Ex-boyfriend of woman accusing Herman Cain backs her story

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A former boyfriend of Sharon Bialek has come forward to corroborate her story that she met the GOP Presidential candidate in 1990s.

Bialek has accused Cain of sexually harassing her when he was head of the National Restaurant Association back in the 90s. Cain has denied that any of the harassment has taken place. However, a man named Victory Jay Zuckerman has come forward to back her story.

According to the story, in the Chicago Tribune, Zuckerman held a press conference today stating that he can confirm that Bialek met Cain in the late 90s. He also gave an accounting of an evening that he, Cain and Bialek spent together back in 1997. This is in direct contradiction to claims Cain has made that he never even met Bialek.

Zuckerman claims that the meeting took place at a party. He says that Cain engaged in conversation with both Zuckerman and Bialek during the course of that party. He also stated that Cain eventually invited them to an after-party gathering in a hotel room after the National Restaurant Association event was over. This all took place, according to Zuckerman, in Chicago.

Bialek’s claims against Cain stem from a meeting she says took place about a year after this event. During that meeting, she claims Cain asked for sexual favors in return for helping Bialek find work.

Appearing with Zuckerman during the conference was attorney Gloria Allred, who is representing Bialek. Bialek’s accusation is one of several women who has come forward accusing Cain. She is one of the only ones to come forward and show her face publicly, as the others were all under confidentiality agreements.

Last week, when the accusations were hurled by Bialek, Cain denied ever having met her. He claimed, in a press conference, that he did not recall who she was or ever meeting her.

During today’s press conference Allred stated that Bialek and Zuckerman were hoping that the conference would cause Cain to come forward and acknowledge that he at least knew Bialek. Bialek has claimed that the only reason she has come forward is for Cain to acknowledge that he made a mistake.

Recent poll numbers show that the accusations have hurt Cain a bit. However, he is still in what is essentially a statistical three-way tie with Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich. Cain has vowed that he will not let the accusations divert him from the GOP race.

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