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Tortoise stolen from Chicago-area pet store returns home

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Somebody did a "smash-and-grab" job on a Chicago area pet store and stole a 70-pound tortoise, but now that tortoise has returned home.

The pet store that was broken into is called The Animal Store on Touhy Avenue in the Chicago neighborhood of Lincolnwood. The time was Saturday morning. Somebody broke in headed directly for the tortoise named Spur, lifted the animal and walked off with it. No other animals were taken.

According to media reports, the store’s owner Kenn Bearman received a phone call from his alarm service at about 4 a.m. He also stated that the thieves seemed to know exactly what they were looking for and right where to go.

Bearman even suggested that the thieves would likely have to have a car pulled up right near the entrance to the store to make the getaway. Bearman also stated that the thieves would need to be very large, strong or have something that would lift something as heavy as Spur.

Then, today, Spur was returned home. According to Bearman they received an anonymous tip that led to Spur’s recovery. Today Spur was returned to her home at The Animal Store and appears to be entirely unharmed.

According to Bearman, Spur seems a little “freaked out” and is reluctant to come out of her shell. However, Bearman and his wife say that they believe she will recover and be just fine.

Spur has become a fixture in the Lincolnwood community and a bit of a local celebrity. She makes trips to senior centers and day cares to visit with members of the community. Spur is a sulcata tortoise and is very young for the species. Spur is about 30, but there are tortoises of that species who are known to live well over 100 years.

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