Today is 'Don’t Step in the Poop Day' thanks to one Illinois publisher

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Today is being called 'Don’t Step in the Poop Day' by Naperville, IL, publisher Sourcebooks and a promotion they are running on Twitter could help one animal shelter win $1,000.

These days there is a movement among pet owners and fans of dogs and cats to switch from visiting pet stores to going to animal shelters to get their companions. That’s because it has been shown that pet stores sometimes get their animals from businesses known as puppy mills who allow the parents of the puppies to exist in atrocious conditions. These animal shelters, however, run on tight budgets and rely on the kindness of animal fans and volunteers to function.

Now, Naperville Illinois-based Sourcebooks, a book publisher, has launched a promotion to tie in with a book they are publishing to help out one animal rescue or animal shelter. The company, which published romance novels, non-fiction works, textbooks and ebooks, has declared April 25 "Don’t Step in the Poop Day." Mixed with that promotion is another one involving Twitter that could help one lucky animal shelter or animal rescue earn $1,000.

The promotion requires that the participant have a Twitter account. All the person needs to do is tweet the name of the animal shelter that they want to support along with the hashtag #dontstepinpoop. The animal shelter or animal rescue facility that gets the most votes via Twitter can win a donation of $1,000.

The promotion it tied in with a book for which Sourcebooks is also trying to gain attention. The book is called Things Your Dog Doesn’t Want You To Know which is being released as an “enhanced” ebook to the iBookstore. For each e-book purchased on April 25, Sourcebooks will donate $1 to the 501-c animal shelter or rescue that receives the most tweets. The limit is $1,000. The promotion runs just on April 25 and runs from 9:30 a.m., EST, to 6:30 p.m., EST.

For many animal shelters, that money can go a long way. There is no purchase necessary to participate in this program, but to participate you do need to have a Twitter account. The winning shelter will be notified via email by the publisher. Any registered 501-C animal shelter or animal rescue throughout the 50 states does qualify.

As for the book being promoted by Sourcebooks, it is a humorous collection of stories supposedly told from the perspective of the dogs themselves. The book was written by Hy Conrad and Jeff Johnson.

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