Illinois prisoner is suing and wants land to start his own country

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A man named Johnathan Pinney is in prison in Dixon, Illinois, for aggravated battery, but he says he has been harassed by law enforcement and is suing to get something strange - land to start his own country.

The lawsuit was filed in Illinois courts on Tuesday. Pinney, 26, filed the 18 page lawsuit with the U.S. District Court in Chicago. In it, he accuses law enforcement of repeated violations of his civil rights including arresting him under false pretenses.

According to local media coverage, Pinney is currently in prison for 4 ½ years on a charge of aggravated battery. In the lawsuit he says that he is not satisfied with being released from prison to go back into the general population of the United States. He also does not want to live in any other country. Instead, he is demanding that the United States government give him land somewhere so he can start his own country.

The lawsuit is demanding that he be given enough “arable land to sustain 5,00 people” that he says would join him and become part of his country at a later date after his release. He also added that land somewhere in Alaska would be the most acceptable and likely place to find this land.

The lawsuit appears to be official and not some kind of joke. The suit also names the state of Illinois, various federal agencies and others in law enforcement as defendants. The lawsuit was filed electronically on Tuesday and appears to have an official seal from the clerk-of-the-court.


Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
We don't want him, you sure you want to let someone out with those kind of requests?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
This guy couldn't run a country with a population of one. With his track record, he would probably lose the election.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Settle out of court . Give him the land in central Alaska. Declare his nation a terrorist state. Seal off his borders,establish an absolute trade embargo. He will starve to death or be eaten by a grizzly. Launch an intensive land invasion with the help of the Boy Scouts of America.and reclaim the territory.

Submitted by ladyB (not verified) on
Well, here's what I say, he's definitely not loony, but i have to wonder why we are even publishing something like this in the newspaper. Give him a piece of land, throw him one scrap of meat, 1 canteen of water, and tell him he has to fend for himself, but make sure there are no grocery stores around, no clothing stores around, and give him the clothes he came into prison wearing, and by the way, make sure you put him on a piece of land that's inhabited by some really mean preditors. If the government even considers this, what the heck is wrong with them.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
No, still don't want him up here, there is alot of land out there, but the land they would end up giving him belongs to the natives. They need that land for their subsistance life style. Government already screwed them over a once after they promised the land to them, they don't need to be screwed over again. This is where I grew up, and there is no way in hell I want some loon forming some kind of cult in my stomping grounds, just in case he does have the survival skills to make it out there.

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