Statue dedicated to children stolen from Lincolnwood school

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A statute dedicated to children who died from cancer, has now been stolen by persons unknown from a Lincolnwood, IL, school.

The statue was located in front of Todd Hall school and featured a bronze statue of two children sitting on a bench reading a book. The statue was created to memorialize two children from that school who died very young from cancer. Now, however, school officials have found that the statue of the two children was stolen, leaving an empty bench.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the statue was bought by the students who collected pennies until they had enough to get the memorial built and installed. The statue of a little boy and a little girl was bolted into cement. The memorial was known as The Wall of Courage, created by students to honor their fellow classmates who were taken too young.

It is believed that the statue was stolen this past weekend. School officials stated that they estimate the statue was stolen sometime between 1 p.m. Saturday and 7 a.m. Monday morning. At that point, Monday morning, an employee of the school arrived at work and noticed that the statue was missing.
The statue was valued at about $750 and police in Lincolnwood fear that the statue was stolen by scrap metal scavengers who probably took it in order to sell it to a scrap metal company.

The statue had been there since 2004, when it was unveiled in a ceremony at the school, located at 3925 Lunt. It was dedicated to two students who had died of cancer the prior year. Once the two statues were put into place, a plaque was also added in memory of other students who died very young and were once at the school.

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