Country of Chile declares catastrophe after massive snow storm

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While much of the United States is roasting in the summer heat, the country of Chile in South America was buried under more than eight feet of snow.

The snow has pretty much brought the entire country, and neighboring countries, to a halt. Transportation through the mountainous areas is virtually impossible. The huge snow fall has left many towns and villages complete cut off and isolated, potentially without the necessary supplies to survive.

According to media reports, more than 6,500 people may be affected by the snow by being completely cut off from the rest of the world. The Chilean government has declared the weather event a catastrophe.

Chilean President Sebastian Pinera went on Chilean media and stated that he would free up government funds to provide resources and aide to the isolated parts of the country. The hardest hit and the people who are in the most dire need are those who live in the Auracania mountain region.

The snow has completely shut down roads in the region. It has also downed power lines and with the snow that thick, no one is able to reach the area to make repairs. Thus, thousands of people are without power.

Chilean officials say that they have sent more than 400 boxes of supplies to the affected towns and villages. However, the snow blocking the roads is making it very difficult to get the supplies to those who need it the most.

Meanwhile, emergency responders and road crews have been working to try and clear the roadways up into the mountains. The work is slow going.

Some residents have stated that the snow has been so bad that it has even knocked out cell phone towers and left them without any means to reach the outside world. They also have been without radio communication.

Forecasters, however, do not have good news for the region. More snow is predicted later in the week.

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