to “finally see the true extent of the relationship between Kip and Ben.”

Meanwhile, Fiona is actually played “as a real-life person being Lisa Kudrow” who just seems to be like Lisa. Thus, as you you watch her on “The View,” or those other daytime TV talk shows - that ask Kudrow “are you Fiona?” – you wonder the same thing watching her on Web Therapy, say fans.

It’s hard to get it “around your head,” when you think about it, quips a fan named Barry who comments about Web Therapy often online.

Kudrow’s “art” on Web Therapy considered “too personal?”

Web Therapy is really good TV because it’s about strong characters that you like. You just like watching them talk.

However, should there be concern about what they’re talking about?

Barry’s concern is Kudrow won’t know when to draw the line between being so many different TV, movie and online personalities. “It’s too weird to think people communicate at that level, and then don’t say ‘hi’ to you when you pass then in the hall,” adds Barry on a blog posting; while other fans also wonder what happens when people communicate more online – day after day – than in real life, in person.

Kudorow never answers.

Meanwhile, a vey cool “Friends” connection to this Web Therapy, that happens now and then, is the return of Fiona’s (Friends) old former “college classmate” Newell Miller – who looks a lot like David Schwimmer , and is but this show likes to bend the realities of their characters so you’re not sure if its Schwimmer talking or someone’s lines. And, poor old Conan O’Brien returns as a “new client.”

Web Therapy is also featured on Showtime at late night hours, so its best to check your local TV listings; while, at the same time, this “Web” show is also on the web in a sort of real-life mirroring a virtual life. Also, what’s cool is to appreciate Kudrow earning nine Emmy Award nominations and 12 Screen Actors Guild Award nominations; as evidence with her good and “serious” work on Web Therapy.

Image source of Lisa Kudrow visiting Vassar College in 2004 with a very “Web Therapy” look on her face and reaction to serious questions being asked back then. Photo courtesy Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lisa_Kudrow


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This show is one of the best I have seen. Lisa is just great, the interviews, language, and the ideas are truly intellectual. Please keep it on TV.

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