Ben & Jerry’s changes Linsanity ice cream flavor after accusations of racism

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Ben & Jerry have announced that they will be changing the items in the ice cream based on basketball phenom Jeremy Lin by removing the crumbled fortune cookies from the ice cream.

Ben & Jerry’s is a popular brand of gourmet ice cream known for creating flavors that are based on recent stories and celebrities in the news. They are also known for putting unique flavors and items in their ice cream to create unique flavors. Now, however, the ice cream flavor, Taste the Lin-Sanity, has been accused of being insensitive and racist and Ben & Jerry’s has decided to remove one of the ingredients from the flavor.

According to media reports, the limited edition flavor will remove the crumbled pieces of fortune cookies from the flavor. Originally the flavor was vanilla-flavored frozen yogurt, swirled honey and bits of the fortune cookies. The cookies were in honor of Jeremy Lin’s Asian heritage, however, the ingredient created an outcry of racial insensitivity.

The furor over the flavor has now prompted Ben & Jerry’s to announce that they will be removing the fortune cookies from the flavor. According to Ben & Jerry’s, however, the move was due to the fact that mixing the bits of fortune cookies into the ice cream made them soggy. The ice cream makers have also stated that they certainly did not mean to offend anyone or show any racist insensitivity.

The ice cream flavor is not being removed from the market. Instead of the fortune cookies, the ice cream will feature bits of waffle cone that will be served on the side of the ice cream. These limited-edition flavors are many times served at the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream stores rather than mass-produced and sold at grocery stores.

Ben & Jerry’s said that most of the response and feedback to the flavor has been very positive. Meanwhile, Jeremy Lin, who plays for the NBA’s New York Nicks has become a phenom. His name has been attached to any number of words and promotions. So much so that some Asian American organizations stating that using Lin’s image in connection with takeout boxes, fortune cookies and other Asian cliches is not correct and should not be done.


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That's odd, nobody seemed to make as much fuss when their LeBron James flavor had fried chicken, watermelon and Colt 45 in it. And let's not even get started on what's in Chunky Monkey and Moochelle!

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