Private investigator releases book claiming he has evidence O.J. Simpson didn’t do it

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A new book has come out by a private investigator that has shocked many, claiming that it was not O.J. Simpson who committed the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.

It was the trial that riveted America and many can still recite the events that took place in the early to mid-90s. There was the discovery of football legend O.J. Simpson’s wife, Nicole, and a friend brutally murdered at her home in California. Then there were the accusations against Simpson as evidence mounted. Then there was the slow-speed chase of police as Simpson lay in the back of a white Bronco. Then there was his trial, the Super-Team of defence attorneys, Judge Ito, gloves that did not fit and, finally, the acquittal that divided a nation along racial lines. To this day there are many who feel that Simpson got away with murder.

Now, however, according to various sources, a new book has hit shelves that claims Simpson was right all along, and that he did not commit the crimes. The book is called “O.J. is Innocent and I Can Prove It” and it has just hit the bookstores across the country. It was written by a renowned private investigator named William C. Dear. Who does he claim committed the murder? Someone close to Simpson, so close that he was willing to go on trial and risk his own life of imprisonment to protect this person.

Dear claims the real murderer was Simpson’s son, Jason Simpson.

Dear claims that he was at the scene of the crime just two weeks after the murder. He also states he climbed over a fence and sneaked into the area. He told the press that once he walked along the pathway where the crimes took place, he immediately felt that there was no way the former football star could have committed the crimes.

Jason Simpson is a well-respected chef. Today, he is in his 40s and lives in Miami where he works as a chef. He was also a chef back when the murders took place. Dear says he has a mountain of evidence the implicates Jason Simpson, including the murder weapon itself.

Dear says that Jason Simpson used a knife he was fond of carrying with him that had a leather handle with his initials stamped into it. The knife, according to Dear, ended up in a storage locker that was later defaulted on. Dear claims to have purchased the locker and now has the knife in his possession.

Dear also has a number of emails that he claims are from Jason Simpson at the time. In these emails, to friends, Jason Simpson details his intense battles with an internal rage and other mental disorders that caused him to lose control. He reportedly stated, in one email, that it was now the “year of the knife” and that he would cut away anyone that bothered him or he felt had wronged him.

Dear also says he has statements from Jason Simpson’s college roommates and Simpson’s diaries. He also claims to have a forged time card from the night of the murders, and the vehicle Jason Simpson used that night. He also says he has photos of Jason Simpson wearing the knit cap that was later found at the murder scene.

Jason Simpson was 5’11” and weighed 255 pounds at the time the crime was committed. That night O.J. and Nicole attended a dance recital and then both were to attend a special dinner that Jason Simpson had prepared that night for both of them. Nicole Brown did not attend. Dear contends that Jason Simpson went to her house to confront her about this and an argument ensued that caused him to fly into a rage that ended in murder.

As for O.J. Simpson, he was later involved in a civil trial brought against him by the families of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman, a waiter who was there with Brown when the murders occurred. Simpson was held liable for the murders at that time and ordered to pay over $30 million. Simpson was later tried for armed robbery and kidnapping from taking sports memorabilia from a collector at gunpoint. He is currently serving a 33-year sentence at Lovelock Correctional Center in Nevada.

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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
It is no surprise to me. I thought all along that Jason did the dirty deed and OJ was covering for him. It is still sad that 2 people had to lose their lives. It won't help OJ get out of prison, but he must feel a lot better. God Bless the whole 3 families

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
It certainly makes you wonder; at the time of the trial, I watched events unfold and recall that briefly I had either read or heard that the son could have been responsible, but then nothing else was ever heard about that rumour again. Such a tragedy for all three families involved.

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