'The Dark Knight Rises' viral marketing campaign is revealed

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For fans of the Christopher Nolan-directed Batman films it has become a tradition to see what viral marketing campaign will be revealed and the campaign for the latest version has now been revealed.

For The Dark Knight movie, a series of websites were created. There were websites that were made to look like campaign sites for District Attorney Harvey Dent. Then there was the disturbing and scary website that was supposedly created by The Joker. Then there were websites where pieces of what turned out to be a still of Heath Ledger in Joker make up all to promote the film.

Now, according to Hollywood sources, the viral marketing campaign for the new movie, due out this summer, has been revealed. For fans of the movies, visiting the website www.thedarknightrises.com will see what appears to be a series of WANTED posters showing that Batman, AKA The Dark Knight, is still in trouble with the law and wanted as a vigilante by the Gotham City police department.

In the second film, Bruce Wayne, as Batman, decided to take the blame for a series of murders that were actually done by the horrifically scarred and mentally unstable Harvey Dent who had turned into the murderous Two Face. Wanting to keep Dent as a hero in the minds of Gotham’s citizens, who needed hope in dark times, Batman convinced Commissioner Gordon to spread the story that it was Batman who had committed the crimes. This made Batman a wanted felon and set up the third film.

The website appears to show a series of posters that are supposed to have been given out by the Gotham police. They ask for any information leading to the arrest of the "anonymous vigilante known as Batman. The posters say Batman is wanted for the deaths of two police officers, plus Harvey Dent and the kidnapping of Commissioner Gordon.

The new film, The Dark Knight Rises, is due out this summer with a release date set for the end of July. Christian Bale returns as Bruce Wayne/Batman. This time, however, he faces his greatest threat in the form of the terrorist known as Bane and the cat burglar Selina Kyle, known in the comic as Catwoman. In the early trailers, that have already been released and poured over by fans, Bane appears to be out to destroy all of Gotham and then Batman. In the comic books, the character of Bane actually broke Batman’s back by smashing him over his knee.

The movie is one of three superhero films that are predicted to dominate the box office this summer. Already, in May, The Avengers is scheduled to hit theaters and is already breaking box office records around the world. In addition to The Dark Knight Rises, due out in July, there is the reboot of the Spider-Man series with The Amazing Spider-Man, which is scheduled for a release on the Fourth of July holiday.

Movie poster courtesy of Wikiepdia archives.

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