Movies opening this weekend include intrigue, comedy, action and family fare

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It looks to be an interesting and busy weekend at the box office this weekend as a spate of new movies opens with far from stuff for the kids to stuff that is very adult.

The new movie season is full swing and already there has been at least one certified blockbuster. The phenomenon that is The Hunger Games continues to do well at the box office. However, this week marks another big weekend with several possible contenders for the top spot at the multi-plex.

Here are the movies opening at a theater near you April 27, 2012:

The Raven - John Cusak, Luke Evans. Edgar Allen Poe has become synonymous with horror writing. While his writings were fairly popular in his day, he died nearly penniless from a number of ailments at a relatively young age even for the times in which he lived. This movie, starring Cusak at Poe, imagines that a serial killer was trying to duplicate the horrific stories that Poe wrote and actually killing people. Filled with action and suspense, this is a who-dunnit with a historical and literary bent. Rated R.

The Pirates! Band of Misfits - Hugh Grant, Martin Freeman, David Tennant. From the same people who brought the beloved Wallace and Gromit movies to the big screen and big screen hits like Chicken Run comes this high-seas adventure. When the Pirate Captain decides that he wants to win the coveted Pirate of the Year Award, action, adventure and hi-jinks are sure to ensue. Filled with slapstick comedy and stunning stop-motion animation, this is an action-adventure yarn that will delight young and old alike. The movie to take your kids to the theater for this weekend. Rated PG.

The Five-Year Engagement - Jason Siegel, Emily Blunt. A romantic comedy sure to delight anyone who has ever been engaged or been tempted to get engaged. Violet and Tom get engaged in the most romantic setting possible, but the world seems to keep throwing up obstacle after obstacle that prevents them from moving forward with planning and executing the wedding. From producer Judd Apatow, who gave the world movies such as Knocked Up and The 40-Year-Old Virgin. Rated R.

Safe - Jason Statham, Catherine Chan, James Hong. For the out-and-out action fans, this is the movie that should be at the top of your list. Statham plays a down-and-out mixed martial arts fighter whose family ends up slaughtered by the Russian mob when he decides not to throw a match. He lives the life of a bum in the big city until the day he sees a little girl being pursued by the same mobsters who turned his life upside down. It turns out the little girl is a math prodigy being used by the Chinese Triads counter and her had contains valuable numerical codes that could bring the mob down. Statham has to protect her and, perhaps, redeem himself. Action, fighting and chaos galore in this one. Rated R.

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