Chicago crime rate numbers decidedly mixed

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Chicago’s police headquarters released new crime numbers for January in the Windy City and it was decidedly mixed with overall crime down, but the murder rate up.

The statement released by the Chicago Police Department says that the murder rate in the city is up 27.3 percent over January of 2010. However, when it came to other crimes, across the board, there were double-digit drops.

Local media reported the statement given in a press conference on Sunday. The statistics given during the press conference stated that the violent crime rate was down 10.2 percent. Property crime rates were also down by 10.7 percent. Final statistics will be made public by February 15.

As far as the overall crime index, the numbers were also down by double digits. It was down 10.6 percent compared to January of 2010. That is the 25th consecutive month that the crime rate has gone down in Chicago.

The one major flaw in the seemingly good news was that homicides were up compared to this time last year. There were 28 murders to start 2011 compared to 22 in 2010. Homicides were down, overall, for 2010 for Chicago which ended the year with the lowest number of murders since 1965.

The statement was given by Police Superintendent Jody Weis in a press conference on Sunday. Weis stated that the overall increase in gun numbers in the cit as the major reason that the murder rate had increased. The majority of the homicides committed this past January were committed with a firearm. Violent crimes, also, generally involved the use of a firearm.

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