Chicago and Midwest brace for wintry storm system

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Just as Chicagoans and other Midwesterners returned to work, word came that a wintry storm system is headed in their direction.

The National Weather Service is telling residents of the winter-beleaguered city of Chicago to brace for an early winter storm to hit the city on Tuesday. The storm could bring rain, high winds, drizzle, freezing temps and the possibility of snow. For a city as hard-hit as Chicago normally is during the winter, it is a storm that most Chicagoans are taking in stride.

According to local media reports, the storm system has already hit the Chicago area. Much of the Thanksgiving weekend was spend beneath clouds and with drizzle and rain. On Friday, the temps began to drop. Monday started with snow flurries and snow squalls in some areas, along with cold temps and high winds.

The winds are expected to increase as the sun sets on Monday. Residents are encouraged to bring their umbrellas as they head out on Tuesday. The weather report is calling for increasingly high winds, falling temperatures and the possibility that the steady rain and drizzle will turn into snow.

The winds have a chance to reach up to 45 mph Monday night and throughout the day on Tuesday. Rain will likely be the order for most of the day and most of the city on Tuesday. At times, the rain could be heavy. The heaviest rains will likely be south of the city and in northwest Indiana. As the day progresses, that rain is likely to turn into a mixture of freezing rain and then snow.

The good news, for most residents, is that the snow is likely not going to stick around. The ground temps are still too high for there to be much in the way of accumulation. There may be a dusting on the grassy areas as well as vehicles, however.

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