Actress Julianne Moore cast as mom in 'Carrie' remake

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It appears that the remake of the classic horror film Carrie, based on the Stephen King novel, is still moving forward and now there is an announcement over who will play the mother.

The story of Carrie is that of a teenage girl who is mercilessly picked on and tormented by her classmates. Carre White lives with a woman who is a complete religious nut who feels that all men are evil and forces Carrie to sit in a closet and pray. The story became the first big bestselling novel for Stephen King, but then became a huge hit movie directed by Brian De Palma in the late 70s. Now, however, it appears that the remake of the film is moving ahead.

Today, it was announced that actress Julianne Moore has been picked to play the role of Carrie’s mother. In the original film the role was played by actress Piper Laurie. The original film became a huge hit and is now considered a classic in the horror genre. It also helped propel the career of director De Palma into the stratosphere. The role earned Piper Laurie a Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress.

The role of Carrie White has already been cast by Chloe Grace Moretz. Moretz has been on the rise since she starred in the superhero flick Kick-Ass. Since then she has already ventured into the world of horror by playing a teenage vampire in Let Me In. She has also, most recently, starred with Johnny Depp in the Tim Burton-directed Dark Shadows.

The upcoming remake of Carrie will be directed by Kimberly Pierce. Pierce was involved in the Academy Award-winning movie Boys Don’t Cry.

The story of Carrie has become well-known to most fans of horror. Carrie is closeted and quiet and has no friends. However, she soon learns that she has vast telekinetic powers that allow her to move objects with her mind. When a popular girl takes pity on her and allows her to go to prom with her boyfriend, she thinks that her life might be turning around. At the same time, those who hate her plan a cruel practical joke to take place during the prom. When that happens. Carrie unleashes the full power of her mind on the school and the town, killing dozens of people.

The movie starred Sissy Spacek, in addition to Laurie. Like with Laurie and De Palma, the movie was critical to Spacek’s career and made her well-known. Also appearing in the movie are other actors who are better known today, such as John Travolta.

Photo of Julianne Moore courtesy of Wikipedia archives.

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