Toddler found in Indiana field after tornado dies

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A 14-month-old girl that was found in a field 150 yards from her home in Indiana after it was struck by a tornado passed away from her injuries.

Angel Babcock was a story of hope, at first, when she was found alive, but in critical condition when she was found not far from where her family’s home used to be when tornadoes ripped through the state of Indiana this past week. Her entire family, including both her parents and two siblings, had been killed when the twister ripped through. However, Angel had been placed on life support as soon as she was put into the hospital and her grandparents made the decision to remove her from life support.

According to media sources, Joe and Moriah Babcock and Angel’s two siblings, Jadon, age 2, and Kendall, age 2, all were killed instantly when the tornado ripped through their home. The house was completely destroyed, but rescuers were hopeful when they found the toddler severely injured in a field not far from where the home stood.

Angel’s grandfather had been talking to the press from the moment she was put on life support and admitted into the hospital. He stated that the little girl had suffered a number of injuries to her head.

A neighbor of the Babcock family said that they had tried to rescue them and bring them from their smaller trailer into his larger one. He also stated that he saw the family lying on their hallway floor, holding hands and praying, as the huge tornado bore down on them.

Others in the area were injured, as well. In fact as a neighbor was trying to rescue the Babcock family the tornado hit and the entire family got sucked up into the funnel cloud.

This past week was a rough one for the Midwest and the South. Tornadoes ripped through Illinois and Indiana, as well as many other states. By the end of the week over 50 people were dead from the storms that left death and destruction in their wake. One of the hardest hit communities was in southern Illinois where much of the town was destroyed and a dozen people were killed.

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