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San Francisco tops the list of America's vainest cities

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The online magazine The Daily Beast has now compiled a list of cities in the United States that may be the most vain.

Using a variety of data such as health club memberships and a general average of the weight of citizens in each city The Daily Beast has now created a list of the vainest cities in America. In the number one slot is San Francisco with an average monthly personal care spending of $111 million. Also, the percentage of the population in that city that is not overweight stands at 50.3 percent, with 20 percent belonging to a gym.

At number two, according to the story at The Daily Beast, is Boston. That city spends about $106 million on personal care. About 44.6 percent of the city is not overweight and 23.2 percent have a gym membership.

New York shows up in the number three slot. That city has $81 million dollars spent, on average, per month on personal care. About 44 percent of the population is not overweight and 21.7 percent have a membership in a gym or health club.

Los Angeles comes in at number four. The average monthly spend on personal care in Tinseltown comes to about $88 million. In L.A. 39 percent of the population is not overweight and 18.4 percent have a membership in a gym.

Rounding out the top five is Hartford. Their number, when it comes to personal care, also comes in at about $88 million. In Hartford about 43 percent of the population is not overweight and 17.2 percent of those people have a gym membership.

As for the rest of the top ten. Number six is Dallas. Chicago comes in number seven. Charlotte takes the number eight slot. Minneapolis comes in number nine. Columbus, Ohio, rounds out the top ten with the number ten slot.

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