Director David Lynch designs tattoo for one obsessed fan

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For many, David Lynch has been making movies and television shows that have marked many a fan’s mind, for one lucky fan he actually designed something that will mark him much differently.

Director David Lynch has been a Hollywood enigma for years. His films are often baffling, strange or downright terrifying. They have been that way since his first big film came out in the last 70s, Eraserhead. That trend continued through his seminal film Blue Velvet and then his landmark television show Twin Peaks. He gained awards with his family-oriented tale The Straight Story, but then roused critics and baffled fans again with Mulholland Drive. He is, if anything, controversial and different. And, for one fan, he is now the man who helped design his new tattoo.

According to Moviefone, that fan was YouTube user and avowed David Lynch fan ghostiejor. He met up with Lynch at a recent event where Lynch proceeded to talk to fans and sign a bunch of autographs. The fan then approached the acclaimed director and asked him to draw something, anything, on his arm with the vow that he would then take that drawing to a local tattoo parlor and get the image placed permanently on his skin.

For many a Hollywood denizen, this would have been strange. For the world of David Lynch, however, this is just another day in Tinsel Town. After pausing for a moment, the director then drew a character her referred to as Duckman. This may be in reference to a series of paintings the author did recently featuring the same character.

The fan recorded his interaction with Lynch for his YouTube channel. He not only gets Lynch to draw in his arm, he follows through with his promise. He heads to a local tattoo parlor and gets the image in ink beneath his skin.

For many, considering how strange some of the images that Lynch has put on big screens, little screens and painting canvas, it is probably the least-weird thing he could have drawn on the man’s skin.

Lynch gained fame thanks to is strange film Eraserhead in the late 70s. The movie did not get a wide release but became a staple at midnight showings and quickly gained a cult status. In the 1980s he hit the big screen in Blue Velvet which many now consider a modern noir classic. He hit the TV networks in the early 90s with his surreal show of small-town life and murder with the series Twin Peaks. He was critically lauded for his story of a man trying to visit his dying brother by driving a lawn tractor with The Straight Story. He then dazzled critics and baffled audiences with his strange mystery story Mulholland Drive. Since then, Lynch has done more personal films, such as Inland Empire, a small film he made with a limited budget and mostly his friends. He is also known for his paintings and, most recently, for creating his own line of coffee products.

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