Movies new to DVD March 27, 2012

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Still more movies that were nominated for Academy Awards are now coming out on DVD so that you can catch up with them in the comfort of your own home.

The movies from 2011 are still coming out on DVD in case you missed them in the theaters. This is also still a good time to catch up with the movies that ended up nominated for an Academy Award, and we have one of those nominated movies this week. We also have an animated family feature and a movie that looks into a disturbing relationship between two world-famous psychiatrists. Just to add a final bit of interesting this week we also have a movie that was actress Angelina Jolie’s directorial debut.

From key Hollywood sources, here are the movies new to DVD this week:

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close - Tom Hanks, Sandra Bullock. Thomas Horn. A movie that ended up being a surprise nominee for Best Picture at the 2012 Academy Awards is now available on home DVD. Hanks stars as a father who enjoys going on quests with his son, who has some emotional issues. Then, when Hanks’ character ends up killed in one of the Twin Towers on 9/11 his son becomes obsessed with a key that he finds in an envelope. He sets out to find out who the key belongs to, convinced that the answer will bring closure and some kind of message from his father. Critics were mixed on this one when it came out, but some of the performances have been praised, including a nomination for Best Supporting Actor for Max Von Sydow. Rated PG-13

A Dangerous Method - Michael Fassbender, Viggo Mortensen, Kiera Knightley. A movie that studies the relationship between famous psychiatrists Sigmund Freud and Karl Jung. The movie was directed by famous horror director David Cronenberg and the film takes place on the eve of World War I. It studies the relationship, often antagonistic and filled with animosity, between Freud and Jung. Of course, Freud was the father of modern psychoanalysis and Jung was the father of analytical psychology. They end up in a conflicted relationship with patient Sabina Spielrein, who went on to become a famous female psychoanalyst in her own right. The movie delves deeply into the psychological and sexual relationships that developed between the three. Rated R.

Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chip-Wrecked - Jason Lee, Justin Long, Amy Poehler. The three famous singing chipmunks Alvin, Simon and Theodore are back in another computer animated adventure for the whole family. This time the three male chipmunks are joined by three female chipmunks known as the Chipettes. They set out on a family vacation aboard a cruise ship and end up, as you might guess, in a bunch of trouble. They soon find themselves marooned on an island and have to find a way to find their owner, Dave, and get back home. Trouble and fun aplenty for a family movie that is sure to delight the young and old alike. Rated G.

In the Land of Blood and Honey - Rade Serbedzija, Branko Djuric, Nikola Djuricko. Angelina Jolie’s directorial debut tackles some very heavy and intense subject matter. The movie is set in war-torn Sarajevo during the Bosnian War, where ethnic cleansing was the order of the day and neighbor turned against neighbor. The movie follows a soldier fighting for the Bosnian Serbs and how he deals with a prisoner who turns out to be a Bosnian Muslim woman that used to live in his neighborhood, and someone he was involved with before the war broke out. The Muslim women have been captured and are being forced to perform as sex slaves for the Serbian soldiers. The two soon rekindle the passions they held for each other before the war, but the soldier’s own father is a Serbian general who is pressuring his son to continue with the cleansing going on all around them. Rated R.

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