Teacher sex scandal erupts in Schaumburg, IL, Christian school

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A teacher at the Schaumburg, IL, Christian School has been fired, and may face charges, after being caught masturbating in class and he now admits to having fantasies about students.

The teacher, Paul LaDuke, 75, was a long time teacher at the school. He has now been accused of sitting behind his podium, taking his pants down and fondling himself in front of students. Reports are now that he once admitted to fantasizing about students and some are claiming that he has been engaging in this behavior for the better part of 10 years.

According to an article in the Chicago Tribune, the entire incident gained attention from school officials and the media last week. LaDuke was fired from his job last Friday, the same day the incident was supposed to have taken place. Reportedly a student reported the incident to school officials.

LaDuke reportedly told police that he had been masturbating and fantasizing about students for the past 10 years. Some have stated that LaDuke appears to have some early signs of dementia and appears to be confused as to why he has been arrested and what is happening around him. He appeared in a Rolling Meadows, IL, courtroom on Wednesday to hear the charges against him.

LaDuke’s attorney is the one putting forth the idea that he is mentally incapacitated. He is questioning the supp osed admission from LaDuke, as well. He claims that he finds it hard to believe that LaDuke was undergoing these activities for a decade and no one had ever reported a single incident.

The student who reported the incident said that LaDuke was witnessed standing behind his podium apparently masturbating, with his pants down. The incident was apparently also witnessed by another student. At the time the incident happened, an Algebra test was underway.

School officials stated that they were shocked by the incident and that LaDuke was confronted about it at the time the student reported it. Officials said that LaDuke was told to leave the school while the charges were investigated. They also stated that LaDuke, who was wearing a long white smock at the time of the incident, had lowered his pants to tuck in his shirt at the time.

The school conducted investigations over the weekend. As evidence came to light that LaDuke’s activities were sexual in nature, it was decided to notify the police and to fire LaDuke.

Police state that there is no evidence that LaDuke physically or sexually assaulted any child in his class. However, students and former students are still being questioned.

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